This story is going to be a series, mostly character driven no major plot line at least not a first. So this one will be updated more randomly then my other's, as I think of plot lines to take these character's through.

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Episode 1: Hurricane Tsukino blows in.

Late March

Elysian Manor was an old, four story apartment building, built long before everyone who currently lived within it's walls was alive. By the layout and simple material's used, it was easily placed as being built sometime during the last century. A true taste of old Tokyo, built of rose coloured brick and ornate cement moldings around the front door and window frames. With four small apartments on each floor. Two units set up on either side of the main stair well. Each apartment was a cozy one room, with a tiny entryway and a small kitchen set in an alcove. It had a large closet to store clothes and necessities and a single toilet and sink set in an even smaller room just off from the foyer. A single large window took up the far front wall of the apartments. The balcony was just an afterthought, built to keep idiot tenants from falling out of their tiny windows. The iron railing ran the length of the window only, a bare skeletal metal framework that one could sit in comfortably if one was small enough. With a low set of iron bars running along the bottom of the outside ledge to keep the occupants safe. If they decided to perch upon the window frame. A fragile, rusted out thing that offered no real support to anyone crazy enough to actually use it as a balcony.

Elysian was neither new or luxurious. But well worn and weathered, like a fine and treasured antique. The walls between apartments were simple rice paper dividers that did very little for sound proofing, smell proofing or anything else for that matter. One could hear their neighbours as clear, as the morning singing coming from the local kindergarten down the street. The main living area were covered in straw tambata mats, the demension only 10 mats. An average size for most one room apartments during the post war era. The floors creaked with age and the plumbing shook and moaned like a restless poltergeists living within the walls, when ever the water was used. The main breaker box wasn't large enough to handle the amount of appliances used. So the occupants were always playing a game a chance, hoping not to blow the breaker. Never doing to many loads of laundry or cooking at the same time. Which wasn't much of a problem since the tenants were all below the age of twenty and rarely cooked. The place had no air conditioning but had small propane heater's installed in every room just below their windows. To ensure the survival of every tenant during the long cold winter months.

Elysian Manor was an ancient piece of Tokyo architecture, the halls dominated by beige stucco and thick wooden beams. The walls had turned a somber grey from time. The roof was inlaid with clay shingles similar to what protected the local shrines up on Sendai Hill. It was quaint and humble in it's blocky square design, blending quietly into the old neighbourhood of Azabu Jubaan. Tall well matured trees accented the narrow streets, with fenced in lots and gated to protect what privacy the residence of could lay claim to. Over grown hedges and sprawling vines over grew the residential boundaries, encroaching upon the urban sprawl of the street on the other side. Everyone and everything always pushing, striving to get just a little more room to breathe in this over crowded mega city.

The older Azabu ward was a maze of little streets, most to narrow for most vehicles to drive through. Surrounded by local shops, eateries and small shinto shrines. A quiet neighbourhood, set apart from the hustle of main Tokyo. It was a pleasure to walk around the streets and through the local parks. The area was not rich or modern in anyway. A throw back to a slower, less complicated time, that gave it's residence a sense of antiquated tranquility. That could only be found in a timeless atmosphere such as this.

Which suited the dark haired young man, currently lounging on the second story frame of his open apartment window, just fine. Dressed in faded, weathered jeans that were torn at the knees and a wrinkled white t-shirt with a thick book resting in his lap. His hair was thick and unruly, looking slightly wind blown from him constantly running his fingers through it. He had chiseled facial features, with a strong jaw and high cheekbones. The granite of his features looking somewhat rugged with a dusting of facial hair. His eyes far to blue, almost piercing with their smokey depths.

To tall to truly be comfortable upon the fake balcony, but desperate for fresh air. He managed to find a position with his back pressed tight against the rusted metal frame, one leg braced in the sill. His old white house slipper pinioned securely against the other side of the second pane. His other leg hanging into his apartment, foot braced upon the floor.

His apartment was just off of the stairwell on the right side of the building. The perfect place to perch and survey his quiet little kingdom. He had lived here a long time, seen many people come and go. Moving on with their lives, to bigger better things. But never thought of moving on himself. Not having any need to find a larger more modern place, this run down complex had become his home.

The rent was cheap and the area secluded enough to allow him to live a quiet life in obscurity. So he just had to work part time to afford a moderate living. Giving him enough free time to study for his College entrance exam at the end of this upcoming year. He knew his neighbours just enough to call them by name and have short polite conversations with, if the mood struck him. Which it did quite rarely, he enjoyed his solitude. More so because that was just how he had lived his life for the last fourteen years. He liked an ordered, quiet life. To many people only complicated things so he kept most of them at a discrete distance. He never seemed to need people, totally self reliant and self sufficient. He had a few friends that he spent time with. Not a complete recluse by any means, but not avidly seeking to add anyone else to his small circle either. He had his part time job and he had prep school coming up. He felt his life was full enough, he didn't need more people and their inevitable problems crowding in. Demanding his time and effort. Since he had failed the entrance exam last term for Todai University. He planned on spending this next year with a single minded focus to pass the entrance exam this year. Failing his first attempt at getting into the University of his dreams had really beaten up his confidence. Leaving him in a dark funk of pitiful brooding all last winter. As the days began to warm, so did his mood. His prospects towards the future thawing along with the ground. As spring came into bloom, so did his hopes for a fresh start.

