Growing up with Igneel, Natsu was used to all the emotions and acts he pulled during his years of living with him. He was used to all the laughter and the scolding and the jokes but when Igneel was angry, he was one scary person to be around. And he tried his best not to be around him during those times but with the idiotic plan he pulled—he didn't have any other choice or way to weasel out of this one.

He knew he hurt Igneel a whole lot and he did something pretty stupid so he didn't even know if he was willing to talk to them.

But he had to because this time, this wasn't pretend.

It was real-life.

"Okay, while you talk to him, I'll be in the car, alright?"

"Wha—Natsu Dragneel!" Lucy cried out in disapproval as she shot the male a death glare as the two sat in the car that belonged to Natsu right in front of the Dragneel residence. "You can't expect me to be the only one doing this. He is your father. How many times do I have to remind you?!"

"I know he is my father Luce. That's why I'm scared to go talk to him,"


"Because... I know what he's like when he's pissed. And we fucked up badly, this time." He chuckled half-heartedly as he rubbed the back of his neck making Lucy shoot him another dirty look.

He finally sighed and gave in as he turned his engine off and pulled his keys out of the ignition.

"Fine. But when I die, I'm going to blame you."

"You're not going to die," she rolled her eyes at his idiotic as she climbed out of his car and slammed his door shut as she stood in the pathway of the house. She suddenly felt very wary and lightheaded just looking at the home in front of her and she almost retreated back into the car.

"You alright there?" Natsu asked as he came around, quirking his brow at the blonde who was leaning against the side of his car as she swallowed thickly. "Luce?"

"Erm... yeah. Just, a bit uneasy..." She laughed a bit nervously as Natsu nodded. "Same. Let's just go back while we still have time—"

"Natsu, we're already here."

"Then why bother complaining?" He muttered as he grabbed the hand of his fiancé, pulling her close. "C'mon, let's hurry and get this over with."

"You're knocking."

"What?! I'm not knocking. You can knock!"

"Why me?! This isn't my house! You can knock!"

"My father is in there and he's angry! I'm not knocking. You knock!"

"Jesus Christ, Natsu! Knock!"

"No way!"

The two were cut-short from their screaming match of who was going to knock by the garage door opening making them stop and stiffen immediately. Natsu was just about to bolt out of there but was stopped from running as Lucy clutched onto his scarf tightly and practically dragged him all the way towards the entrance.

The couple silently stood there as they watched Igneel obliviously put on his shoes to get ready to go out. When he finished and stood up, his eyes caught a flash of yellow and pink and he looked up to be greeted by the sight of his son and fake daughter-in-law.

He pressed his lips into a tight line and ignored them as he was just about to jump into his car and drive away but Lucy cried out making him freeze in his spot.

"Father, please listen to us, please!"

"Don't call me father. I am not your father-in-law." He replied coldly as anger and disappointment laced in-between his words as Lucy grimaced in hurt. Natsu noticed and anger flashed across his face as he took a step forward to protect his fiance. "Dad!"

"I'm not your father, either, Natsu. You're not welcome here—go back." He replied coldly making Natsu growl. "Dad, you gotta be fucking kidding me!"

"I'm not fucking kidding you." He said calmly as ever but hearing the older male curse, Natsu and Lucy both knew how pissed off he was just by his language. "If you two would please leave, I have to go out."

"No." Natsu replied back sternly as he stood his ground, standing right behind the old beat-up car as Igneel shot his son a hard look. "I'm not moving until you listen to what we have to say."

"Listen to what?! You two lied to me! I don't have anything to say to you nor want to listen to liars like you!

"Please, we just want to apologize and—"

"Don't you think it's a bit too late for apologies?" He spat out as Lucy's entire body ran cold. "It's whatever now. You two can be on your merry way and go on lying about whatever you two lie about because I for one, do not want to listen anymore. You can go lie about how you two live in a mansion with three kids and—"

"Dad, Luce and I are getting married." Natsu suddenly blurted out making the red-haired business man pause and snap his head towards his son. He squinted and looked right at Natsu as if he was trying to figure him out, the look of confusion and surprise written all over his face. "What?" He said in the most serious and confused tone of voice making the pink-haired male step forward and hold his head up high. "We're getting married."

