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Kim Possible: Dark Moon Rising

By LJ58


Shego rolled over in her bed, and moaned, slowly waking from yet another nightmare that shouldn't be bothering her. It was the same, amorphous mash of whirling images for the past four weeks. Ever since the Doc's last 'greatest plan ever' that cost Kimmie her life, and left Shego in bed healing for days. That had been weeks ago, and she was still having trouble shaking off this weird funk, and getting back to normal.

She pushed back the sweat-soaked sheets, and climbed out of her bed, padding toward the shower to wash the heavy sweat from her body as she felt her skull throbbing even more than usual.

She wasn't halfway across the room when the first pain shafted through her skull, and raced through her entire body.

For someone who had learned to live with a lot over the years, the sheer pain stunned her. It struck so hard, so fast, that she screamed helplessly as she landed on all fours, and barely able to breath. Her scream was choked off by a low, gargling rumble that all but tore its way from her chest, and she realized her nightgown was somehow stretching as she seemed to be…..

She held up a hand, and frowned as it knotted, twitched, and seemed to stretch out.

Even as her entire body itched as if on fire.

Only it wasn't.

She was sweating heavily, and the pain was leveling off, but the itch came from a sudden, abruptly fast growth of hair that was now literally covering her from head-to-toe even as she felt the rest of her body stretching, and pulling in odd directions.

She moaned.

Then swore, the curse coming out as a low growl.

And then she felt a curious snapping-pull that had her back flexing even as she pushed out one leg that shifted dramatically even as she felt her mind completely cut off from her body even as she tried very hard to deny what was happening to her.

Then everything went black.


Dr. Drakken was whistling happily as he returned to the lair the next morning, having spent a wonderful evening chatting with his mother as he assured her things were going quite well of late. Four wonderful weeks without a sign of Kim Possible, or her buffoon, and there was no one to interfere as he prepared the greatest plan he had ever conjured to finally, and completely take over the world.

Even as he opened the hidden door that led into the mountaintop lair he was currently using, he noted a curious smell, and frowned.

"Wet dog," he murmured, and walked into the long, dimly lit corridor as tried to remember if one of the lackeys had dragged in a dog.

Surely not. Shego would never allow it.

Then again, she tended to disallow a great many things to his way of thinking. At times, he even dared question if she was truly devoted to evil. Not that he would ever ask her that aloud. She might, or might not be evil, but she had a temper like no one else he had ever met.

He reached his lab, and frowned as he noted the heavy, steel door was not only open, it was bowed in, and half ripped off the hinges.

Then he realized there was another, distinctly heavy copper smell that also hung in the air.

He reached for a light switch, and promptly threw up as the overhead lighting filled his dark lab with bright light.

Bodies, or rather, pieces of bodies, were everywhere.

He wasn't honestly sure where one started, or another ended. The pieces were….quite small.

And charred.

Very badly charred.

"Oh, snap," he grimaced, quickly guessing what must have happened.

He had been hoping it wouldn't. He was sure Shego must be preternaturally healthy considering her gifts, and he gambled that the issue wouldn't even come up. Obviously, he had been wrong.

Even as he was backing up, he felt a strong hand grab his shoulder, and spin him around.

"Drakken," a very naked, and visibly haggard Shego seethed as she stared at him through tangled bangs with a look borne of raw fury. "What the hell did you do to me this time? Tell me, you freak, before I peel you like a banana," she thundered, holding up a hand that seemed to blaze hotter, and brighter than he recalled it ever doing.

"Uh, well, it's quite simple….."

"It'd have to be for you to do it," she barked curtly. "Just talk. No ranting. Talk," she ordered, shaking him in her hand so hard that made him cringe, painfully aware that her own nails were all but claws at the best of times.

And if what he feared was right, the last thing he wanted was her sinking those claws into him.

Not just now.

"Just calm down," he said, backing away when he managed to pull free. "I can explain everything. It's really quite amusing, in a way. So, let me just….."

