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Tension rises.
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From a young age, everyone learns that not being allowed to have something makes you want it that much more. It starts early –a child going through the supermarket with their parents, or maybe into a toy store. Going through the aisles, they'll spot a brightly packaged cereal, or maybe a new toy that everyone has, and immediately, they'll want it.

Of course, usually, the parents will say 'no, you can't have it'. And for some, strange reason, this concept of something being unattainable, makes it even more attractive. Upon being denied this trivial thing, the child will whinge, and cry and swear that it's all they ever wanted in the world.

What was it they said about forbidden fruit also tasting the sweetest?

And right now, for Aomine Daiki, no fruit had ever looked quite so delicious as Kagami Taiga.

It was almost as if, at the moment of deciding that he would listen to that bastard, Himuro, and try and 'do things right', as it were, that some evil, dark gods (maybe the ones that Imayoshi served) had taken it upon themselves to torment him. Sure, for a long time now, Kagami had looked good; Aomine had found himself thoroughly attracted to him and unable to help it. There was just something about his face, and his stupid grin, and the intoxicating, addicting feel of his body that set off all sorts of fireworks in the ace of Touou…

But now?

God, now…doing things right had never been so hard. Aomine wasn't a genius, and an amateur romantic at best, but even he figured that the exact wrong way to go about things was to shove Kagami up against a wall and kiss him until he begged to be fucked within an inch of his life.

Which was kind of a problem, because that was exactly what he wanted to do.

By some cruel joke, Kagami had never been more desirable, and it was all the bluenette could do to prevent himself from jumping him. Did the stupid idiot have any idea what he was doing to him? Did Kagami have any clue as to how those moronic grins sent shivers down Aomine's spine, or the way that those little gasps he made when they made out made him want to hear louder, needier, more lustful sounds? Did he realise just how difficult he was making it for Aomine to drag his lips away each time?

Of course he didn't, because he was a moron, who was stupid when it came to attraction.

Aomine was not. He –unlike Kagami –was very familiar with wanting someone; the hormone-driven teenage horniness had hit him early, and hit him hard, and up until the start of this year, he'd been constantly plagued by generalised lust –hot for pretty much anyone who was his type and wasn't annoying as shit.

So this now, was just fucking unnatural.

Sure, he still looked at chicks; appreciated a nice body, but didn't feel that same rush as he used to. Sure, he was still a fan of big breasts (something he never failed to point out, the crass pervert he often was), but now…as he scrolled through page after page of strangely now-unsatisfying porn, he would find himself thinking, too short… ugh, blonde…not muscular enough…too feminine…

Not Kagami.

He'd never had someone occupy so much of his thoughts; both sexual and non-sexual. Thoughts of that red-headed, stupid, annoying loser were never far from the front of his mind, and every time Kagami's touch would linger on him, he could imagine what could play out next. He could lean in, drag him in close, and kiss him deep and slow until the other ace's knees were shaking and his eyes became glazed with desire. He could push him down, pry his legs apart and settle between them; grinding their bodies together agonisingly slowly as they kissed, until Kagami's defences shattered…

And yet, he restrained himself; gritted his teeth and tried to keep himself in check, because just somehow, he knew that this was different from everything else. And he didn't want to fuck it up.

But this was truly maddening. The one person he wanted (so very much) to have sex with, also happened to be a sometimes-tsundere virgin who might just freeze and dig in his heels and maybe panic again if he tried anything too fast. A few times when things had gotten too close, or too hot, Aomine had shared that panic that had flitted in Kagami's eyes, but now, things were different.

Aomine reckoned that he was too far gone for panic or hesitation. And until he knew that Kagami was on that same level, he was going to just have to settle for resisting the urge to claim, and simply watching him with eyes glinting with desire.

Perhaps, if Aomine hadn't been quite so caught up in keeping control of his libido, he might have noticed that Kagami was trying to do much the same thing.

So wrapped up in trying to will the rushing blood away from his crotch, and so focused on not screwing up; not pressuring Kagami into something, he failed to notice the effect his own presence was having on the redhead. He missed the newly lust-filled looks and the lingering, inviting brushes, and the way Kagami subtly arched up into him as though just daring him to touch. And if he had only been able to sneak into Kagami's daydreams, he might have realised that as much as he wanted Kagami spread out naked underneath him, the other ace wanted him just as bad.

Kagami had basketball on the brain.

That was something he'd been told time and time again while he was over in America, and still heard frequently now that he was back. It was true, after all. Nothing managed to occupy his mind like the game he loved. In his younger years, it was almost all he could think about –playing, practicing, finding new opponents –it was what was almost always at the front of his mind.

He loved it, after all.

It was maybe because he was so busy focusing on basketball that he had never had a huge amount of interest in girls. In honesty, he much preferred a good one-on-one to dating, and so therefore had never really been into chasing skirts. Or shorts, because he hadn't been interested in guys either.

And because he had poured all of his heart into the game, his thoughts and his fantasies had always travelled in that direction; never diverging, never distracting him.

Kagami had just recently discovered that things were a little different now.

Where, a year ago, had he zoned out in class, he would've found himself imagining playing basketball on an international stage with the crowd roaring as he dunked for a championship win. Now…well, in all fairness, he still saw that –but more often than not, he imagined something else, too.

Well, someone else.

He couldn't help it. In his imaginary games, he'd always find himself seeing Aomine's grin plastered on the face of his once-faceless opponent.

"Kagami-kun, you should really spend more time studying and less time daydreaming about Aomine-kun," was what Kuroko said to him more often than Kagami would like to admit. 'Daydream' sounded a touch pathetic, so he'd always deny it –not that Kuroko believed it anymore.

Not that Kuroko had ever believed it in the first place.

It wasn't his fault. It wasn't like he wanted random thoughts of Aomine to just appear in his head whenever his mind started wandering.

…It just kind of happened.

And often in the worst kinds of ways.

It was Takao's fault, really –at least, Kagami was convinced that it was. He was convinced, that had Takao –that scheming, sneaky, too-clever-for-his-own-good troublemaker –not snuck that box of condoms into his pocket two weeks ago; the notion of having sex –with Aomine –wouldn't have grown from a notion, to a fantasy.

