Chapter 1

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Caroline hadn't been feeling good lately. It was strange, she shook her head. She was supposed to be heading over to the Salvatore boarding house to see if Elena was back to normal. She shook her head. Yesterday she had been attacked by Silas. She thought she had been stabbed to death but it was all in her head. He was able to get into her mind like he was able to get into Klaus's. Caroline sighed and took a shower, as she emerged from the shower she noticed herself in the mirror. It was her stomach. She raised an eyebrow before she placed her hand on her stomach, pressing it slightly. She shook her head and quickly grabbed her towel, and got changed.

An hour later, Caroline was at the Salvatore boarding house finding Damon and Elena had gone into town while Stefan stayed in trying to find out more about Silas. Caroline had been nervous to tell Stefan what she had found out this morning. She was in the bathroom, splashing her face with water. When there was a knock on the door.

"Caroline? Are you ok?" Stefan asked through the door. Caroline swallowed hard.

"Ah yes, I will be out in a minute." She told him. She had to tell someone. And the only person she could think to tell was Stefan he had been there for her. All the times that she needed him. And her friends were gone, who could she turn to. She shook her head before she emerged from the bathroom. She was already feeling expose and naked in front of him as he was reading over the book. Stefan looked up at her with concern.

"Are you sure that you are alright?" He asked.

"I have to tell you something Stefan." She began. "I don't know who to turn to." She shook her head. Stefan stood and grabbed her hand bringing her over to the couch.

"Now I'm worried Caroline, are you in control of your blood lust. Because it would be surprising since you are better at it than me." She shook her head. He frowned. "What is it Caroline?"

"I'm…" She shook her head. "I know it's impossible but I have all the signs and I took a test." She glanced at him to see that he was still confused. "I'm pregnant Stefan." His eyes widened.


"I know its impossible Stefan, its true though."

"You're a vampire though, you can't reproduce." The word seemed foreign to use.

"But it's true Stefan. I have all the signs." She shook her head.

"Don't worry Caroline, we will just have to get in contact with Tyler." She looked at him.

"That's another problem, it's not Tyler's." He raised an eyebrow confused.

"Then who's the father?" She took a deep breath knowing that he might think lowly of her now. But she couldn't keep the truth from her best friend.



Caroline had gone over to Klaus's mansion to ask for a prom dress. Because they were friends now, and friends were allowed to ask for favors. And he had picked the dress; she couldn't help but love it. She sighed and looked at herself in the mirror. She was ready, but there had been a voice nagging in the back of her head. Klaus had been nothing but kind to her. And she knew that Tyler wouldn't show up. As well as Elena would be causing problems. She had already stolen her prom dress, she hated that Elena had done that. Caroline swallowed her pride, and grabbed her phone dialing his number.

"Hello love, is something wrong with the dress since your calling me." He said. She swallowed hard.

"Do you want to come to prom with me?" She blurted out. There was a slight pause at the end.


"Do you want to come to prom with me?" She asked again this time not so fast.

"You are asking me to go to prom with you?" She was about to speak again. But he cut her off. "What are your friends up to?" His voice was cold and there was some venom in it. Her mouth dropped. She hadn't expected this. But then again she had distracted him and used him before. She probably deserved this.

"Nothing, I wasn't kidding." She shook her head. "You know what forget I ever asked. I'm sorry to bother you." She hung up the phone without another word. She sighed who was she kidding. There was probably nothing between them her mind told her. But her heart was telling her something else.

Caroline arrived at the prom, and glared at Elena in her dress. Though she was actually happy with the new dress that she had. She loved it more than the one that she had brought that was worn by the doppelganger bitch. Elena gave her a smirk, and raised an eyebrow at her attire. She hadn't thought that Caroline would have come now that she stole her dress. But looks like she had a better one. Caroline ignored her and found herself sitting at a table with a drink in her hand. She sighed. This wasn't what she imagine doing at prom. So much for the planning, she was board. She was already starting to think that she should go home.

"Care for a dance love?" Caroline turned when she heard the accent. There Klaus stood wearing a tux, and holding a corsage in one hand. She raised an eyebrow.

"You came?" He nodded.

"You had asked, I apologize for not trusting you and your intentions. It's hard to think of you asking me to something like this love, I didn't think that you really enjoyed my company." She gave him a small smile.

"Only when you're the gentleman." He smirked and held out the corsage. She looked at it. It was a white rose.

"May I?" He asked. She nodded as he took it out and placed it on her wrist.

"Thank you," He nodded.

"So how about that dance love?" He asked holding out his hand for her. She smiled and nodded before taking his hand. He led them to the dance floor. For once she didn't care if her friends saw. Even though she could see Elena with a dirty look on her face. But when she glanced to Stefan he shrugged and gave her a smile and a nod. She smiled to Klaus as she enjoyed being in his company.

