Hello all!

A few updates for you all who follow this story and may (or may not!) have been wondering if there will ever be the promised sequel...

WELL exciting news is I am almost a qualified Biomedical Scientist, as my 4 years at University is coming to a very near end- in 6 weeks time I will have completed my final exams and be ready to graduate.

More exciting news is I am getting a puppy- a golden retriever x lab cross and his name will be... PADFOOT. How exciting?!

And finally YES there will be a sequel. I hope you understand at the moment my brain is filled with nothing but facts and figures in preparation for my exams, and admittedly full of puppy related thoughts, but there is also this niggle to get back into writing. You see when your days are facts and numbers and absolute truths, it's bloody lovely to spend a few hours making stuff up.

Once all this grown up stuff is out of the way I will begin to write the sequel which, following on from my adoration of Lost, will be named accordingly. If anyone has any title suggestions hit me a review/message (Lost related). It'll follow Harry and his family, just as it should have been, surrounded by his mum, dad and Uncles Padfoot and Moony. Remember Harry has only known the Dursley's and their abuse, so this transition may be a lot harder than just jumping straight into happy families, angst awaits.

Hope you're all well (I still get AMAZED when this story gets reviews, and it's now on 80,000 views?!) and I'll be back in good time.

Rosie :D xx