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[Note: this is a sequel to the Christmas one-shot "Mistletoe and Wine", though it can be read alone]

No spoilers. Not canon (don't even really know where it fits into the canon timeline, though Yosen has been introduced). For the purposes of this story, all third years (ie Kasamatsu, Imayoshi etc) have been demoted to second years (just so they can stay on the team for a bit longer).

Warning: will contain yaoi, and bad language

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko no Basuke or any of its characters

There was a sudden flurry of cursing from the direction of the Seirin locker rooms. The entire basketball team, so used to this by now, didn't even stop practicing, even when an incensed Kagami Taiga stormed into the gym, clutching a balled up piece of paper in his fist.

"Okay, who was it this time?" he demanded aggressively; looking from one teammate to the other. As usual, they ignored him –well, pretended to ignore him. He could see their smug smirks of amusement, no matter how much they tried to hide them. He scrunched up the piece of paper a little tighter, praying desperately that that would destroy the rest of the others in existence.

"Who was what, Kagami-kun?" Kuroko inquired innocently. Kagami let out a violent yell and leapt back a pace –too focused on rage to have noticed the shadow approaching him. After his heart attack ended, he glared down at his partner accusingly.

"This was you, wasn't it?" he demanded, throwing the piece of paper straight into the other boy's face. Kuroko didn't even flinch, just picked it up where it fell and unwrinkled it.

"Are you asking if I was the one who took the photo or if I was the one who taped it to your locker?" Kuroko inquired in that same angelic voice that Kagami didn't trust one little bit.

"Both," he snapped back through gritted teeth.

"Well, I took it," he admitted with a small smile, "See; Kise-kun and I are taking a selfie –"

"I can see that!" Kagami snapped irritably, "And if you saw it taped to my locker, why didn't you tear it down?"

" –Because you were late again," Kuroko replied simply, as though that was a good enough reason for him to be so severely punished, "You were warned, after all."

"Is there a problem, Kagami-kun?" Coach Riko inquired sweetly, and Kagami immediately felt rage dissolving into fear as he turned to discover that she was standing right behind him. God, when had she developed that Kuroko-trait of sneaking up on people? He was worried. Whenever the Coach used such a kind tone, he knew he was in for a beating if he didn't watch his mouth.

"I…uhh…" he stammered.

" –Can I rest assured that you will make it to practices on time from now on?" Riko inquired with a bright smile, "Because it is really so much effort walking all the way to the locker rooms. The door to the gym is so much closer –"

"I'll be on time!" Kagami immediately exclaimed; ashamed of how easily he backed down. But this was the Coach…and there was no way he wanted those photos posted up on the gym doors where anyone could see them. She patted him on the arm approvingly and sweetly informed him that he was going to be doing double the training menu today, before wandering back over to where Kiyoshi and Izuki were attempting to not look amused.

"Delete those photos, Kuroko, you bastard," Kagami growled threateningly once she was out of earshot, "Everyone's started using them against me! Captain made me do his grocery shopping last week!"

" –If you didn't treat them as such a big deal, then they wouldn't have anything to blackmail you with," Kuroko pointed out, smoothing the photo out and handing it back to Kagami as a souvenir. He immediately balled it up again; turning red at the sight.

"It's been like, two months since the Christmas party," Kagami complained as he jogged over to join the drills, "Haven't I been humiliated enough?"

"No," several of his teammates replied gleefully. Kagami let out a frustrated noise and his shoulders slumped dejectedly.

"Enough sulking," Hyuga sniffed, jogging past, "I still have my copies, and I'm not afraid to use them!"

"Captain, you're cruel," Kagami glowered.

"Well, that may be the case, but I wasn't the one stupid enough to fall for Kise-kun's goading," he reminded him with a smirk, obviously amused with the way Kagami's expression darkened. The redhead jabbed an accusatory finger at the captain and glared at Kuroko to prove his point that everyone was against him. However, Kuroko had decided that retreat was the best option, and had thus disappeared for the meantime.

Kagami lividly clenched the scrunched up photo; tossing it into the nearby trash can and hoping that someone set fire to it. How had it come to this? How had he been reduced to living a life of embarrassment and fear?

