Hi, friends!

So sorry if you came here looking for another chapter. Truly, I am. But I am actually asking for your help. Dance of Life had been plagiarized on another site, and the thief didn't even bother to change the name ~ she's just taking credit for it. I was alerted by one of my wonderful readers about it, and I have since notified the site administrators, but they have not even seen fit to write back to me, let alone take it down.

I hate plagiarism, and report it whenever I find it, but this is the first time (to my knowledge) that it has happened to me. I feel so violated! Honestly, it has me so depressed that I don't even feel like writing anymore (even if my computer didn't have a virus and I didn't have to go to the library to use one to keep my inbox from overflowing with junk mail!). I mean, why bother to spend literally hundreds of hours writing and revising, when someone will just come along and steal it and claim it as their own. I would rather have my car stolen ~ at least it didn't come from my heart.

Yes, I know I'm melodramatic. Sorry. Wah, wah! So, what do I want you to do? Well, I am posting the link where you can find the story:

Just in case that doesn't show up, here it is again, but you'll have to take out the spaces and also, put in a forward slash where it says "forward slash" (ff.net doesn't like to print links for some reason). animespiral. com. forward slash viewhistory. php? sid = 135

I would very much appreciate it if you would take a moment to write either to write the thief a review telling her that you think plagiarism sucks, or to the administrators of the site telling them that they are carrying a stolen story, or to both if you've got the time. I would very much appreciate it, and I promise that I will continue to watch your backs as well. We have to stick together!

If you want to write to me concerning this matter (and I would love to hear from you ), please drop me a note at my e-mail addy (on my bio page). I LOVE reviews, but I think they should be directed at my work, not at my problem. If you would like to review my story, by all means, let me know what you think. It's how I improve.

Thanks a Trillion, Trillian