Chapter 4

Danny ran as far as he could. He stood on a mountain and looked down at the castle. He couldn't go back. He was all alone.

The snow glowed white on the mountain as the moon shined above. There was not a single footprint in the snow, he was truly alone.

Danny looked at the castle. "I don't know what to do." He said turning to look up at the moon, it was so beautiful tonight. He looked back at his castle. "I'm done. Why should I be the one? I don't want this!" He said and took off his other glove. He smiled softly and tested his powers out, making some snow fall. His cape billowed in the wind and he tied it and watched it fly away. Danny smiled and ran through the snow. He came to a cliff and looked at the rest of the cliff on the other side. His hands glowed blue with energy as he made a bridge. He looked at it, it looked unstable. He cautiously took a step and watched as the bridge solidified. Amazed, he walked onto the bridge, "I think it is time to see what I can do." He smirked. He ran across the bridge and came to the mountain and stopped. He took in a deep breathe, "I can do this." He summoned his powers and made a castle around him of ice and snow in seconds. Danny used his powers to form everything. "I am never going back," he took off his crown and threw it, "The past is in the past." He messed up his white hair. He looked at his outfit and touched summoned his powers. His black boots and pants turned white. His shirt just changed colors from green with blue and black trimmings to blue with green and white trimmings. A cape of ice formed which followed him as he walked and a bad wrapped around his forehead. It was a band of glistening ice that showed he was a king. He walked onto the balcony. He looked at the kingdom of Dimmsdale and smirked. "The cold never bothered me anyway." He said and returned inside.


Everyone was gathered inside the kingdom, trying to escape from the falling snow outside. Dimmsdale, even though it was summer, was in a blanket of snow.

Timmy stood with Trixie as everyone argued.

"It is sorcery! He is practicing some kind of black magic. We need to kill him!" A guy said.

"Shut up! We Fentons aren't scared of someone from a town called Weaseltown." Timmy smirked.

"Weasleton!" He corrected.

"Who are you?" Timmy asked.

"Crocker, Prince Timothy."

"Well, Mr. Crocker." Timmy walked onstage. "We are not going to kill my brother. It was all an accident. He hurt no one, so I will just go and bring him back." Timmy looked at Vlad, "Go fetch my horse."

Vlad bowed and left.

Timmy grabbed his cloak and followed Vlad.

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