Oh, that's right, he had made out with Aomine Daiki.

And Kuroko had captured it on camera. And by 'captured', he had thoroughly documented the entire 'Mistletoe Incident' as Kagami preferred to call it –each transition from kiss to grope; complete with multiple angles –and ensured that every member on the team had digital copies. It was almost March, and Kagami was still certain that he hadn't seen all the photos yet.

It was all Kise's fault, really.

Actually, it was probably Kiyoshi's fault. The Coach had wanted to have a Christmas party, to celebrate the year, and to have a fun time. Kiyoshi had been the one who had thought it was a bright idea to invite along the other members of the Generation of Miracles and their teammates –thinking that tension was running a bit high and everyone was in need of a bit of quality bonding time.

Too many drinks and Kise running around with a sprig of mistletoe (procured from Midorima, since it was his lucky item of the day) had Kagami winding up pressed against a wall and sucking face with Aomine. Though, if Kagami was being honest with himself, it really was his and the bastard's fault for being stupid enough to fall into Kise's trap of 'bet you're too scared to make out with each other' or some other taunt just as lame. Those memories were a little fuzzy, for which he was endlessly grateful -though he did wish he could remember what started it. Maybe then he could figure out who was truly to blame for this mess.

No matter whose fault it was, though, those photos that damn Kuroko and Kise had taken were still in circulation, and every time he saw them, they brought back more memories. It wouldn't have been quite so mortifying if it had just been simply lip-locking. But, as was rather obviously displayed in the photos, it was nothing of the sort. There were tongues and wandering hands and apparently a good deal of…grinding

Kagami shuddered at the memory and was subsequently distracted enough to be hit in the side of the head with a basketball.

"Quit daydreaming about your boyfriend," Hyuga scolded and Kagami went red.

"I was not daydreaming about him!" he immediately snapped back aggressively, even more annoyed when he heard a couple of sniggers in the background, "And he's not my boyfriend!" He just received a chorus of laughs in response and his mood soured.

Though, at least when practice got going, they didn't have enough breath for taunts.

After practice, he headed off to his favourite burger joint, starving now that those humiliating pictures with Aomine were off his mind. He was exhausted from practice, but it felt good. They'd been having a couple of practice games in the last few days, and they proved an excellent distraction. He was pretty sure he was getting stronger too. He was itching for some one-on-one. Maybe he could text Kise and see when he was next in the area. Or maybe even Aomine...

With his tray piled high with burgers, he turned to seek out Kuroko, who had opted for tagging along –he didn't know why; the guy barely ate a thing. Unfortunately, before he spotted the shadow, he heard the one voice that ruined his improving mood.

"Yo, Tetsu; fancy seeing you here."

"Tetsu-kuuuun! Can we sit with you?"

Kagami made an aggravated noise in his throat and stalked across the joint to see that Momoi and bloody Aomine himself had slung themselves into the same booth that Kuroko had chosen.

"Aomine-kun. Momoi-san," Kuroko remarked politely in greeting as he sipped on his vanilla shake.

"What are you doing here?" Kagami demanded to know –a little less politely.

"Oh, it's just you," Aomine yawned obnoxiously, "I'd hoped Tetsu had stopped hanging out with weaklings." Kagami glowered and didn't fail to notice that Aomine had decided to insult him as opposed to answering his question. The redhead, seeing that the Touou students had already made themselves comfortable, slid into the spare seat beside Kuroko –unfortunately opposite from Aomine.

"The team was in the area, but we lost them, so I thought we might as well get something to eat," Momoi informed him with a gentle smile, "Running into Tetsu-kun was a bonus!" Kagami mutinously unwrapped a burger and looked away with an annoyed snort. Momoi proceeded to brightly natter on about something to Kuroko –probably informing him of how lazy and unmotivated Aomine was being. Aomine and Kagami sat in stony, tense silence; Aomine arrogantly helping himself to one of the redhead's burgers.

"Oi, bastard –keep your thieving hands off," Kagami growled with his mouth full. Aomine quirked an eyebrow into that infuriating leer that made Kagami's blood boil.