"Is this a lie or—?"

"No, dad, Lucy and I are actually getting married. For real this time and you're invited and we're here to break the news to you but you're refusing to allow us to talk and it's pissing the hell out of me because you're hurting both of us and I swear to god this isn't a joke and you're actually hurting Lucy mentally and I won't withstand that and I really want you to know how sorry we both are for lying and why are you smirking at me?"

Looking at her fiance's father, Lucy did notice the large smirk on the male's face as he smugly stared down at the two.

"What the fuck, dad. Are you joking with us right now?"

"No, no, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to smirk." He said with the smirk still visibly present as he waved his hand in front of his face. "I just thought—I was thinking—I think—I just think you two are cute, s'all."

"Don't call us cute!"

"Erm..?" Lucy asked in confusion as she glanced at the two Dragneel males who acted as if this was a game. In all honesty, it was sort of amusing.


"Natsu, really, what am I going to do with you?"

"Fine, you don't have to believe it but Lucy and I are in love!" He declared making Lucy's entire face flare up as she realized this was really nostalgic. She clearly remembered him saying these exact words when they first started this stupid little plan and it still made her face flame up. But this time, it wasn't a lie and it was actually true.

Finally after a moment of silence, the air became light and Natsu became all serious, his dark orbs staring right into Igneel's matching ones.

"Dad, I'm in love with Lucy." He confessed making Igneel quirk his brow up. "I'm going to marry her and I need your blessing this time because without it, we're going to feel like shit. So, please, forgive us and allow us to get married for real. And I promise we're not going to pull anything stupid this time."

Without realizing, Lucy was holding her breath and she had to let out a sigh as she couldn't keep the air in much longer. Nervously chewing on her bottom lip, she looked at her pink-haired fiance back at the red-haired male.

They seemed to be having some kind of silent conversation within each other as if it was some kind of father son thing and it irked the blonde tons.

"Please, father, Natsu and I are very sorry and this time... we promise no more lies."

Pleading Igneel with her large brown orbs, Igneel couldn't help but let out a sigh as he ran his large rough hands through his locks. He looked equally pleased and frustrated as he looked away from the couple for a minute before turning to look at them again.

"Fine, alright, okay."

"Okay?" Natsu asked, his eyes wide in alarm as he wondered if he was actually accepting them and giving them his blessing. "Okay as in... Okay?" He asked, trying to be sure and clear as Igneel smiled at the two, rolling his eyes. "Yes, Natsu, okay. I approve—I give you two my blessing." He said as Natsu's mouth suddenly spread into a wide grin.

He watched as his son cried out in joy and scooped the blonde into his arms and kissed her in pure happiness and love.

"But," he said making the couple separate and look at the red-haired Dragneel who was holding a finger up. "I expect to be notified about almost anything important and invited to important things and no more lies. Am I clear?" He said sternly making the two nod their heads, face-splitting grins wide on their face.

Soon, it turned into a group hug and Igneel forgot all about his meeting he had to attend.


"I never got married before, fuck, this is nerve-wrecking."

"Of course you have," Gray replied smoothly as he absentmindedly tugged on his tie. "that's how you're in this marriage right now."

"Shut it, ice-berg. I don't need you reminding me every fucking day." The groom hissed as Gray smirked at his friend's behavior, watching how he paced back and forth in the room as the time ticked on by. It was finally the day of Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfillia's wedding and of course, it became a large event with colors and flowers here and there. Many people were invited and many were ecstatic to see the couple become a married couple.

Though, it was a big day, Natsu wasn't feeling big. He was feeling small and nervous and he wanted to throw up.

"Fucking Christ, how'd you do this?" Natsu asked as he felt the bile at his throat making Gray shrug. "Just don't look at anyone. Look ahead and look at Lucy—it's simple, really."

"What if she bails?"

