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Kim Possible: Dark Moon Rising

By LJ58


"Speak the pact, and accept your fate," the creature demanded as it loomed over them. The still conscious members of Amethyst had already fled, not even looking back.

"Oh, snap," Kim murmured, having no idea what she was supposed to do just now.

"Any ideas," Shego rasped, feeling very self-conscious as she stood naked before a monster right out of some proverbial hell.

"Hey," Kim shouted up at him. "What do you mean? What pact?"

The creature looked down at her, and smirked anew.

"You called me to this fetid realm, and do not even know the way of the pact?"

"A fool called you," Kim told him. "We would rather you just go away."


"Yep. Shoo. Get lost. Leave," Shego readily agreed.

The creature looked down at them, and roared with laughter.

He took a single step, closing the distance between them, and then was suddenly looking into Kim's eyes as he shrank down in the same instant, and stood before her closer to her own height.

"You…..are amusing, for mortals. In all the millennia I have traversed the worlds, never has one summoned me only to dismiss me. You have no requests for wealth. Fame? Power?"

"No," Kim shook her head. "We'd really just like you to leave our world, and never return."

The creature laughed boisterously again.

"I'm glad you're finding this all funny, but you're really doing bad things to our world. So, yeah, can you go away now," Shego asked.

He smirked at her, but said nothing.

Then he looked down at the unconscious wizard at their feet.

"I see. I smell the ambition on this one's dark heart. Corrupt, and tainted, he would have begged power, and more. As most do. Yet you, Red-hair, what do you truly want," he demanded, his unnatural eyes looking into her green orbs, and seeming to pierce her very soul.

Kim felt something inside her quiver, but clenched both fists, and met the cold stare.

"I want you to leave, and return our world to normal. Leave, and never return. Never."

The creature chuckled again.

Then he was growing again, and Kim had to step back, and step back again just to see him as he looked down at her once more.

"In all my lifetimes, never have I met so pure a soul. Or so unselfish a pact. I give you this truth. Heed me. If I depart, we you call devils, gods, or spirits will never return. The pacts and contracts of those so bound to this point will expire. You will, mortal, be truly on your own. Is this truly your desire?"

"Yes," Kim nodded firmly. "If you can really do that, then yes, I want you to go, and stay gone. You, and all like you."

He chortled again.

"Is it me, or is this guy annoying," Shego rasped.

"So be it," the creature said as Ian began to slowly come around. "The Pact is spoken. The Pact is done. Farewell, mortal, and may your desire still please you in days to come."

Then the creature began to shimmer, and the sky began to clear as the acrid odor of something unnamable faded, and the air began to grow chilled around them again.

Ian sat up even as the Harbinger, as he had called him, simply vanished, and the world began returning to normal all around them.

"What have you done," Ian wailed. "What have you done?"

"What I always do," Kim grinned happily. "I stopped another poser."

"You are good at it," Shego grinned, too, the look of relief on her face more than obvious.

"You stupid bit…..!"

"Watch it, freak," Shego spat, having just kicked him in the side, and driving him close to the edge of the cliff. "No badmouthing my Princess."

Ian rolled over, and away from the edge, looking uneasy.

"How? How do you always win? It's….unnatural!"

"Anything is possible," Kim grinned.

"Gah," Shego swore, and threw up her hands.

"For a Possible. And you should know, Light always beats the Dark," Kim added.

"This isn't over. When I get free, I'll simply call the Harbinger back. With, or without your sacrifice, this world will still be mine," he hissed.

"About that," Shego grinned, and Kim nodded as Shego pulled off the iron collar on his throat.

"You are daring, but by foolishly freeing me, I'll….. I'll….."

Ian moved his hands again.

And again.

"What did you do," he frowned, looking at the women as he began to back away from them.

"Looks like the big guy honored the pact."

"Pact. Big P," Kim corrected as she smiled at Ian.

"You….? You made a Pact with the Harbinger," he all but whined. "But…..? What did you gain? What did you get that could negate my power?"

