This is based off the following prompt written for girl-aflame: Katniss falls into the online spiral that is Tumblr/fanfiction/online gaming (anything where you can be anonymous). Little does she know who else is out there. On a side note I want to say thank you to all the wonderful people that beta for fanfiction.

"As always it's been great man! Thanks again for throwing this party," Finnick said as he shook Gale's hand.

"It was really wonderful," agreed Annie as she hugged Katniss goodbye.

"It's no problem. You know how I love to have all my friends over to enjoy the holiday before the last rush before Christmas," Katniss responded as she hugged Finnick and Annie moved to hug Gale. Annie and Finnick wished them a merry Christmas as they walked out the apartment's door.

Gale shut the door, flipped the deadbolt, and slid the chain into place as Katniss flopped onto the couch. "Finally," he grumbled.

Katniss threw a throw pillow in his direction. "Hey, I like having my friends and employees over for the holidays."

Gale settled the pillow back on the couch and sat down, pulling Katniss' feet onto his lap. "I know, I know. It's just I only like parties for so long. Maybe this will make it up to you?" he offered as he started massaging the arch of her left foot.

Katniss' eyes closed and she moaned, "That feels good." She was tired. Maybe this foot massage would help her sleep.

Opening her eyes, she scanned the room. Despite the number of people who had been there just an hour ago, the apartment was in good shape, largely due to the help of Annie and Finnick who stayed after to help with the dishes.

Katniss reached over and picked up her still half-full glass of wine, which she'd sat on the side table earlier. She continued to enjoy the foot massage as she swirled the wine, inhaling the bouquet before taking a sip. "Honey, this really is a good pinot noir. You did a good job picking it out."

As Gale switched feet, he admitted, "I wish I could take the credit but my boss gave those out for the holidays. I think we probably should thank his assistant."

Katniss chuckled. "Well tell Effie thank you then."

Her eyes fell onto a cellophane covered DVD set on the coffee table. "Well, since Finnick gave it to me I guess I'll finally have to watch that TV show he's a nut over."

Gale shifted her feet off his lap. "You'll have to let me know if it's any good. But you know me, Catnip, I don't watch much TV. Shall we go to bed?" He stood, offering his hand to her. Katniss grasped it and he pulled her up off the couch. They exchanged a quick peck before heading down the hall to their bedroom.

Both went about their nightly routines, first stripping out of their clothes. Katniss slipped on a black tank top and green plaid flannel pajama bottoms before scooting into the bathroom to wash her face. Gale joined her a moment later, dressed in the blue flannel pajama pants she gave him last winter. The fabric was starting to look a little ragged, so she was glad that under their tree he had a new pair to replace them. Gale splashed his face and then they grabbed their toothbrushes. They brushed their teeth in tandem, taking turns spitting into the sink.

After they both crawled into bed, Gale bussed her on the lips before going to turn off the light and settling into his own pillow. Katniss considered trying to start something more but decided it had been a long day. She was glad that her boyfriend was her best friend. They could read each other so well. She turned off her own light and settled down facing away from Gale.

Gale immediately nodded off. Not a surprise. He never had trouble falling asleep, unlike her, especially at this time a year when she missed her family. Katniss tossed for another half an hour before giving up and sneaking out of bed.

She grabbed her chenille robe, wrapping it around herself as she padded out of the bedroom. She quietly shut the door.

After making herself a cup of chamomile tea, she settled onto the couch. She stared at Finnick's gag gift to her, the complete series of Firefly. He had talked about the show for years. He and Annie both jokingly called themselves "browncoats" because they loved the show so much. Katniss recalled that it had something to do with how they met. Despite all of their raving, Katniss just couldn't imagine herself being interested in a space western.

She continued to consider the DVD set. Since she couldn't sleep anyway, she reached for it and tore off the wrapping. Katniss put in the first disk and settled back on the couch.

By the end of the weekend, not only had she devoured the entire series, but she'd even ran out to the store and purchased Serenity, which she was still not sure how she felt about. The movie that was supposed to provide closure to a series that had ended too soon. The characters just tugged at something within her. The show was wonderful because of how the ensemble worked together. The writing was smart. Characters were well rounded. And she fell in love with the romance of Zoe and Wash.

Despite how much Katniss had raved about the show to Gale, he placated her by nodding before going about his usual weekend activities of household chores, going for a long run, and catching up on his magazines.

Come Sunday evening, Katniss found that she couldn't sleep again. So she slipped out of bed and padded to the front room. She turned on her laptop and Googled: Firefly.


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