It had actually started pretty soon after that date. Though the tiger lilies –indirect courtesy of Aomine –were sitting in a jar of water on the table, Kagami had pointedly refused to look at them all day because of how his cheeks would flame at the idea of Aomine fidgeting uncomfortably outside his door with a bouquet, like the sweet, thoughtful boyfriend he was not.

He'd barely slept that night –kept awake by the thud of his own heart and the feeling of warm lips soft against his own in parting. He'd seen movies where a girl curls up into a ball and hugs her pillow and grins like a Cheshire cat because of a boy, and he was embarrassed by the fact that that was exactly what he'd felt like doing. It was strange, because though he'd managed to admit to Tatsuya that Aomine made him happy…he couldn't really explain just how.

The wandering thoughts started the next night.

There he was, just lying in bed and trying his hardest to get to sleep. They had a practice game the next day against Shutoku, and he knew it was going to be a good one so he was having trouble dozing off. He'd wanted a round of one-on-one in the hopes that he might wear himself out (though usually his games against Aomine had the opposite effect), but Aomine had apparently been exiled to his room that evening until he finished his homework.

It had been while remembering that (with a touch of disappointment) that Kagami had glanced across to his bedside table and seen that infernal box sitting there, as smug as a box could be. He didn't know what had possessed him to bring it into his room –hell, he had been half inclined to chuck it out, or throw it in Takao's face during the game…but Takao probably would've thanked him and embarrassed Midorima in some way. And Midorima would have likely not been very happy about that.

But, it was looking at that box that got Kagami imagining the possibilities.

The door creaked open, and Kagami's eyes flickered in the dim light. He could see a silhouette standing there in the moonlight, and knew instantly who it was.

"Aomine?" he croaked, a little sleepy, "What are you doing here?"

Without saying a word, Aomine closed the door behind him, and locked it. The sound of the lock sliding into place sounded so very loud in the dark room, and it sent a strange shiver down Kagami's spine. Keeping his silence, Aomine wandered over to the bed, Kagami propping himself up on his elbows curiously and rubbing his eyes –about to tell him to get the fuck out because it was so late.

He didn't get the chance, because before he knew it, his blankets were torn clean off him, and there were hungry lips fastened against his. Sleep falling from his body, Kagami wrapped an arm around Aomine's neck and kissed back, feeling nimble hands immediately travel up his shirt as a weight straddled his lap.

"…Off…" Aomine muttered against his lips, trailing hot, needy kisses against his lips, jaw, and down the side of his neck. It took only a moment for Kagami to figure out that he was referring to his shirt, and hastily lifted his arms and allowed the other ace to remove the offending garment. Skin exposed to him, Aomine slammed a hand into the headboard of the bed as his head descended; tongue travelling with it down Kagami's chest.

The redhead let out a soft moan and gripped Aomine's hips tightly as he felt the edge of that wicked tongue trace the tip of one of his nipples, before the entire nub was encased in the warmth of the other ace's mouth. He glanced down to find that Aomine's blue eyes were glinting up at him with desire seeping into his gaze.

A smirk spread across the bluenette's face as he rose again, locking their mouths together and pressing his tongue against Kagami's eagerly awaiting lips. With a low rumble from deep in his throat, he rolled his hips down against the lap beneath him, and Kagami couldn't help but let out a purr of approval.

"…Like it when I do that?" Aomine hissed, sinful bedroom voice ringing through Kagami's ears. He repeated the motion; harder this time –his hips grinding seductively against the redhead's. "…Wanna fuck?"

Something about the crude suggestion was unbearably hot. Kagami let out a soft moan, hips pressing up against the ass nestled so snugly on his hips.

"…Coz I want to…" Aomine's deep rumble whispered invitingly as the bluenette sat up on his knees and slowly, while keeping his eyes trained only on Kagami, drew off his own shirt. Kagami, lust already burning through his system –ignited by the desire in Aomine's voice –could only watch as the shirt rose to reveal that flawless, tanned skin. Blue eyes gleaming like some wild animal's, Aomine tossed his shirt aside, and completely unashamedly began grinding down against Kagami's rapidly hardening cock. His hips moved fluidly; thrusting against the air but making sure that the line of Kagami's erection ran against the seam of his ass.

"Fuck…Aomine…" Kagami moaned, nails raking at the bare skin at the base of the other ace's back. He moved against Aomine, matching his rhythm, and felt another jolt of arousal flood his system as he saw the bluenette's eyelids droop in pleasure; jaw hanging slack.

"Mm…Kagami…yes…ahh…fuck me…" Aomine groaned aloud, hand lewdly gripping his own crotch and massaging it needily. Enjoying the show, but unable to bear it any longer, Kagami ferociously grabbed Aomine and dragged him down to mould their lips together in a kiss drenched in heat. Aomine was letting out soft growls with every brush of the redhead's hips up against him, and their lips met and parted over and over until they were both breathing in laboured pants.

It was at about that point in his aroused, dazed fantasy that Kagami realised that he was almost painfully hard. At first, he reasoned that he'd managed to doze off, and had been dreaming…but a few moments later, the horror had hit with the realisation that he had been fully, fully awake –that what he had just been imagining, was the product of his conscious mind.

Because having dreams –which were outside a person's control –about having sex with a person, and actually imagining it…well, they were two very different things…


He would have liked to have been able to say, honestly (if ever accused) that he hadn't masturbated that night; that he hadn't thought of Aomine the whole time –hadn't pictured his face; hadn't recalled the touch and feel of his body; hadn't heard his voice moaning –and that the name that he gasped as he came wasn't 'Aomine'…

But of all those things, he was guilty.

And that made for a thoroughly sullen, abashed ace the following day.

Not that that was the only time his thoughts wandered.

In fact, he couldn't help it. Every time he saw Aomine (which was frequently), some kind of heat would ignite in his gut and he would start feeling very strange. His skin seemed sensitive to Aomine's every touch, and yet he couldn't help but try and hold the contact for as long as possible. And when he was alone, (and sometimes, much to his tremendous embarrassment, in class) that handsome face would appear in his mind, sly tongue tracing lips seductively –or Kagami would find himself imagining the feel of Aomine's hands on him and how good he always made him feel.

The problem was that he wanted more and didn't know how to say so without expressly saying so.

So, as per usual, everyone seemed to understand what was going on, except for the two of them.

"Hey, Takao, have you seen Kise? I asked him to go get a new bucket of water twenty minutes ago," Kasamatsu sighed heavily as he drew up beside Shutoku's point guard, who was also in the process of filling up a new bucket of clean, soapy water.