"Nothing," Kim smiled. "I just asked him to leave, and he took all his toys, and went home. Oh, and that is for the duration. No more contracts. Pacts. Bargains. We're all on our own now," she smiled at him. "Isn't that great," she asked, cracking her knuckles, and stepping forward.


"You didn't have to hit him again."

"I owed him," Kim shrugged, looking down at the unconscious man. "But talk about a glass jaw. Shrink this freak, and drop him in with the others. I'm ready to go home."

"I'm ready for that vacation," Shego sighed, and glanced back to the ridge where the Roth was hidden. "You do know the ray is back up the hill where I dropped my suit?"

"Oh, right."

"And I'm not carrying him."

"Go get the ray. We need to take those other guys, too," she indicated the still unconscious men Shego had hit. "We can't leave them here. Frankly, even without their…..powers, I get the feeling Amethyst could still be a lot of trouble."

"That's it, rain on my parade," Shego grumbled as they headed back the way they had come. "Because I was really hoping we could go home, report in, and then disappear for….say five or ten months. Or more."

Kim laughed.

"Actually, that doesn't sound like a bad idea," the redhead told her lover. "Let's get dressed, get these freaks put away, and get out of here," she said.

"First smart thing you've said in weeks."

Kim glared at him.


"What….happened," Ron exclaimed, looking around, and unable to believe they were still alive.

One moment, they had been holding off a horde of crazed monsters, and the next….

"Look," Jim exclaimed, and they all looked over at Tim, who was sitting up as Ann, naked, and very human again was kneeling beside her son. "There's not a mark on him."

"Kim," Ron smiled, knowing that just a moment ago, Tim had been badly wounded, and half his left side was torn open. Now, there wasn't a mark on him. "It had to be Kim."

He looked around, and realized the house behind them wasn't even damaged. No broken windows. No shattered doors. No monsters, or their bodies.

"Talk about a rewind," Jim murmured, staring at his twin.

"I'm not complaining," Tim said, grinning, and very happy to be alive after what they had just faced.

Ron looked up, and around, and saw the world so far as he could see from the Possible's back yard was completely normal again. Nothing was broken. No bodies. No damage. No screams.

He sighed, and sat down heavily.

"Let's never do that again," he declared, the mystic sword only then vanishing from his hand as he dropped to the ground.

"I'd better go get dressed," a very much relieved Ann Possible grinned with her own relief. "You boys should get inside, and get cleaned up, too. You're still pretty dirty."

"Dirt, I can live with," Tim huffed, still stunned to find that his near fatal wounds were just….gone.

"So can I," Ron grinned. "But why don't you get on your gizmos now, and see if we can find Kim again?"

"On it," both boys leapt to their feet, and raced for the house.

"How can they still have that much energy," Ann sighed as she gave Ron a rueful look, and then walked toward the house, too.

Ron barely hid his own blush, but the woman's tail seemed to move just so to spare some of her dignity, and that was something. He couldn't help but still wonder if Kim would look half that good when she was as old as her mother. Too bad they weren't still dating.

Then he shook his head at that thought, and rose to his feet, knowing from experience that there was likely still cleanup to do.


"You okay," Wade asked as Dr. Director came into the command center ten minutes after the world dramatically shifted again.

"She did it," Betty said somberly, no other explanation necessary. "Somehow, she did it."

"Yeah. The, ah, wolves disappeared right after the world changed back, too, but I don't think anyone was really looking for them. Adam said he was going to be watching, just in case, but it looks like the authorities, army included, are too busy…. Recouping."

"I noticed. I have an entire medical ward filled with people that were dying fifteen minutes ago. Myself included," the head of Global Justice said blandly. "And then suddenly we're all just…."

"I have a lock on Kim's Roth again," Wade told her as something chirped behind them. He turned, and eyed the digital map, and pointed.

"She's westbound out of the Middle East. Headed right for us, it looks," he grinned.

"Have you contacted her?"

"Not yet. I wasn't even sure…."

"Call her," Dr. Director said.

Wade nodded, grinning, and reached for the communications board hooked into Kim's Kimmunicator frequencies.

"No answer," he frowned.

He signaled again, but there was still no answer.