"Talk," she snarled, and Drakken cringed as he flinched at the burst of superheated energy that all but vaporized his nearest computer. The one with his new plans on its hard-drive.

"All right. All right. Honestly….." He wisely cut himself off as her left eye started to twitch. "It began that day we finally got rid of Kim Possible," he all but sneered the name.


Four Weeks Ago:

"Remember, Shego. Stay on left side of the room, and when she follows you, and the floor under her collapses, she will be finally sent to her doom. One from which even she cannot escape this time," he chortled as Dr. Drakken eyed the redhead creeping into his lair through a back door, rather than the usual air vents.

Even he had learned that one by now, and now had his vents either quite small, or suitably booby-tapped. Unfortunately, Possible was better than ever, too, and didn't fall for the usual traps these days. He had just gotten out of jail after another lengthy stay, and this time, he had waited, plotted, and prepared, and was now finally ready to play his endgame with the annoying female.

"Got it. Left side. But if she follows me, won't she be on the same side," his green-skinned lackey asked.

"Not if you push her to the right side of the room while you fight her," he swore. "Honestly, do I have to tell you everything," he complained.

"Doc, you do not want to go there," she shot as she headed out of the monitoring room to intercept Kimmie.

Ten minutes later, leading the girl on a fast chase, she shoved open the door to Drew's latest trap, and jumped to the left side of the room even as she entered the room.

And felt the floor promptly fall apart under her feet.

"Drakken," she hissed, instinctually launching herself for the other side off the wall even as she felt the flooring go. She grabbed the stable tiles on the far side, and dangled there even as Kim skidded through the door, and ended up almost comically tripping over herself as she tried to stop her headlong flight that sent her plunging into the dark hole below before she could catch her balance.

Shego saw the grapple shoot up out of the darkness at once, and swore.

Naturally, Drew had forgotten that one.

She let go with one hand, launching a blast of green flame at the rising grapple, and severed the line even as she blasted the trajectory off so the grapple, and the severed line fell back into the hole. She heard Kimmie swear, genuinely swear, and then a muted thud far below her.

Just as something growled.


"Sh-Shego," Kim's very stunned voice cried. "What is that? What did you…?"

The scream cut into Shego's very soul as the vicious snarl rose to half drown the redhead's cries. Even she had not asked Drakken what he had put down there this time She guessed it was something stupid again despite his usual manic glee, and figured Kim would manage well enough. She always did.

To Shego, it was just another game.

They'd play, and see who got the best of one another, and cue another match at another time.

That, however, did not sound like there was going to be another anything.

Even as she felt genuine fear surge up her spine, and chill her blood, she felt something rake her left calf even as she still dangled there, wondering if she should go down, and see what had happened.

The clawing pain from an unseen….hand had her scrambling up to the floor in blind panic. A keening wail torn from her lips as she struggled to get out of there. She didn't hear Kim any more, but she could hear the snarls and growls of something very large, and very angry below her. She fled the room, genuinely screaming, unable to even consider going back just then. Even as she limped as fast as she could for her room, she heard something slam against the door she had just closed, and gasped involuntarily, and forced herself to run.

She slammed that reinforced steel door she personally put in to guard against the lackeys, and Drakken himself of late, and locked it firmly in place. She heard the growling outside her door a few seconds later, belated pounding for a moment, and then heard nothing more after a time.

Suddenly, Drakken's decision to have all the Henches gone tonight made far more sense. He expected that thing to not only get Kimmie, but to escape doing it. He was hiding in his 'monitoring' room that was panic room in one, and she now realized he had sent her in there with the wrong information, and almost gotten her killed, too. Because just then, she had no doubt that Kimmie was gone. Really gone.

She stared down at the three, long gashes in her leg that were thankfully not too deep, and thought about Kimmie.

As annoying, and irritating as the redhead could be, she hated the idea of her ending…..like that. Because anything with claws that nasty, had to be something that had teeth to match. She shuddered at the memory of Kim's shrill screams, and shook her head.