"Oh, if I was her, I would have bailed the moment you said hi." He muttered under his breath making Natsu throw him a look. Gray only shrugged as he looked like he didn't regret saying it. "I'm serious."

"Fuck you. I need emotional support not your stupid—"

"I know, I know." Gray waved him off as he stood up and walked over to where his friend who, putting a hand on his shoulder to try and calm him down. "Just take a deep breath and relax, flame-head. I promise once you see Lucy in her wedding dress walking down the isle, nothing else is going to matter anymore." He flashed a reassuring smile making Natsu's racing heart calm down just a tad bit.

Finally, taking in a couple more breaths in, he finally managed to calm down and flashed a grin towards his friend.


"No probs. Now, just don't think of tripping or anything like that because Lucy would probably dump you—"

"You know what. I'm uninviting you to my wedding—go home you jackass." The pink-haired groom hissed as he pointed at the door and shot a dangerous look at Gray who only cackled. "I'm serious."

"No you're not," he threw a smirk his way. "you know you need me here more than anything."

"Fuck you," Natsu hissed under his breath as he looked at himself in the mirror and fixed his tie, trying to pry his mind of anything negative while his eyes flickered back and forth between the clock and his reflection. He honesty just wanted this wedding to be over with so he could spend some loving time with Lucy and forget about the world.

A year and a half later, here he was, in a church full of friends and family watching him get hitched.

Never would have he guessed it would be like this.

"C'mon, time to roll, bud." Gray said, snapping him out of his thoughts as Natsu heard the music that cued him. It made his stomach do all sorts of somersaults and he wanted to hurl again but he kept it in as he walked down the isle that had his side on the right and Lucy's side on the left.

He could feel the stares all on him and he felt stiff and uncomfortable, sweat pouring down his forehead as he kept his eyes straight.

But even the priest's stare made him uncomfortable.

Finally after what felt like a mile walk, he made it to the end and face the entire chapel as he fidgeting in his spot His music died down and soon, Lucy's music came on and that was her cue.

Was it hot in there or was it just him?

Tugging on his collar to allow some steam to settle out, his eyes were glued on the entrance as he waited for his lovely bride to emerge and walk down the isle to him.

And when she appeared, all the air was knocked out of his lungs and for once, he agreed with Gray.

Nothing else mattered but the woman in white walking towards him.



"Why, isn't it my favorite little girl?!" Igneel scooped the three year old up high in his arms as a squeal came flying out of her lips as Natsu and Lucy trailed right behind her, a large smile on both of their faces. "How are you, pretty lady?"

"Good!" She answered, grin wide, flashing pearly whites as Igneel grinned right back. "Good."

"Hey dad, fancy seeing you."

"Natsu," Igneel acknowledged his son as he nodded in his way before his eyes fell on his daughter-in-law who smiled warmly while she held her swollen stomach. He seemed pleased to see his pregnant daughter-in-law and he grinned widely again. "Welcome, Lucy!"

"Hello, father."

"How's the little one doing?"

"Bouncy like always." She rolled her eyes as he nodded in approval. "That's good."

"Not for me."

"Well we all know who he's going to be like when he's out into this world," he said making Lucy smile and nod as she sat herself down as Natsu put down the baby bag and sighed, sitting right next to Lucy. "Happy fourth of July." He said as he scooped up his daughter who went up to him, setting the darling thing on his lap as she played with his scarf.

"Happy fourth." Igneel said back as he went over to the fridge. "Are you two up for hot dogs or hamburgers?"

"Whatever is fine, dad."

"What about you, pretty lady?" He cooed at the darling girl who giggled. "Are you feeling hot dog or hamburger?"

"Ham!" She shouted making him grin and nod before bringing out a stack of frozen hamburgers and a pack of hot dogs.

"Wanna help me cook?" Igneel asked the pink-haired three-year-old who's eyes widen, realizing he was asking her to cook with him making her quickly nod and hop off her father's lap and up to her grandfather's legs.


And to think this all started off as some kind of game, it was so unrealistic.

"Natsu, she cooks better than you."

"Shut up!"

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