"Uhh, you mean that Kise, right?" Takao commented with a raised eyebrow, jerking his thumb over his shoulder in the direction of a collection of cars that looked as though they'd already been cleaned a couple of times today. Kasamatsu looked across the Seirin High car park and scowled in annoyance as he noticed that of course, there was Kise, surrounded by a swarm of his adoring fans despite the fact that he was clad in old clothes and had a smear of mud across his cheek.

"Ugh, typical," Kasamatsu grumbled flatly, folding his arms crossly and shaking his head in exasperation, "This bloody car wash was his idea, and he begged me to drive him out here, and I swear every time I look away he's not working…"

"Cheer up," Takao snickered, patting him on the shoulder, "We're here to help Seirin raise money for new gear, right? Half our customers are here because they're secretly hoping to get to rub up against Kise, so we shouldn't be complaining."

"I guess you're right," the other point guard sighed, picking up the hose again. "Kise! Stop lazing around and get back to work!" Kise glanced up apologetically, and Kasamatsu's eyebrow twitched with the way that some of the girls glared at him for ordering around their god, before turning back to the blonde with sympathetic croons.

"I just don't get girls sometimes," Kasamatsu muttered crossly.

"Maybe you should get Kise to teach you?" Takao suggested, nodding to where the girls were giggling and crooning over him like he was just the absolute cutest thing in the world –having no clue of the mischievous mind that angelic face masked.

"Like hell that'll happen," Kasamatsu snapped gruffly, and then raised his voice. "Kise, get your ass back over here or Takao's going to tip that bucket over you!"

"He wouldn't!" Kise shot back challengingly, before he saw the wicked gleam in Takao's eyes and was reminded that the pair of them were born of the same breed of mischief. "Oh…uhh, coming, senpai!" It only took a few moments for Kise to wave away his fan club and jog over to where Kasamatsu was waiting impatiently with the hose.

"I definitely would've tipped this bucket on you," Takao assured Kise with a grin, holding up the full bucket he was holding.

"I definitely would've thrown a huge sponge at Midorimacchi and said it was you," Kise chuckled back. The pair of imps both grinned and laughed, leaving Kasamatsu to despair at them and their friendship.

"Well, there are cars to be washed," he muttered crossly, and Kise pouted.

"Senpai, that was so rude…" he pointed out, "You didn't have to be mean…The girls thought you were scary..." Kasamatsu averted his eyes. " –But I told them that you're not!" Embarrassed by the radiant smile on the blonde's face, Kasamatsu punched him –but not as hard as usual. Kise did still double over with a weak whine of, "Senpai…..I didn't do anything…" His complaint trailed off a little, however, as he felt something brushing his cheek. Golden eyes widened as he saw that Kasamatsu had taken the time to wipe the smudge of mud from his cheek.

The captain pulled back as Kise's face brightened into another smile again.

"See, senpai! If you showed girls that you were nice like that, I'm sure you'd get a girlfriend –" Kise's sentence was suddenly cut off by Kasamatsu promptly spraying him in the face with the hose, causing him to splutter indignantly.

"I'm not good with girls," he snorted flatly, "Hurry up, we've got cars to clean."

" –Maybe you should try guys then…" Takao muttered under his breath sneakily, as Kise wiped his face on his shirt.

"What was that?" Kasamatsu immediately asked sharply, tone instantly suspicious.

"Nothing!" the hawk-eyed point guard tittered lightly, which made Kasamatsu even more apprehensive. Due to Kise's near-constant presence, he was well accustomed to assuming that when someone looked their most innocent, that was really when you should be most suspicious of them. But wondering what Kise was planning was exhausting enough without having to contend with Takao –that was a job for Midorima. As long as the pair of them weren't conspiring against him, he was sure he could rest relatively easily.

" –Hurry up," Kasamatsu muttered, a little flustered that Kise had complimented him and tried to talk him up to girls. The stupid blonde; he didn't need his defence! Sticking his nose in the air, he began stalking back over to where Midorima was supervising Seirin's juniors cleaning –not deigning to get himself wet.

"This was such a good idea, Kise," Takao commented conversationally, kindly waiting for the blonde to finish filling up his bucket –well, it wasn't so much out of kindness as the fact that he didn't want to risk a bucket of water to the back.

"Well, Seirin's always been really good to us," Kise admitted with a chuckle, "And when I heard that their budget doesn't cover everything they need…I thought 'why not'?"

" –Is it true that they need new hoops?" Takao raised an eyebrow curiously, and Kise nodded with a laugh.

"Apparently Kagamicchi has been venting a bit of frustration during practice," the blonde sniggered, grabbing his bucket and dropping into step with the cheeky point guard. Takao grinned sheepishly.

"Ahh, that sounds familiar," he admitted with a chortle, glancing over at Midorima, who seemed to have sensed that Takao was referring to him in some way. Green eyes glinted at him dangerously, but Takao kind of liked living on the edge. " –There was a time a bit after Shin-chan and I started going out, that Shin-chan could barely shoot. It was hilarious, and no one could figure it out until –"

" –Uhh, Midorimacchi's glaring at you," Kise hissed warily. Takao just snickered and waved cheerfully at his boyfriend, who adjusted his glasses and averted his eyes. The pair of troublemakers laughed, and they casually swept the car park curiously to see what was going on.

There was Riko over with Kiyoshi; somehow managing to keep track of and bark orders at everyone who had volunteered, whilst scrubbing at tyres. The Seirin juniors were apparently also having a competition with their seniors to see who could clean the most cars –and it seemed as though they were winning, though they were under fire from the Shutoku boys, who had decided to start up a game that involved scoring points by hitting other people with damp sponges…without Riko catching them.

And then there was Aomine and Kagami.

"Oh this is hilarious," Takao chuckled, at the same time as Kise exclaimed, "Oh, this is perfect!" They exchanged glances, and then looked back at the pair of aces.

It seemed as though the two of them were currently engaged in some kind of heated-gaze eye tag across the car park. Riko had somehow managed to keep them working on different cars –which was probably a good thing, considering the spectacles of PDA they tended to cause whenever they were too close. Though, as a side effect, it had them constantly gazing across the lot at each other, only to look away when someone caught them staring.