"You're sure Kim is on board," Dr. Director asked him.

"No one can operate the Roth except her. She had issues with people trying to steal her car before, so we used a genetic lock on the ignition systems. Without her operating it, the car won't go anywhere."

"So, then," Dr. Director said grimly. "For whatever reason, she's not answering. This may not be over after all," she said grimly. "Check in with all teams, and keep them on standby. Full alert until we know otherwise."

"Right," Wade nodded, hoping that she was wrong this time. That the worst was over, and Kim was just…..

Well, he wasn't sure. He just hoped there wasn't more trouble out there.


"Possible," Professor Chen smiled blandly, holding out a lab coat to him as the rocket scientist shifted back to human before his friend's eyes.

"Thanks, Robert. I was in a hurry, so….."

"So, what exactly are you? I mean, obviously there is more to your...changes than you let on, because even I've never seen anyone….do that. Well, not outside a bad movie."

"Sometimes, I feel like I'm in a bad movie of late," James sighed, both of them pointedly looking away from Vivian, who was pulling on an extra clothes she had stored in her locker. As he had realized, it turned out that Vivian Porter was a wolf, too. She just didn't usually change around the Upperton pack, as she felt they were too full of horny males looking to pin her down. He didn't blame her.

"I'm just glad you were here to help. Both of you. Needless to say, I won't say a word."

"We appreciate that," Vivian said as she walked over to stand with the two men in the robotics lab where they had holed up when the Center was swarmed by those monsters.

"I'm just glad that whatever stopped….it, stopped it," the scientist told his companions.

"I'd bet next month's launch it was my little Kimmie-Cub again," James smiled proudly.

"James," the astronomer told him. "If your daughter could stop something like that, then she really is something," he exclaimed.

"I've always thought so," James grinned.

"Here we go," Vivian said archly, seeing four of the military guards approaching them now, all of them still armed.

"Dr. Possible. Dr. Porter," the sergeant addressed them stiffly.

"Yes, Tom," James asked familiarly.

"I don't know….what we saw you do, but….. I want you to know that your bravery saved a lot of lives here today. Whatever you're doing….. Well, I think it's your business. So we won't be mentioning it in the official report. I just wanted to give you my personal thanks, doctors," he nodded at them. "We were lucky you were here."

"Well, thank you," James smiled. "That's quite civil of you."

The man saluted sharply, and walked off, things slowly getting back to normal as the stunned scientists, and support staff wondered at just being alive.


"Kimberly," Dr. Director's usual aplomb shattered when she jumped from her chair when the two women occupying her thoughts walked into her office without warning.

Shego grinned at the unlikely reaction, and chortled, saying, "Heard you had a bad time, Bets."

"What happened? Did you neutralize….?"

"We took out the majority of their leadership, and stopped the invasion from the other realm," Kim told her. "In fact, here," she said, gesturing, and Shego set a metal box on the woman's desk, "Are the heads of Amethyst. So to speak," she said as Betty looked down into the box to see the tiny people inside.

"You…..shrank them?"

"Well, they certainly wouldn't have all fit in the car," Shego sniggered.

Dr. Director glared at her, but only shook her head.

"Just tell me, is it over? Is the threat…..?"

"It's done. Of course, there's probably still a lot of loose ends, but we'll leave that to you for the moment. We're both worn out, and want to go home, clean up, and maybe take some time off," Kim told her. "I'll fax in my report….."

"If this is over, then why didn't you answer your pages," Dr. Director fumed. "We've been trying to call you for hours!"

Kim glanced at Shego, and smiled.

Shego glanced back at her, and grinned.

"My fault," they both said as one.

Dr. Director shook her head.

"I don't want to know, do I?"

"Depends on how big a voyeur you really are," Shego smirked.

"Shego," Kim did blush now.

"Are you telling me….."

"Hey, we finally had some prime make-out time, and with Kimmie's little robot car doing the driving…"

Dr. Director stared as she slowly sat back down in her chair.

"You're telling me…..? You couldn't call in because you were…..were….necking," she sputtered.

"Well, when you put it that way, it sounds kind of silly," Kim blushed.

