The buzzing of the alarm clock almost wouldn't have phased the girl playing the video game except that she had set it for this exact purpose. To tell her when it was time to go to work. As per usual, she was lost in the game she was playing, completely at its mercy, so to speak. This one she had borrowed from her brothers. It had an addicting plotline, and she reluctantly set the controller aside, leaving the game running as she so often did on one of the conversation screens. It displayed a dark haired sorcerer talking to his blue haired commander.

A phone went off at the same time the girl turned her alarm off. Her phone was under the wet towel she had used to dry her hair. She tossed the towel aside, answering the phone quickly.


"Hurry you're butt up, Andy, or we're gonna be late."

"I'll be right down," Andria, or as her friends called her, Andy, said before hanging the phone up. She picked up her jacket and keys, locking her door behind her before rushing down from her apartment to meet her coworker in the parking lot. She missed the sound of wires frying behind her. She hadn't noticed that she had thrown her wet towel on her game system.

A spark flew from the system. The screen on the TV wavered for a moment before it turned black, then started glowing, sending out pulses of color. It gave off a blinding flash, then the entire power strip she had both plugged into fried, shutting the entire system down.

The light receded when the TV shut down, revealing two men laid sprawled on the floor. One had black hair pulled into a low ponytail and dark robes. The other had blue hair and was wearing a cape. With a groan, they both sat up, staring around them. The unfamiliar surroundings put pause to both of their noises of pain and confusion.

"Where are we, Soren?" the blue haired man asked quietly.

The dark haired one looked over at him. "If I knew that answer, Ike, I would gladly supply it. However, since I do not know myself, we will simply have to wait." He stood slowly, clutching his book in his hands and looking around. "I will hazard a guess that we are in a residence of some kind, judging by the amount of books and other items strewn about."

Ike stood, frowning at the items he had no idea about. "Is this some sort of mage workshop?"

"None that I have ever seen," Soren replied. He spotted the bench-like futon and sat down. He opened his wind tome and started reading. "I suggest you find some way of entertaining yourself until whoever has captured us returns."

Ike nodded and started sifting through the apartment, exploring things he had never seen before.


Andy made her way up to her apartment nine hours later, exhaustion creeping into her muscles. It had been a long day, and she needed a nap. She reached her door, about to stick the key in the lock when a sound from inside made her pause. Her stereo, turned way louder than she would ever have it, blared music. It was the CD she had been listening to last night and didn't bother to take out of the player. Had she left it on? Andy hurriedly opened her door and froze in her tracks.

A blue haired man was fiddling with the knobs on the stereo while a dark haired man was sitting on her couch, glaring at the other. They both looked at her when she opened the door, the man drawing the sword...SWORD?!... that was strapped to his waist and the dark haired one standing up from the couch. Andy let her hand fall from her door as she looked from one to another. She had been playing the game this morning, and these two were wearing costumes that were identical.

"Who are you?" she asked, shutting her door and walking over to the stereo to shut it off. The blue haired man took a quick step back, as if he was afraid of her.

"I am Ike, commander of the Greil Mercenaries. This is my tactician, Soren." He gestured at the other man. "Who do we have the pleasure of addressing?"

Andy laughed. "Ike and Soren? Like from the video game? Those are really good cosplay costumes. Where did you get them?"

The two men looked at each other as if they had only understood half of what she had said, which was actually the case. Soren stepped around the couch, which was between him and Andria.

"My lady, you speak as if you know of us already."

Andy laughed again and walked over to her game system. "Of course I know who you're cosplaying. I'm playing the game right now." She looked at her fried system and frowned. "What happened?" Andria turned and looked at the two again. "And for that matter, how did you get into my apartment with my door locked?"

Soren looked towards Ike, who stepped forward. "We are not completely sure ourselves how we arrived here. We were in the middle of a conversation when we were both transported here."

Freezing, Andy slowly looked at Ike. "You were having a conversation? What sort of conversation?"

"We were about to depart from Tellius on another adventure," Ike informed her. "You see, I needed to get away from the wars between the laguz and beorcs-"

He stopped talking when Andy spun on her heel and sat down heavily on her couch. "You're really from the game," she said quietly. "And now you're in my apartment..." Her favorite characters from the game had materialized in her living room. Andria took a deep breath as she stood again, turning to them. "I'm not positive how you came to be here, but I'm not quite sure what to do with you now."

The two men looked at one another and Soren spoke up as he turned back to Andria. "We were looking to leave Tellius as it was, though this is not the way we were intending to do so."

"Well, first thing's first, I should introduce you to this world," Andy said with a giggle. She, who lived best through her own imagination, was now with two men she had often imagined in this world.

"I would inquire as to the name of our worldly guide," Ike said with a slight bow.

"Oh," Andy said with a squeak. "I'm sorry. My name's Andy." She stood and looked over at them. "Soren, I have some books you can read to learn. Then maybe you can explain to Ike. Um...You'll be needing clothes." She looked down at herself, knowing that her hips were way too wide to fit the slim mage, but her clothes might fit Ike in order to get him to the store. "If you want to stay here and read, I'll find a good book for you. Ike, you and I need to run to the store..."

Andy trailed off as she hunted through her bookshelf for a book to give to Soren. She finally settled on her American History textbook and handed it to him. Soren settled on her futon again and opened the book. Going into her room, it didn't take long for her to find some clothes that might fit Ike. She handed them to him.

"You can change in my room. The pants might be a bit tight, but it'll have to work."

So she set to work introducing the two to the real world. Andria couldn't believe it, but she had two real life heroes in her small home.