"…Tch," Aomine scoffed, again ignoring him and casually taking a bite, "Satsuki, can't we go home? I'm bored." Kagami's eyebrow twitched as he saw Aomine's dark eyes slip to leer at him superiorly whilst chewing on his burger.

"Calm down, Kagami-kun," Kuroko remarked flatly.

"I'm calm!" Kagami snapped -though it was obvious he wasn't, "The bastard stole my food."

" –Aomine-kun!" Momoi scolded, "You said you weren't hungry!"

"I changed my mind," he snorted with a lick of his lips; already eyeing up the pile on Kagami's tray, "Although...he probably needs to improve his strength...not that it'll help him."

"Next time's going to be different, Ahomine," Kagami vowed darkly, "You just fucking wait!"

"Oh I'm waiting," Aomine shrugged in a thoroughly bored tone, "Waiting for a challenge that doesn't exist." He caught the bold glint in Kagami's eyes and sniggered to himself, "And if I have to wait until you're worth my time, then I'll be waiting forever."

" –Play nice," Kuroko commented lightly when it seemed as though Kagami was going to make a lunge across the table to grab the smug, bored Touou ace.

"Aomine-kun, you really shouldn't be so mean to Kagamin," Momoi remarked with a sigh and then looked across the table at Kuroko helplessly, "You'd think after Christmas, they'd start being a bit nicer to each other." Veins simultaneously popped in the brows of both aces.

"What's that supposed to mean?" they both snapped aggressively. Momoi just giggled; delicately pressing a hand to her mouth as they glowered at her, then glanced at each other and then moodily averted their gazes; chomping on their burgers. Aomine, already finished with his first, reached out and snatched another from Kagami's tray.

" –Just go buy your own," Momoi sighed heavily, looking across the table adoringly at Kuroko.

"Kagami's got enough to share," Aomine snorted and Kagami clenched his hands into fists in annoyance. Everything the bastard did irritated him to no end. And he just did everything with such an entitled air. Aomine seemed to notice Kagami's dark glare and his face widened into a smirk; practically smelling the competition in the air.

"How about we go for some one-on-one?" Kagami challenged darkly, "I think it's about time you learnt some fucking manners."

"And you think you're going to be the one to teach me? Were you even listening to waht I just said, Bakagami?" he remarked in what sounded like mocking amusement. "The only one who can beat me is me."

"Yeah, yeah, keep your lame catchphrase," Kagami snorted, and was about to tell Aomine where he could shove his stupid ego, when he caught a snatch of a conversation nearby.

"Oh that is just so cute," someone was simpering mockingly. Kagami's eyes narrowed as he glanced across and saw some guys hanging out in one of the nearby booths; obviously looking over at them. "Double-dating!"

"I feel bad for the chick," someone else snorted, "Having to deal with those guys arguing. Lover's spat already, you think?"

"Probably..." Kagami was getting the unpleasant feeling that the four of them were the topic of conversation, and the next part that he heard confirmed this.

"Tch, well, the pink-haired chick's cute enough," another of the guys was saying, "…Can't believe that weak loser managed to get her –"

"Oi –" Aomine hollered; apparently having caught this last part of the conversation, and his protectiveness of Momoi and Kuroko flaring up. He lazily got up from his seat and stalked over –hands in his pockets and mutinous look plastered across his face. "…You punks have something to say?"

"This is a private conversation, man," the guy informed him flatly, and Kagami was genuinely surprised that he wasn't shitting himself. Most lesser people cowered before Aomine's imposing presence. But something seemed kind of off. The guys were smirking and nudging each other, almost in mockery of Aomine. And Kagami knew that he was rather unfamiliar with mocking. No one ever dared direct it at him. Until now, apparently.

"It's not private if I can hear that you're talking about us," Aomine snorted, suddenly lunging forwards and grabbing the other boy by the scruff of his shirt, "So…do you have something to say?"

"Aomine-kun!" Momoi exclaimed hotly, "Don't make a scene!" Kagami, annoyed by the guy's attitude, but even more so at Aomine's inability to keep his temper in check, got up from the booth and stalked over, roughly shoving the bluenette into releasing the guy back to his seat.