"It didn't seem silly to me," Shego beamed, smiling warmly at Kim as she put an arm around the redhead.

Dr. Director sighed, and leaned back in her chair.

"I want a full report by morning. I need to know what happened, if only to calm the world down after that….nightmare."

"I kind of doubt you want to tell anyone the planet almost got jerked into a weirdo dimension by a bunch of idiot wizards," Shego sniggered. "Frankly, even if they were awake for it, I doubt they'd buy it."

"Mass hallucination by defective mind control," Kim suggested, eyeing the green-skinned woman.

"Works for me," Shego shrugged.

"Just….get me the report," Dr. Director sighed. "I'll decide the cover. Until then….keep your mouths shut."

Kim and Shego grinned.

"No big," Kim grinned. "We're going on vacation anyway. We need to stretch out legs, and relax after this one. Later, Dr. D!"

"You did not call her that," Shego began as they left the office.

The inarticulate grumbling behind them made them both smirk.

"It slipped out," Kim admitted.

"It does fit," Shego agreed. "Come on. We'll check on your folks, and then we'll bail."

"Hey, did you leave the shrink ray with Dr. Director to restore those guys?"

"I'm sure she has one of her own," Shego shrugged.

"And if she doesn't?"

"Then I don't care," Shego smiled, and slid her arm around Kim's shoulders. "All I care about is…."

"Vacation," Kim cut her off.

"Now, you're talking," Shego beamed, and led her out of GJ headquarters.


Sheldon Director sat in his underwater lair, listening to the reports come in from WEE outposts all around the world.

Amethyst was virtually hamstrung, and suddenly without their magics.

In fact, all the mages, witches, and wizards that could manipulate such energies were suddenly finding themselves unable to even access the other realms. It left the once powerful rivals virtually powerless as their human lackeys proved unworthy of the task of protecting the inner circle of the old guard. It made them easy prey for those that were hunting them, and whatever secrets, and wealth, they still held.

And they were being hunted.

Jack himself was in the run, too, alongside his own men dispatched at his orders, and yet to be recalled. With Global Justice also moving to finally sweep them from the global chessboard.

Still, Possible was proving far more than even what he had considered her to be if she had done what she had obviously pulled off last week. In all the generations the ancient war had been fought on this planet, no one had ever so deftly cut off the power from one side so abruptly.

Suddenly, the Dark was being routed as never before, and rumors of humanoid wolves helping save helpless people during the 'nightmare' was a theme that had sprouted up all over the world.

The Church, predictably, was now babbling anew about Apocalyptic visions, and demons walking among men. However, there were just as many claiming the official story of a mass hallucination brought about by a malfunctioning mind control satellite some rogue had put in orbit was just a government cover-up.

While they were right, they still had no clue.

Somehow, Possible had not only confronted the powers of the Dark, but bartered with them in such a way that they left Earth inviolate, and not one life was lost. No one was even left injured. And all those that once used the darker arts had simply been rendered…..mortal.

Unthinkably, a mere slip of a girl he had once mocked had become the most powerful crux in the world. One he could not help but covet. For what his sister did not know was that while he played their duplicitous game for the sake of the globe's survival, Sheldon truly did believe WEE was a better model for leadership on an international scale than the fawning sycophants that played politics with people's lives on her side.

In due time, he could easily foresee taking power once he had the proper opportunity, and ploy.

And Kim Possible might just be the very lever he could use to finally move things in his favor.

For while the planet was saved, which he did favor, it also gave WEE a stronger stance than ever without Amethyst to interfere any longer. Yes, he and Betty might agree the world had to be spared certain threats, but when it came to Mankind, they had different visions.

As she might yet one day learn, when he finally made his penultimate move.

"Pepe, I think we should take a closer look at Miss Possible," he told her favored pet. "In fact, I think she would make a very good ally for WEE. Yes, indeed. We shall have to consider her very carefully," he declared as he listened, and studied the reports. "Perhaps as my newest Alpha," he murmured as he eyed the current Alpha who glanced back at him in alarm.

And pondered what might yet come.