These gazes weren't just fleeting, shy looks though, Takao knew. These looks were full of barely-repressed desire and a strange kind of longing, and kind of like they were trying to subtly fuck each other with their eyes.

Unfortunately for everyone in their vicinity, it wasn't subtle at all.

Aomine would look at up Kagami with hooded, dark eyes, tongue tracing the edges of his lips, and he would smirk, eyes narrowing, as though thinking to himself, fuck yes, I want to pin you down and ravage you

Or something like that. Then someone would catch him staring, and he'd look away; only for Kagami to then do pretty much the same thing. Except his look was a little more familiar to Takao; it reminded him of the one that his Shin-chan sometimes gave him; a more subtle, quietly fierce look; glazed and distant as though imagining what kinds of sinful things he would rather be doing.

It was a new look on Kagami, which was why it was so obvious.

"I knew it," Kise chuckled in delight, "…A carwash is a perfect stage! Kagamicchi, all dripping and wet and preening –Aominecchi won't be able to resist!" Takao raised an eyebrow and spluttered at the thought of Kagami preening –that was more Aomine's style.

"Ahh, Kise, your splendid plans never cease to amaze me," he sighed in appreciation, "But really, if Aomine finds out, we're definitely dead this time."

"Oh, so dead," Kise admitted, "But if Aominecchi and Kagamicchi are happy, then it'll be worth it!"

"Spoken like a true cheeseball," Takao rolled his eyes, and Kise's mouth fell open crossly.

"Did you just actually call me a cheeseball?"

"It was pretty cheesy, Kise."

"Well excuse me, for wanting my friends to be happy," the blonde pouted playfully, "…It's a better plan than shoving them in a closet together…"

"Wait, are we not going with that plan anymore?" Takao joked, "I thought it was a great plan –and I can personally vouch for its chances of success –" Kise's eyes widened in astonishment and surprise, and the point guard simply snorted at the incredibly curious look on the blonde's face.

"Did Midorimacchi –" Kise began to query, but Takao simply tapped his nose secretively.

"I never kiss and tell," he sniggered mockingly, with a winning smirk.


The pair of them burst out laughing all over again and Takao promptly spluttered so hard he practically choked. This seemed to make it even more hilarious, and Kise doubled over laughing.

"…What's so funny, Takao?" Midorima's icy voice inquired, with more than a hint of suspicion. Takao's giggles died down a little and he managed to look up and still maintain the picture of innocence.

"Oh, nothing, Shin-chan," he reassured him lightly and inclining his head in Kagami's direction, "Just, you know, gagging on the sexual tension…" There was a small pause, as Midorima's eyebrow twitched.

"That's interesting," he commented smoothly, and Kise could have sworn that for a moment, just a moment, he saw Midorima's lips twitch up into a superior, sly smile. "I could have sworn you didn't have a gag reflex."

Kise stared, and then, after confirming that he had heard correctly –judging by the way Takao's eyes widened in shock –burst out in explosive laughter. A couple of the others in the general vicinity, who had heard, all snickered as Takao swallowed in embarrassment and was forced to contend with the small, smug look on his boyfriend's face. Midorima adjusted his glasses, nose in the air to try and disguise how pleased he was with himself.

"Takao, if you intend on dealing it out, you might want to learn how to take it," he remarked, adjusting the water gun in his hand (today's lucky item), and resisting the urge to snicker. He missed Takao's cheeky expression.

"I dunno, Shin-chan," he commented lightly, lugging the bucket of water past his boyfriend and glancing back over his shoulder wickedly as his voice dropped suggestively, "…I think I take it pretty well…" Midorima's ears turned red rather quickly as he was suddenly made aware that when it came to teasing, he and Takao were in completely different leagues. The point guard winked impishly.

Midorima squirted him in the face with his water pistol.

"Hyuga, what's the problem?" Kiyoshi inquired brightly from across the other side of the car that he and his captain were currently busy cleaning with the help of Kagami.

"Huh?" Hyuga inquired vacantly, hosing soap off the back of the car.

" –You keep checking your watch," Kiyoshi informed him, a little amused that Hyuga hadn't noticed that he was doing it, "That bored already? You could join in the game if you –" His eyes suddenly widened and he ducked down behind the car as a sponge went whizzing past his head. There was a loud curse and he rose again with a laugh and a wave over to Miyaji, who was displeased at having lost his chance to score some points.

"I saw that!" Riko called out and Miyaji groaned, with Otsubo chuckling at him and Koganei promptly reminding him that he had to deduct points for getting caught.

" –I have the hose," Hyuga immediately warned, when he got the terrible feeling that Kiyoshi was about to pick up that sponge and hurl it at him. Kiyoshi just raised his hands in surrender and laughed as Hyuga checked his watch again.

"Hard at work, I see," a familiar voice remarked slyly, from right behind him. Hyuga practically leapt out of his skin, hose flailing out and promptly completely drenching the upper half of Kagami. The redhead let out a loud yell of complaint and then an aggrieved groan at realising that his face and front of his shirt were absolutely soaked.

"What's the big idea?" Hyuga growled crossly, " –What took so long, you were meant to –" He turned around and paused mid-sentence in confusion as he discovered Imayoshi standing behind him with hands casually tucked into his pockets. "…What are you wearing?" Imayoshi raised an eyebrow and glanced down at his outfit; a pair of dark jeans and a particularly attractive tan jacket, with a grey scarf. It was simple, but a rather handsome ensemble.

"Clothes?" Imayoshi replied flatly, then his voice took on a light tone, "Though, if you play your cards right, that could change –"

"Don't be weird," Hyuga snorted with a roll of his eyes, "I mean, didn't I tell you to wear old clothes?"

"I vaguely recall you suggesting that…" Imayoshi mused innocently.

" –Do you listen to anything I say…" he grumbled, "I thought you were going to come help with the car wash?"

"Oh?" Imayoshi chuckled, "I distinctly recall saying I'd come…not that I'd help."

"What are you doing then?" Hyuga inquired in annoyance. Imayoshi pointed over his shoulder to the car parked a few metres behind him. Wakamatsu and Sakurai were getting out of it –Sakurai already apologising for being late.

" –They needed a lift," Touou's captain offered in explanation.