"Oi –we're in public," he growled darkly, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" The guy and his friends all sniggered.

"Trouble in paradise?" one of them snickered.

"What was that?" Aomine shot back instantly; eyes flashing darkly.

"Aomine," Kagami snorted, grabbing him by the arm. As much as he disliked Aomine, and hated the knowing, mocking way these guys were looking at him, they didn't need a fight breaking out in a burger joint.

"Yeah go on, listen to your boyfriend," one of them jeered.

"What was that, asshole?" Aomine drawled dangerously.

"…You wanna try saying that again?" Kagami growled –dropping his grip on Aomine and looking down on them. From the look of them, and at a brief glance at their bags, they were from a local high school basketball team.

"Oh, I'm so scared of the prissy gay boy and his pet," another goaded. Kagami's hands clenched into fists.

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about," he snapped irritably, practically feeling the violence beginning to ooze from Aomine's aura.

"Sure you don't," one of them commented smugly, "Bet you had a real fine Christmas though…"

"Shut the fuck up," Kagami snarled darkly; that ominous feeling growing ever stronger, "I'm not gay!"

"I thought being with a dude kinda confirms that," one of them sniggered; nodding at Aomine, whose expression was growing less and less bored by the second.

"What the fuck? Why the hell would you think I'm with an asshole like him?" Kagami snarled.

"...Because you seem into assholes...if you get my meaning," another smirked, causing the redhead to turn a violent shade of red as he did indeed understand the meaning.

"You need to learn some respect," Aomine leered in that haughty growl of his.

Things could have gotten ugly right about then, but that was the moment when help arrived in the form of Kiyoshi, Hyuga and Imayoshi. Kiyoshi and Hyuga had stayed late after practice and decided to grab some dinner, and Imayoshi…well, he'd been assigned the task of locating Aomine.

"Sorry, sorry," Kiyoshi called back to the startled patrons of the burger joint as the two aces were dragged from the building, protesting all the way and being prevented from yelling obscenities in a family restaurant by Momoi and Kuroko obligingly stuffing hamburgers in their mouths.

Only when they were standing on a nearby basketball court at a safe distance from the offending strangers did Kiyoshi and Imayoshi release their aces.

"Bakagami!" Hyuga snapped, thumping Kagami hard on the head so hard he saw stars, "What the hell were you thinking, starting something with those guys?"

" –It was his fault!" Kagami exclaimed, jabbing a finger at Aomine, who was sulkily slumped on one of the benches and being berated by Momoi. Imayoshi looked kind of at a loss as to what to do with the guy.

"Hey, they were dissing Tetsu," Aomine growled defensively, "I'm not going to sit by and –"

" –Kuroko…" Kagami suddenly inquired dangerously, "…Can you tell me why the fuck they think Aomine and I are together?" For the first time, he saw Kuroko looking a little guilty as he glanced over at Kiyoshi. Aomine made a disgusted scoffing noise.

"That's enough from you, Aomine-kun!" Momoi exclaimed.

"Well…uhh…about that…" Kiyoshi remarked sheepishly, "There appears to have been a, how do I put this?" He went silent for a moment, lost in thought.

"There's been a leak." Blue and red eyes narrowed dangerously as they glared at him, but Kiyoshi didn't seem daunted by the twin looks of suspicion.

"What do you mean 'a leak'?" Aomine growled darkly, his full attention suddenly on the older boy.

"Well, you know those photos…" Kiyoshi began, scratching his chin innocently.

"What photos?" the Touou ace inquired sharply.

"The photos I took of you and Kagami-kun kissing at the Christmas party," Kuroko informed him calmly. Aomine actually stopped scratching at his ear disinterestedly; his eyes widening in horror and his mouth falling open.

"What? You gave our entire team copies, and he doesn't even know about them?" Kagami exploded hotly, "What kind of friend are you, Kuroko?"

"Tell me this is a joke, Tetsu," Aomine growled, his brow furrowing angrily.

