Chapter I: Remembrance

9 years ago I met a boy about my age. We were both 8, but the difference between us was that I was a Faunus and he was a human. But he didn't treat me like most humans did to us as a people, he treated me like a friend an "equal" and because of that he gave me hope that not everyone is the same as those who discriminated us. When we both became friends I spent some time with him and his family, during that time it was possibly the happiest moment of my life. I didn't have to participate in the protest that the White Fang does for many times professing the equality that our people were promised. I didn't have to stand out in the streets helping them boycott. I felt at peace and living a short, but happy life that I never experience's before. But I knew that I couldn't stay with them forever and when the next boycott occurred I left, but I left with something special that I kept with me forever.

In a bright sunny day in the streets of vale, a crowd of people formed, these people were a combination of Faunus and Humans. Many members of the crowd were holding out protest signs, and remarking the, "Equality that the Faunus was deserved". "Stop the discrimination towards our people", "Fix the way you treat your dust miners" and etc. These were the things that were constantly yelled out in the streets when the White Fang were doing their protest.

In the crowd of protesters was a small Faunus girl with amber eyes, and cat ears, holding her own protest sign. She was walking with the crowd, following what they were doing.

She yelled out, "Please stop the discriminating towards our people!" "Help us stop the injustice that they are doing".

The crowds of Faunus continue to do this and soon the crowds were moving towards a Schnee Dust Company building. The yelling continued, soon thing were being thrown at the security guards. The little Faunus girl was looking at the direction that the crowd was facing, but she then looked out towards the shops, and people nearby. One thing caught her eye; it was a small boy about her size with pale skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. The boy was with his mother looking at the crowd; there faces were filled with sadness. She looked away from them, and soon her attention was directed towards the Schnee Dust Company building. She saw that more guards started to appear with gas masks, and they were carrying small cylinder type object.

One of the guards released the pin of the object and launches it towards them. As it was in the air a woman cried in fear of what they were doing, the security guards were throwing chokedust. This was a common thing that was used to scare away the crowds that the White Fang usually create. Usually the protesters would go to a safer place to continue, but the chokedust was being thrown around the group, soon one was thrown within the group. Most of the protesters drop their protest signs to cover their nose from the dust, the little Faunus did the same as well and as the guards were advancing towards them the crowd began to disperse trying to get away from the guards.

The little girl was in front of the crowd when it happen, she tried to get away as well, but was being dropped down by the rushing crowd. Then something hit her head 'pretty' hard, soon she was starting to cough from the dust that she inhaled. Her vision began to darken, she tried to stand up, but she stumbled down soon the chokedust would leave her body unconscious. Her eyes began to slowly fall because of the chokedust, but as her eyes were close to shutting she saw the boy from earlier. The boy was running towards her, his mouth and nose were covered by a towel, she then blacked out.

The little Faunus girl was dreaming of a world where discrimination, hate and injustice were lost because of the White Fangs efforts. All the bad treatment that the Faunus experience were gone, she saw her dream before her eyes and saw an older version of herself going into Beacon Academy to be a huntress and using the skills she have to help others. But her dream soon began to fade and fade, seeing this she began to run towards her fading dream it was further and further away from her until it was completely gone. Soon her dream became a nightmare, the Faunus were being treated worst then what they were treated before. The White Fang being put into prison and her chances of going to Beacon were slipping further away from her. She was angry, scared, and depressed by it all, the thing that scared her most was that this can all happen and she screamed because of fear from it being all real. She screamed and screamed denying the fact that it could happen. She continued to do this until she was suddenly awoke by someone shaking her body.

"Wake up!" "Wake up!" "It's all a dream, don't worry your safe". 'Please don't be scared." Those were the things she heard as her eye lids began to rise up. Her eyes were beginning focus onto the person saying those things towards her. What she saw shocked her; the boy she saw before she blacked out was the one saying those things to her.

"Are you alright?" asked the boy. "Yea I am, thanks for asking" she said. He smiled "OK just making sure, I was worried about you after I helped you get out of that mess". "You were?" she questioned. The boy nodded, "Yea I was because you and a few dozen or so people were left out in the streets as the people doing that to you were advancing" "I didn't want to leave any girl at all like that".

Her mouth dropped down a bit and she soon drifted back to her thoughts, "This boy doesn't even know who I am, but neither the less he risked his own well-being to save me a complete stranger desbite my Faunus heritage". He saved me, he saved me, and those were the things she can only think of.

"Hello?" "Are you still their" as he slowly waved his arm towards her. She soon snapped back to reality and quickly replied "Yea I still am". She heard a sigh from him. "Good because I thought you were about to black out again".

She shook her head. "Well tell me about yourself like if you have any family or friends at all?" asked the boy. As the boy asked the question he saw that the girl sat up more and pulled her knees closer to her face, she then laid her forehead onto her knees. A tear drop down from her eye slowly riding down to her chin as she recalled the hardship she experience during her life. The memories were coming back to her like the lost of her mother, the disappearance of her dad, her whole life with the White Fang and helping them protest.

"No I don't" she said sadly as more tears began to fall. She continued to cry for a few moments until she felt a warm arm wrapping around her into a hug. She didn't look up to face him, she heard him say "I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you like that I didn't know." "I don't have many friends either", "But we can both be friends if you want?" asked the boy as he still hugged her. She looked up to see his face and he let go of his arms to give her a bit of space.

She looked into his eyes and smiled despite the crying that she did and she replied "I would like that a lot". "Well since we both are going to be friends then we should introduce ourselves to each other". He moved his hand towards her, his hand ready from a hand shake from her. "Hi my name is Jaune Arc" replied the smiling boy. The Faunus girl smiled as well, then she started reaching for his hand, but stop midway scared because she never did this before, she shook those fears aside and shook his hand. She replied "Hi Jaune my name is Blake Belladonna".