Later after prom, which wasn't so bad despite that Elena had tried to kill Bonnie and ruin prom. Klaus had even gone so far as to help put Elena in her place when Caroline had defended her friend. Elena had been about to attack Caroline when she found herself against the wall with an angry Klaus. Though Caroline had made him let her go and the Salvatore brothers took her away. Now here they were walking the path of her house, and stood on the doorstep. Caroline was looking at her corsage, fiddling with it.

"I had a nice time, except for Elena." She said. He nodded.

"Something tells me she shouldn't have been there at all." Caroline turned to him.

"Well um thanks for coming to prom with me," He nodded.

"Anytime love," He turned to leave, but Caroline knew that she would regret this if he left. He had showed up at prom for her. She grabbed his face and kissed him. He was shocked but couldn't help but kiss her back. The kiss was sweet and romantic. Showing their feelings for each other. The kiss suddenly exploded with passion and she gasped when he pinned her against the wall of her house kissing her deeply. She moaned when he broke it to kiss down her neck. The two moved through the house ripping each other's clothes off. Desperate for each other. They had become one that night. But next day was different. She didn't know how to act around him since then. And it wasn't until the next day after that he was gone. And she regretted not speaking to him. She had heard that he had left town. He had gone to New Orleans and she didn't even get to say goodbye to him. She had cried that night knowing that she had feelings for him.

Flashback ended:

Stefan stared at her, blinking as he realized that she actually could be pregnant. It was still hard for him to think of her pregnant though. Since she was a vampire and it was suppose to be impossible.

"Caroline you have to tell him." She looked at him. "He has a right to know about this." He said. She looked at him.

"But Stefan, he's in New Orleans. And what if…" Stefan shook his head.


"Stefan! You don't get it, what do you think that he is going to say if he finds out that I am pregnant with his child! 'Oh Caroline I am so happy I am going to be a father, I have always wanted a child'" She shook her head. "He will probably laugh at me." Stefan shook his head.

"Caroline, Klaus may be a lot of things but I have seen the one he looks at you. You have him wrapped around your finger. I think he wasn't kidding when he said he liked you. And I really don't think that he would leave you. But you still have to tell him." She sighed.

"You don't hate me then?" He looked at her confused.

"Why would I hate you?"

"Because I slept with Klaus. Klaus the big bad hybrid who has hurt us and everyone here." Stefan sighed.

"Caroline look who you're talking to, who your best friend is. I was the ripper I killed so many people. How can you be friends with me? Besides I knew that this would happen eventually. One day you would give into him. There was always something between you two. And I accept it because I am your friend and I see that you do bring a better person in Klaus." She looked at him.

"Thank you Stefan." She said hugging him. He was shocked but smiled. He hugged her back.

"Go on, you have to go." He said.

"What about my mom?" She asked.

"I will tell her, its ok." She nodded. Now she just has to tell her mom.

Caroline stood in front of her mother getting ready to leave. With Stefan by her side. She was standing in front of her mother and swallowed hard.

"Mom, I'm leaving I have to go to New Orleans." She began. Liz raised an eyebrow and looked at her confused.

"What do you need to go there for?" Caroline glanced at Stefan before she turned back to her mother.

"Mom," She swallowed hard. "I'm pregnant." Her mother looked at her then at Stefan before she burst into laughter.

"Alright Caroline good one. You actually almost had me there until I remembered that you were a vampire. Nice one sweetie, now tell me why you're going down to New Orleans." Caroline shook her head and sat down next to her on the couch.

"Mom I am serious. I know it's impossible but it's true." Her mother swallowed hard and knew that she was telling the truth.

"Oh my god my baby is pregnant. And I am going to be a grandmother." She shook her head and grabbed her drink since Caroline had actually given it to her. Now she realized why.

"I know it's a shock but it was a shock for me to."

"So why are you going down to New Orleans? Shouldn't you find Tyler?" Liz asked. Caroline swallowed hard.

"That's the thing mom, he's not the father." Liz swallowed hard.

"Then who is the father?" Caroline bit her lip. "Caroline."

"Ah…" She looked at her mother who was waiting.


"Klaus," At first nothing happen for a long moment.

"WHAT?!" Liz stood up looking down at her daughter. Caroline winced before she stood as well.


"You're telling me that Klaus is the father." Caroline nodded.

"Mom please it's already hard for me to believe any of this." Liz realized that Caroline was right and sighed.

"Does he know?"

"No, that's why I am headed to New Orleans." Liz nodded.

"Alright, well I have to agree with you to go to New Orleans and talk to the original. I swear to god if he leaves you though, I will march to New Orleans myself and stake him with the white oak stake for knocking up my daughter." Caroline nodded and knew her mom would do it.

"I have to go now." She said. Liz nodded and hugged her.

"Call me when you get there sweetie. I want to know everything. I love you baby." Caroline smiled.

"Love you too mom," Caroline turned to Stefan. "Goodbye Stefan." Stefan nodded and turned back to comfort her mother as she walked outside to her car. Caroline sighed before she heard something. She looked around. "Stefan?" But no one was there. Suddenly her head was burning, she screamed in pain till someone snapped her neck. And everything went black.

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