"Kise-kun wanted to send you copies, but I informed him that you would probably react violently," Kuroko replied, still the epitome of calm in the face of his two mutinous lights. "He seemed to think that you would demand all evidence erased, and decided against informing you so that we could make fun of Kagami-kun a little longer."

"I'm going to kill Kise..." the bluenette muttered darkly as Kagami glared sharply at Kuroko for allowing this to continue. The minx of a shadow just innocently sipped on his shake; apparently trying not to look pleased with himself.

" –In any case…" Kiyoshi continued, to try and diffuse a bit of the tension that was beginning to mount, "A few of those photos may have –through sources unknown –made it onto the internet."

"What?" Kagami growled, "You mean that there are photos of me kissing this asshole on the internet for the world to see?"

"I'm afraid so," Kiyoshi replied simply.

" –And you knew about this, Tetsu?" Aomine glared accusingly, "And Kagami –why the fuck do you know about these photos?"

" –My entire team blackmails me with them!" the redhead snapped, as Kuroko obligingly pulled out his phone and googled their names together.

"Oh, Kiyoshi-senpai, it appears that a number of new blogs have started up since we last checked," Kuroko remarked in interest.

"Blogs?" Aomine and Kagami growled at the same time; peering over Kuroko's shoulders and jostling each other in order to see. He'd opened up one of the pictures and the pair of them immediately looked away from each other in embarrassment as it loaded. It was a particularly good angle; depicting Aomine quite clearly with his arms wrapped forcefully around Kagami; tongue pressed deep into his mouth.

" –If this was you pulling some stupid joke, Kuroko –" Kagami gritted out from between clenched teeth; unable to look Aomine in the eye. He was glad of the relative darkness, because he was damned sure he was blushing, and hated that he was.

"It wasn't me," Kuroko assured him.

" –Wait, have you known that these were on the internet?" Kagami exclaimed hotly.

"Explain, Tetsu," Aomine drawled.

"Well, I happen to follow a lot of basketball blogs," Kiyoshi admitted with his usual smile, saving Kuroko from explaining, "Sometimes the love lives of upcoming basketballers are you know, discussed and speculated upon –and I just stumbled upon one or two of those photos on the blogs –"

"What?" God, this day really couldn't get any worse, could it?

"Satsuki, did you know about this?" Aomine asked dangerously.

" –I'd sort of heard about it," she assured him immediately, "But I thought it would blow over, and I didn't want you to get all mad…"

"…So you're saying it hasn't blown over?" That, at least, was what Kagami had gotten from that statement. Momoi averted her eyes in embarrassment.

"I think it's safe to say, from the amount of blogs springing up, that you two have attracted quite a bit of attention," Imayoshi chipped in, sounding slightly amused.

"What does that mean?" Kagami inquired flatly, glancing over at Aomine, who was looking disgusted, and disgruntled, and angry.

"…It means, Bakagami, that people know," he snorted, and Kagami couldn't believe how the guy could still be mocking him at a time like that.

"Well," Kiyoshi corrected with a wince, "…To put it more simply…anyone who follows any popular basketball blogs knows, and well...probably thinks you're together..."

"So that means, most people know –apart from you two, apparently," Kuroko informed them. Kagami had a sudden, sinking feeling in his gut.

"So that basketball team in there –" he gulped.

"Yes, Kagami-kun," he replied, "It's not so bad..."

"They know…" Kagami mumbled to himself; resting his face in his hands -obviously not seeing how Kuroko could be claiming 'it's not so bad'.

Everyone in the basketballing community knew that he –an upcoming male player –had publically made out with the also male ace of the Generation of Miracles. And even if he was being melodramatic in thinking everyone knew...or thought that they were (god forbid), together

…It was only a matter of time.

Oh dear Kagami, you really are in a sticky situation. First your teammates making fun, and now the wider basketball community... What on earth are you going to do if everyone finds out? Will things work out? Or will they get worse before they get better?

This fic is acts as a sequel to my Christmas one-shot "Mistletoe and Wine", so check that out if you want to see what went down at the Christmas party! And follow, and review if you want to see the problems that arise from this one little drunken incident!

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