The next morning, all she found in that dark pit when she investigated was a heavy reek of blood and filth, and lots of blood.

Drakken wouldn't tell her anything. He just chortled, and ranted, as usual. Assuring her that Kimmie was not only gone, she was very gone.

A part of her was saddened. Once, she might have felt smug. But she had always felt it would be her, and only her, that would take down the redhead. They had a thing. A rivalry. They complemented one another, and sooner or later, one of them would finally take the other down. She never once thought that anyone, or anything else would ever do it first.

Still half stunned by her own close call, she hadn't pushed Drew on the details at the time.



"You want to see it," Drakken asked now, indicating a computer she had not destroyed. "I have it on file, you know. I thought for sure you might have checked it out by now. Guess you weren't really that curious."

"You filmed…..her death," Shego asked, her body trembling violently again as unnamable emotions filled her.

"Of course. How else do you think I finally claimed Jack's bounty on her meddlesome head," she was told as the man smirked. "And it does give me quite a thrill every time I watch it."

"You actually claimed…? Just tell me what it's got to do with what happened to me," she demanded, a part of her feeling very sick just then.

"I would have thought you guessed by now. I thought your…..blood might be resistant, but apparently….."

"Just spill it," Shego demanded, and raised both fists as she shouted at him, still paying no heed to the fact she was still as naked as ever.

"All right. Honestly, you're as….. Oh, all right. It was a werewolf," he all but blurted out when she started to stalk toward him, and he turned to push a button, turning a computer monitor on. "An honest-to-goodness….or badness, full-moon, monstrous demon of hell. I caught him, you see," he smirked. "Then dropped him in that pit, and just waited to lure Possible to her demise."

Shego stared.


"Yes," he said, and the monitor now came up, a hidden camera using night-vision filters to watch a tall, lanky man with thick dark hair that stood in the middle of the dark room, looking around with a grim expression. "You'll see."

"Then how did you catch him?"

"Obviously, while he was still human. I got lucky, and saw him a few months back. I watched him carefully, and just before the last moon, I snatched him. Before he woke up, I put him into my pit-trap, knowing it would be a full moon the night we lured Possible to us."

"Are you saying…."

"And now apparently, you're one now, too," Drakken told her blandly, as if that made everything fine. "I can only imagine the power you must have felt," he began.

"Want to find out," she growled at him.

Drakken fled, leaving her to watch the video file alone as she turned to see the man suddenly kneeling, and apparently giving a low, grumbling moan.

Unlike her, he didn't scream, or curse from what she could tell from the silent footage.

He simply knelt.

Then seemed to explode up, and out of his own skin; just that suddenly replaced by a massive, bipedal beast that was as much monster as it was beast. It snarled, leaping up at the floor, and it's outstretched talons raked the underside of the floor, knocking away a brace.

He leapt again, smashing another brace, and she realized that was why she had fallen, since the most of the whole floor fell apart after the beast had smashed the few braces under that one side of the floor. The wolf-man, she realized, was acting smart. As if he were still possessing his human mind. She almost admired him for a moment.

But then she saw the light explode across part of the dark room from above, and saw her own legs dangling after she daringly managed to leap toward that narrow shelf left when most of the floor collapsed under her.

She saw the beast eye her, and saw it kneel, about to leap at her then when Kim suddenly tumbled into the room. She saw Kim twisting to aim her grapple without hesitation. Then saw herself destroying that annoying device, and the redhead fell, landing hard virtually at the feet of the big creature.

It stared down at her, one hand splayed as it eyed her.

Kim's mouth opened as she screamed, and instinctively kicked out, her left leg unmoving as it seemed to be caught at an unnatural angle. The beast growled at the kick close to its groin, and simply raked her face and chest as one with it's big hand. Blood seemed to fly everywhere as it grabbed Kim by her throat, snarling in her pale, stunned face, and she still tried to kick free with her good leg even as she was screaming, obviously in pain as her top seemed to only dangle on her after being shredded along with her flesh.