"Oh, okay," Hyuga shrugged, "Sakurai, report to Riko; she's assigning jobs. Wakamatsu, dump a bucket of water on his head if he starts apologising." Wakamatsu just chuckled and gave him a thumbs up, then followed by an exasperated look over to where Aomine had just been hit in the face by a flyaway sponge –not having seen it since he'd been too busy staring at a certain, drenched redhead.

" –Also, my car needs washing."

"What?" Hyuga exclaimed. Imayoshi looked at him reproachfully.

" –This is a carwash, right?" he queried lightly, glancing across the car to where Kiyoshi was leaning on it, very content with observing the amusing interaction.

" –Well, yeah, but you have to pay –" Hyuga suddenly found a small wad of notes held under his nose. He glared up at Imayoshi, whose smile just widened. "Kiyoshi, you can –"

"I'm definitely so busy with this car here," Kiyoshi interrupted cheerfully, waving away his captain playfully, "You go on ahead."

" –Maybe Izuki –" Hyuga tried again, but the eagle-eyed point guard had already seen the exchange and noted Kiyoshi's reaction.

" –There are just bucketfuls of water that need to be filled," Izuki called out, holding up a bucket and grinning. He looked thoroughly pleased when Imayoshi chuckled. Unfortunately for him, Hyuga was less than amused that his so-called friends were siding with the devil, and obligingly sprayed the other captain in the face with his hose. Water droplets dripped from his glasses.

"Don't encourage him," he muttered crossly, stalking over to the car that Imayoshi had indicated, leaving Touou's captain to wipe his face with his scarf, and realise that now his shirt was damp.

"Hyuga, was that really necessary?" he remarked in a pained tone, glancing across the car at Kiyoshi.

"Ahh, and after you dressed so nicely…" Kiyoshi beamed lightly, with a trace of teasing lacing his words. Imayoshi raised his eyebrows as though offended that Kiyoshi would dare insinuate anything.

"I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about," he sniffed with that sly, sly grin that tended to unnerve people.

" –I'm sure there are some old, dry uniforms you can borrow, Imayoshi." Apparently Imayoshi's wounded tone –and the satisfaction of squirting water in his face –had put a bit of a spring in Hyuga's step. He apparently hadn't heard the brief exchange between his friend and the thorn in his side.

"…I'm sure there are easier ways to get me out of my clothes," Imayoshi hollered after him, not to be outdone. "…Like maybe asking," he muttered under his breath with a small snicker at the ridiculousness of his own comment. He looked up, though, in time to see Hyuga flicking his middle finger at him.

"Ahh, no one winds him up quite like you do," Kiyoshi sighed, like an old man reminiscing about his younger years. He chuckled fondly to himself, and then couldn't help but laugh a little louder, as he saw Imayoshi's smirk widen rather contentedly.


Meanwhile, Kagami seemed to be rather bothered by his soaked shirt. He gave a groan of annoyance as he tugged at the item of clothing and found that it practically moulded to his skin. Not to mention, the water was freezing. Should he change? He was pretty sure that he had some old clothes in his locker…but then again, judging by the fact that everyone was at least partially drenched (no one was overly careful with the hoses), he figured he'd probably wind up soaked again anyway.

"Coach, I've finished up here!" he hollered out to Riko.

"Kagami-kun, you can probably take a break until the next car turns up!" she called back and he let out a sigh of relief, brushing his hair back from his forehead and starting to wring out his shirt. Actually, maybe it was kind of a good thing that Hyuga had drenched him –washing cars was surprisingly hot work.

But the way his shirt was sticking to him was kinda annoying.

Aomine was not so bothered by it.

In fact…what he wouldn't give to be over there right now.

Subconsciously, he licked his lips and let his eyes rove across Kagami's body. His shirt had gone completely see-through and was clinging to the edges of his muscles enticingly. His lips widened into a pleased, predatory smirk as he watched Kagami run his hand back through his hair and then shake water droplets from his red locks. His mouth ran dry as he recalled the time he'd so rudely burst in on the redhead's shower and Kagami had so unashamedly stood there, completely naked.

A small rumble of desire escaped Aomine's throat as he removed Kagami's clothes with his eyes and inclined his head; eyes drinking in the contours of his body and hands twitching at the memory of what they felt like under his touch.

It seemed like Kagami had decided that the shirt was too frustrating, because he was beginning to tug it off over his head. Aomine swallowed hard, hand clenching his sponge a little too tightly.

He stalked over to the redhead, lust burning in his eyes, and before Kagami knew what was happening, he found himself being yanked against a firm body by hands pressed unashamedly against his ass. Without time to complain, lips pressed against his, and a tongue roved onwards and deep into his mouth. Unceremoniously, he found himself pushed back against the cold metal of a car bonnet. He arched up, shocked by the temperature of the metal, but found that all it did was bring him closer to Aomine's chest.

Aomine had a very vivid fantasy of what would happen next. When Kagami's hands started clawing at his back, and his breaths were coming in strangled gasps, he'd turn him around and run his tongue down the edge of his neck; pinning his hips to the car with his own, and grind hard and slow against his ass –just to torture him a little. Kagami would turn to face him, but Aomine wouldn't kiss him; instead, he'd go for his neck, sucking and nipping the way he knew the redhead secretly enjoyed. Maybe he'd hear him moan his name –or maybe not; he had the feeling Kagami would try and hold his tongue; try to convince himself that he wasn't feeling it.

But then when Aomine slipped his hand down the front of Kagami's shorts, that's when Kagami would moan; doubling over and planting his hands against the bonnet and moving his hips with Aomine's rhythm. He'd curse and spout insults at Aomine –call him a bastard, or something, but he wouldn't care, because the way Kagami spoke told how he really felt about the situation.

Hell, those red bedroom eyes…

"Tetsu, what the fuck?" Aomine exclaimed suddenly, coughing and hacking up a mouthful of icy, icy water as he was unceremoniously drenched by a miniature demon holding a streaming hose aloft. He shivered and spat water to the ground and glared daggers at Kuroko, who didn't seem in the least bit bothered by it.

"…I thought perhaps you needed some cooling down, Aomine-kun."

Aomine suddenly remembered that he was in public and had been rather enjoying a fantasy involving fucking Kagami against a car…

"S-Shut up…" he snapped crossly, averting his eyes and trying to remind himself to not look back over at the redhead, just in case his imagination started running wild again. He gripped his sponge wildly and cursed his lack of mental self-control. It was unfortunate that at that moment, he heard girlish giggles and a phrase that sounded somewhat like, 'Oh wow…look at that guy! What a hottie!' A quick glance up informed him –much to his displeasure –that Kagami's sudden disposal of his shirt had attracted the attention of some of Kise's swarm of fangirls.