Suddenly, she was glad there was no sound.

The beast shook the redhead violently, and slammed her into the floor again, and again, and the redhead finally went still. Her face in the night-vision image paler than ever as blood seemed to flow out of her like a ruptured balloon.

"Kimmie," Shego groaned, even as she realized she was at the part she knew.

The thing looked up again, saw her still dangling legs, and jumped, just missing her back as one hand raked her calf.

She saw herself escape, screaming as she ran even as the thing leapt up in her wake, carrying Kimmie like a rag doll over one shoulder. It smashed out of the room, and then the film ended.

She guessed what happened next.

"Kimmie," she murmured, and then realized why Drew had fled.

She raised a hand, and looked around at the dead Henches literally torn apart around her.

She had woke up that morning, the taste of blood in her mouth, and blood covering her body like some bizarre body-paint. She felt a surge of grief, and had an image of Kim caught in her mind, dragged away, dying, maybe already dead, and she knew, absolutely knew, there was only one reason that thing would have taken her.

There had been no sound, but she knew just when Kim had called out to her. She had seen her looking up, screaming, one hand reaching for her as her lips moved, and then the thing…..was on her.

Shego dropped her knees, shaking her head as tears filled her eyes.

She was a monster.

And Kim was dead.

And she was probably damned.

She wanted to hurt Drew just then. Really, seriously hurt him. Only that risked making him a monster, too. Unlike her, she had the feeling that idiot would revel in it, and likely do even more harm. Pushing to her feet, she looked down at herself, and then made a decision.

First, she needed to get ready. Then she was going to tend to one last mission.

One last vengeance.

Drew first.

Then that…..freak….that took her Kimmie.

After that, she told herself, she could die in peace.


"Any news," Ron Stoppable, the inestimable monkey master asked Wade as he checked him with him seven weeks after Kim's disappearance.

Three weeks after Shego had suddenly turned over a very badly beaten Drakken to GJ, and promptly vanished herself.

Drakken wasn't even trying to get away this time.

That, however, was likely because almost every bone in his body was very badly broken. And part of him looked as if he had almost been skinned alive. Or scorched so badly his skin was still healing even weeks after they had dragged him into the prison hospital.

His lair had been destroyed from the inside. Some kind of self-destruct. Whatever he had been working on had been lost, but so had a lot of stolen tech that he had been grabbing of late. Some of it very costly, and very experimental.

No one, Ron knew, had seen Shego since.

Drakken, he also knew, wasn't saying a word.

His tongue had also been ripped out. Literally ripped out.

Whatever he had done, it had obviously pushed Shego way over an edge this time.

"Find her. She's the only one that knows what really happened. Find her," Ron told her longtime friend.

"I'm looking. So is Dr. Director."

"Wade, you know her as well as anyone. What do you think…..?"

"Ron, I don't know. I do know GJ thinks Drakken did something to Kim, and…..it made her snap. Or that's how they're thinking. We both know Shego has always had an…..odd relationship with Kim."

"Yeah. So find her. So we can find out what happened to Kim. One way, or another," the young man who had not been a lighthearted buffoon in quite some time.

Wade, surprisingly, found he often missed the old Ron at times.

"I'm looking," Wade assured him. "And I'm not stopping until I do find…..something," he assured Ron.

Ron simply nodded, and snapped off his communicator as he turned to look out the window of the jet carrying him home after several months of very intensive training.

Just nine weeks ago, he had talked to Kim, and assured her he'd be home in time for the holidays. Nine weeks, and they had been planning an unofficial reunion of their old friends still at home, or coming back for the holidays.

Instead, Kim was lost. Missing. Maybe….

He couldn't think it. He refused to think it. Because he could not imagine anything Drakken doing being a threat to Kim. Not the Kim he knew.

So, he asked not for the first time since he got the word she was missing, what had happened.

And why was he so sure that Shego knew?

To Be Continued….