A vein twitched in his forehead.

A second one twitched when a few were bold enough to step forwards and greet him; coyly asking him if he could maybe finish off the polishing of their cars…And the stupid idiot was completely oblivious to the way that they were checking him out…and there he went, blushing like a shy girl when one of them maybe said something suggestive…

"Ugh, what a virgin…" Aomine drawled in a distasteful scoff –his tone mostly because he wasn't so much liking the way those girls were looking at Kagami, despite his own gaze being considerably less PG.

"Don't say that like it's a bad thing, Aomine-kun," Tetsu reprimanded sternly, before his voice took on a lighter, distinctly more knowing tone. "…It's not wrong for him to have not had that kind of experience with anyone yet."

That made Aomine pause, licking his lips again, mulling that over.

…No one had ever before touched Kagami like he had…

Wow, that gave him some terrible sense of smug satisfaction, and –was that little bastard smirking?

Shit. This was fucking bad. It was bad enough that he was completely being controlled by his more primal urges, but for Tetsu to notice…that was even worse. He gritted his teeth and sighed heavily, hearing Kagami laugh from somewhere nearby. Without even meaning to, his lips turned up into a small smile.


Ugh. Dammit. Kagami was making him so fucking…horny…but the problem was that not only that, but he also somehow managed to make his chest hurt and mood lift, and make him want to play basketball and argue and just…

…He reckoned maybe he could have dealt with one of those scenarios. But both together was proving difficult. He remembered the goodnight kiss that he and Kagami had shared about two weeks ago, and the few that had happened since then. Kagami would often invite him back for games or something, and he'd go, but he wouldn't stay.

He didn't trust himself enough to stay over.

And to his immense frustration, the goodnight kisses somehow more than made up for leaving.

He sighed heavily, clutching his face in embarrassment.

Fuck this was confusing.


Oh god no.

"Aomine-kun! Over here!" He could hear Satsuki's voice calling out eagerly and slouched in annoyance. Where had she fucking been all day? He was pretty sure she was supposed to have come in earlier to help, and yet she was just turning up now?

"Kagamin!" he heard her call out, and frowned in confusion. Usually she'd be calling for Tetsu with all her might, but Kagami? …And who had she come with?

Kagami looked up upon hearing Momoi calling his name, and searched quizzically for a moment to try and find the pink-haired girl. It took only a moment to spot her, wandering over towards Aomine, side-by-side with a rather attractive woman…an attractive woman with bronze skin and dark, dark hair…

"Satsuki, what the fuck?" Aomine growled angrily, as Kagami obligingly headed over when Momoi caught his eye and gestured for him to join them.

"Daiki, watch your language, young man," the lady scolded reproachfully, and Aomine ground his teeth crossly, looking away after giving Momoi a furious glare.

"Daiki?" Kagami raised an eyebrow in confusion, before suddenly remembering that that was actually Aomine's given name. Who…

"Ahh, there you are!" Momoi called out loudly, and Aomine's head whipped around so fast it cricked loudly. His eyes darted between Momoi and the woman, and then back to Kagami.

"No, go away, Bakagami!" he growled crossly, "Don't come over here!"

"What?" Kagami complained in annoyance, "Why not –" Aomine suddenly lunged for the nearest running hose and almost violently doused Kagami, like one would to shoo away a dog. "Ahomine, what the hell was that for? –" He suddenly realised that he was in the presence of an adult and coughed sheepishly, "I mean…um…sorry…" he apologised, for his rude manner of speaking.

"Go away," Aomine snapped out from between gritted teeth, but Kagami, pissed off at being drenched yet again, decided against obeying, and continued walking over until he was standing level with Aomine –who looked like he had half a mind to drench him again.

"Well, aren't you going to introduce Kagamin?" Momoi whispered less-than-subtly. Aomine folded his arms as the woman raised an eyebrow rather expectantly.

"I can't believe you'd do this to me," he muttered to the cheerfully beaming girl.

"Aomine-kun, you can't hide him forever."

"Tch," Aomine mumbled reluctantly, forgetting that his 'relationship' wasn't meant to have ever lasted this long, and that the possibility of 'forever' should not have been relevant. "Kagami…" The redhead blinked in surprise at being addressed, and looked at him expectantly. "…This is my…my mom." The bluenette sighed and resigned himself to the fact that whenever Satsuki got something into her head, it was best to go along with it.

"Mom…this is my…b…Kagami. Kagami Taiga."

Kagami blinked again, staring almost in shock at the kind-looking, smiling woman standing opposite him with a hand outstretched. Aomine's…

It suddenly struck him that in all this time, he hadn't met Aomine's family –none of them. Actually, he could probably count on his fingers the number of times he'd been to Aomine's house –usually they spent their time at his apartment. How could…how was it even possible that he'd never met his parents –

Now he was nervous. Shit, and he'd been so rude in front of her! What if she didn't like him? It must be weird meeting your supposedly straight son's supposed boyfriend. What was she even doing here? Momoi obviously had something to do with it, judging by her delighted expression and Aomine's disgruntled look. She could've warned him! God, there he was, shirtless and soaking wet and calling her son names and just…

"N-nice to meet you," he stammered out, trying to use him best, most polite voice. Apparently it sounded weird on him, because he heard Aomine snigger as he shook his mother's hand.

"Ahh, it's lovely to finally meet you," she replied gently, "I've heard so much about you –"

"Huh? Really?"

"Mom, don't say shit like that!"

" –He talks about you all the time," she continued, in the way that mother's do –either not noticing, or not caring that they're embarrassing their children. Kagami felt his ears go red as Aomine let out a splutter of complaint and instant denial. "I'm surprised you've been able to put up with him for this long –"


" –I know how he can be," she added, ignoring Aomine's protests and angry glares clearly telling her to leave.

"Uhh…no…he's…" Kagami didn't really know what he was supposed to say to that. Having never had a girlfriend, he'd never had to go through the whole 'meeting the parents' thing, and currently, he was rather obviously flustered at having been thrown into this situation. "…I mean…there's nothing wrong with him –" Momoi giggled sweetly and he blushed again in embarrassment as even Aomine snickered at his lack of eloquence with words. The bluenette felt bad for him, but the way he was blushing was too hilarious not to snigger.

" –I…I'm gonna go get a bucket…" Kagami mumbled, to try and escape this embarrassing situation; suddenly so very aware of his current state of undress and of how his stomach had started feeling a bit fuzzy at the thought of Aomine talking about him at home. What kinds of things did he say? " –You want your car washed, right?" He immediately inwardly cursed his naturally rude way of talking. Aomine's mother didn't seem to mind though, and just smiled as he excused himself, almost tripping on one of the hoses.

"What was that all about?" Aomine growled almost as soon as Kagami was out of earshot.

" –So that was this elusive Kagami-kun," his mother remarked conversationally to Satsuki, "…He's so handsome!"

"I told you so," Satsuki agreed pointedly.

"Mom!" Aomine complained, annoyed at being ignored.

"…How else was I supposed to meet him?" she inquired lightly, "You kept refusing to bring him home. I can't see why –he seems sweet."

"He's an idiot."

"Well, obviously he must be, to like my stubborn son," she sighed in exasperation. Aomine's ears began to turn red and he slouched into a sulk, before glancing over to where Kagami seemed to be sinking into a pit of shame at having caused such a terrible first impression. He didn't realise it, but Momoi's sharp eyes picked up the way his gaze softened fondly. He probably had no idea that he was just as transparent as Kagami sometimes.

"Aomine!" Midorima called out sharply, "We're running out of soap, can you go get some from the storage cupboard in the gym?"

"Make your slave do it," Aomine snapped back, already irritable thanks to Satsuki's involvement when he had been trying to avoid Kagami meeting his mother for as long as humanly possible. Sometimes he reckoned she enjoyed seeing him suffering due to her being so fucking embarrassing...and Satsuki loved it...maybe that was why those two damn women got on so well...

"Takao is no such thing," Midorima immediately retorted icily, and then glared down at his boyfriend, " –Takao if you dare make some kind of inappropriate comment, I swear to god…"

"I would never..." Takao snickered, "…Master…"


Momoi and Aomine's mother watched in amusement and fondness as Aomine stalked away after a small amount of coaxing, and saw him brush past Kagami, their shoulders brushing lightly and their gazes meeting for a moment.

"…He really likes him, doesn't he?" his mother murmured to Momoi. The young woman giggled with a small nod.

"I think so. A lot."

"Shin-chan, Aomine's been gone a while," Takao frowned curiously, "And I found some more soap…do you reckon he's just gone and left?"


" –Maybe he's sleeping," he mused aloud, "Should we send someone to look for him?"

"I already did."

"What? Who? When?"

"Kagami," Midorima replied smoothly, and then glanced at his watch, "…About twenty minutes ago." Takao's mouth gaped incredulously.

" –Where the hell are they, then…" he grumbled, "Should I go see if –"

"I don't think that will be necessary," Midorima assured his boyfriend, knowingly adjusting his glasses, "…They'll come back when they're ready." Takao paused for a moment, letting these words sink in, and then he just gaped some more, despite his boyfriend trying his best to make his expression unreadable.

" –Shin-chan, you didn't –"

What no one had realised was that the person that best understood Kagami's current situation –and possibly entire situation –was Midorima Shintaro. Of his relationship with Takao, it had been him that was the most reluctant to accept it; the one more inexperienced with relationships and the like; the one most apprehensive and unsure. It was also him that had become wildly, wildly frustrated.

Takao had been patient with him –too patient, at the start, and that had irked him to no end, mostly because Midorima had discovered that he, himself, was impatient.

He had surprised himself with how much he physically desired Takao, and how suddenly it had happened. Up until a certain day, he had been perfectly content with just kissing him, with all thoughts of anything else completely absent from his mind…but on that day...a dam had burst inside him and sexual desire had come flooding in.

Takao was really the one to blame. He was usually the first one to initiate affection, especially back then. On that day, they had been making out a little, in Midorima's room (he refused to do such things in the living room lest his family walk in), and Takao was on his back on the bed, having managed to coax him on top of him, but bodies not touching. Midorima's knee had slipped up between Takao's legs, accidentally pressing against his crotch as their tongues slicked against each other, and he had heard the most shameful moan escape the point guard's throat. Finding that sound enticing, he had allowed his knee to grind a little harder, and been rewarded by Takao pulling back from the kiss with a shuddered, "S-Shin-chan…"

Takao had flushed with embarrassment when he'd realised that Midorima knew that he was hard, and something very strange and unfamiliar had happened to the shooting guard as he'd hovered over his boyfriend.


Interpreting Midorima's surprise as reluctance to continue, Takao had excused himself relatively quickly.

After that, Midorima couldn't stop thinking about him; couldn't stop thinking about the faces he made and the way that infernal nickname sounded as a gasp.

It had been frustrating, because Takao seemed to think that he should take things slow; that Midorima was nervous and reluctant to press onwards into the physical side of their relationship.

It was completely the opposite.

He couldn't shoot straight, couldn't think straight, couldn't bear the way Takao pulled back when he thought they'd gone far enough. His dreams were embarrassing. The extent to which he had so quickly come to desire Takao was embarrassing. He'd thought that he was in control of his more base desires.

Apparently not.

Put simply…he'd wanted something…but hadn't known how to ask for it. It had really been thanks to the interference of his team (frustrated with Midorima's frustration and how obviously it involved Takao) that things…resolved themselves.

And he now recognised those same symptoms in Kagami, and knew that he had it bad.

He also knew, that sexual tension was much like creating regular tension.

…It could only go so far before it snapped.

And by god, Kagami had just snapped.

The supply closet was filled with soft gasps as Kagami pressed his hips up against Aomine's harder; fists clenched against the wall. His eyes were glued shut, lost in the sensation of Aomine's lips. Aomine let out a low moan, head tilting back as the redhead's tongue thrust deep into his mouth, dominating the kiss completely.

What the fuck had gotten into Kagami?

One second they were arguing in the closet and Kagami had him by the front of his shirt –angry, or embarrassed about meeting his mother…Aomine had coolly reminded him that it didn't matter what his mother thought of him…and then suddenly he goes and shoves him against the nearest wall –

He moaned again, deep and loud, his hands burning trails up the redhead's bare abdomen. He was startled when Kagami then pulled back for a moment, tugging at the hem of his shirt. Not pausing to wonder at this strange behaviour, Aomine yanked his shirt off over his head and wrapped his arms around Kagami's neck as the other ace pressed the hard contours of their chests together.

Lips trailed down Aomine's tanned neck, sucking and kissing forcefully; without a care of who would see them when they finally emerged. Kagami's hands left the wall and Aomine let out a sharp breath as he felt hands unashamedly grip his ass.

Holy crap.

"What the…fuck…Kagami…" he hissed, yanking Kagami's head up from his neck by his hair and forcing the redhead to look him in the eyes. Seirin's ace was panting heavily, his eyes glazed but intensely focused on him. Aomine didn't get the chance to say anything before their lips were once again violently reattached.

He kissed back hard; forcing Kagami's tongue back into his mouth, ignoring how erotic it felt to let him take control for a bit. It was messy, and hot, and saliva was leaking from the edge of Kagami's mouth, but he found he really didn't care. His resolve was slowly breaking with every parting of the redhead's lips, and he couldn't stop his hips from jerking up against the other ace's.

"Mmm…" Kagami moaned, reason slowly fleeing him. He couldn't take it anymore. The singeing touches; Aomine's alluring body and enticing voice…he couldn't fucking bear it any longer. He was pretty sure he was rapidly devolving into some perverted, primal creature caught up in sexual pleasure, but he didn't care. He needed, needed Aomine to touch him…needed some kind of release from this sudden, unbearable lust for him.

Breathing shallowly, he pulled back slightly with a lick of his lips; hands slipping away from Aomine's ass and sliding around to the front of his shorts. Without explanation, his hands fumbled with the bluenette's belt, and yanked them open harshly; earning a feral growl from Aomine.

" –A-Aomine…" Kagami moaned, hips bucking up; desperately craving contact. The growing bulges of their erections pressed together and the redhead let out a soft groan into the crook of Aomine's neck.

"Ahh…" Aomine hissed approvingly, hands sinking from the redhead's neck to his ass and encouraging him to grind. "…Harder…" His own hips thrust forwards, the friction between them causing Kagami to let out a strangled hiss. Barely able to comprehend what was happening, the redhead rutted right on back; groaning at the way lithe, wicked fingers groped his ass and ran down the seam of his ass with intent. His skin was burning, his blood boiling, and his entire body overheating, but it felt too good. Aomine's chest up against his; the hot hardness of his erection pressed against his own; the short gasps of pleasure in his ear –letting him know that he wasn't the only one losing control right now.

Sexual frustration making him bold, Kagami grabbed one of Aomine's wrists, and in a sudden movement, dragged it and pressed the palm lewdly against his crotch; grinding up into it without care for what Aomine might think of him.

In fact, Aomine found that fucking hot.


In that moment, as Kagami's lidded red eyes glanced across at him, glinting in the dim light of the cupboard, it suddenly occurred to him…

…Was Kagami…horny?

Sick of being the one pinned to a wall, and with a sudden display of his considerable strength, he turned the tables, and with a mighty shove, slammed Kagami up against the opposite wall, careless of whatever might topple to the ground from the force. The redhead moaned, gripping his back tightly as a tanned hand slunk beneath the waistband of his shorts to teasingly grip hard flesh.

If the moan he received, or the way Kagami bucked up into his hand, was any indication…he was right.

Shit…how could he have not realised…

…He wanted it too.

Smirking almost triumphantly, he buried his face in Kagami's neck; teeth sinking into the soft skin which –in his opinion –had gone unmarked for far too long. Screw doing things right... if Kagami wanted it this badly, then who was he to deny him?

"Ahh…fuck…" Kagami cursed, unable to hold in the thick groan that escaped his lips as he felt Aomine sucking seductively at his neck; hand working up the length of his erection –foreign…but way too good. It was better than he remembered from his fuzzy, drunken memories. Even the fingers determinedly working their way down his ass sent jolts of pleasure through him…and the arousing pressure of Aomine's hard cock pressed against his thigh…

"…Nhh…ah…just…yes…" Kagami gasped, throwing his head back against the wall as his hips jerked forwards without abandon; thrusting into Aomine's hand and feeling the other ace rolling his own body against his to increase that delicious friction. This was what he wanted; Aomine close to him; rutting against him and touching him and moaning in that sinful, seductive voice…

Their gazes met as Aomine rose –satisfied with the marks he'd left. Kagami's lips were quivering invitingly; bruised and glistening. He smirked, tongue tracing the redhead's lower lip and then snaking into his mouth; gripping his ass tighter with one hand and thrusting up against him harder. The tip of his erection slipped out from beneath the waistband of his briefs and seared the skin of Kagami's lower abdomen, making the redhead purr erotically.

It was exciting to know that he was the only person to ever see Kagami like this.

" –D-Don't stop…" Kagami hissed breathlessly, nipping at his lip as his eyes clenched shut tightly in pleasure; mouth falling open and a bead of sweat rolling down his cheek and beading on his chin.

"Hah…" Aomine panted with a smirk, pressing his cheek to the edge of the other ace's jaw as he desperately focused on striving for release of some of this god-awful tension that he'd suddenly realised existed between them. His own eyes sank shut, worrying his lower lip as one of the fingers pressed and rubbed provocatively against the tight, clothed muscles of Kagami's ass. He wanted to be inside him so badly, and maybe Kagami wanted that too –judging by the way that he spread his legs slightly, to allow Aomine's perverted digits to better roam. But not here...not just yet...

He knew it wasn't the right time...

...But hopefully that time would come someday soon.

Kagami himself was a little beyond thinking about anything right now. His head felt light, his pulse was racing, and every nerve in his body felt like it was on fire. With every touch; every movement, he felt a spark jump between them –like how it was when they played basketball…only so much more intense and arousing.

There was no denying the chemistry anymore.

...And the tension snaps. Because really, they've been dancing around this whole sexual tension for a long time...and I felt that since Aomine's making an effort, it would be wrong for him to try leap into things (especially with the warnings he's had about not hurting Kagami) -they needed a further catalyst of know, to finally be on the same page about things...and now that they are, that opens up something more for the future...

And I can now go study without guilt! **ack** Many tests...
Much love; hope you enjoyed...and I hope that the promise of something more in the next update is enough to forgive me for cutting things short here...but in a situation other than in a supply cupboard.
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