Glancing out over the front courtyard, he noted the dull blue of the sky with only a few wisps of white clouds marring the view. He took in the seven foot rose brick privacy fence that bordered the front lawn. The only break in the solid stone a simple black iron gate that let one peek out at the narrow street beyond. A cobble stone pathway broke the yard in two, trailing up and out of the gates to the sidewalk.

Slowly surveying the rest of the barren yard coming to life once again. The tough, resilient grass just sprouting from the ground in fragile tufts, the last of the snow finally melting away last week. Leaving the yard looking somewhat haggard and dirty, in dire need of a little attention to get things back in shape. He promised himself he would find some time to tend to the struggling yard and help it wake up properly from it's long slumber. The prospect of how beautiful it would look come full spring, with a little care putting a small satisfied smile upon his face.

The few elm trees growing at the farthest points of the yard, were just starting to bud with leaves. He glanced over to the graceful cherry blossom that sat in the front corner of the yard near the front gate. It was mostly de-nuded of leaves, its thin twisting branches swaying in the cool spring wind. Soon that glorious tree would look alive and vibrant again with beautiful pink blossoms and he would have a perfect view from his living room window. To admire the regal tree as it slowly came in bloom over the next few weeks. He had to admit this was the one thing he was truly excited about.

A few yards from the apartments main glass door sat the weather beaten wooden tool shed, it's walls leaning horribly but still standing. The wood planks used to construct it, grey from age, the many cracks in the wood green and well rotted on the north side. He had been watching that shed deteriorate more every year. The apartment manger made just enough from her tenants to keep the place running, not enough to truly fix anything up. So he had been waiting, wondering which spring that old shack would just give up the fight and fall flat.

A low, drawn out yowl announced the two strays that liked to sun themselves up on the shed's roof. He drew his eyes along the shed's flat roof, that was now slightly angled upward from the weakening walls. Finding two felines curled up happily, one black the other white. Vicious and highly excitable the tenants had learned to keep a good distance when encountering those two wild alley cats.

Soft, melodic humming drew his attention next, scanning along the yard towards the huge patch of black soil that took up the left side of the yard. Finding a young brunette haired girl who was very tall and quite, toned muscular. A natural born athlete most suspected, but she had little interest in sports. Enjoying the more matronly arts of, sewing, gardening and cooking. She hadn't a competitive bone in her body. Easily mistaken for an adult, even though she would only just be turning sixteen this spring.

She was dressed in a pair of dirty jean overalls, with an emerald green wool sweater underneath. Mostly like one of her own creations, she had worked on while cooped up over the winter months this year or perhaps several years before? The heavy sleeves were pushed up and bunched over her elbows, the neckline worn thin and stretched out, hanging low over her ample breasts. The bare skin upon the very crests of her breasts, looking pink sore. The crisp morning air burning the soft flesh a warm rose. Her auburn hair was always tied back into a pony tail, her long bangs hanging low over her eyes. Uncaring, to put effort into her appearance. She wasn't one of those vain, pampered princesses. But a down to earth, independent sort that he admired. She was at peace with who she was and so was unwilling or perhaps to stubborn to put any real effort in her looks. She liked to be comfortable, which was more important then being seen as a well put together beauty. She had a strong yet maternal face, with rounded cheeks and warm emerald green eyes. That shone with a gentle light that eased all around her. Singing softly to herself as she rolled small fragments of soil through her fingertips, she was enjoying herself fully. It was a rare thing, to find such peace and self satisfaction in such a mundane chore. But she loved it and that only increased his admiration of her. By summer she would have planted and be tending a wonderful garden full of delicious vegetables. That she would no doubt use to create wonderful meals, whose luxurious scents would invade every inch of this building like a fine perfume. His mouth was watering just thinking about the food, he might be lucky enough to taste. Every once in a while, when the mood hit her. She would prepare the most delightful feasts for the whole building. He always looked forward to those wonderful meals, since he couldn't cook worth a damn. With a heavy sigh, he wished to find the same sense of joy and satisfaction in his own goals as she did. But things had never been the same since last fall.

It was a common, quiet morning. He raised his head, narrowing his eyes at the suns glare. The sharp rays glinting off the steel towers far in the distance, flaring off the glass of the sky scraper's blinding him slightly. Closing his eyes he bowed his head and refocused on the text in his lap. He must have read the same sentence ten times now, yet he couldn't seem to absorb any of it.

He just didn't care about anything anymore...

"Mamoru-kun?" A strong yet gentle voice disrupted his studies.

"Hai." He pulled himself away from his book, finding the brunette girl now standing on the cobble stone walk just below his window. Staring up at him with her warm green eyes and a mild smile.

"I think the nights are getting warm enough to start uncovering your roses." She pointed towards the front half of the naked garden, where a long line of straw and mulch was hardened into a long mound.

"You think so?" He questioned, never taking anyones word on anything. He had planted a single row of red roses last spring on a whim. Wanting to experience caring for something other then himself. She had unconsciously spurned his interests in growing something the summer before. Makoto Kino, seemed to do that to people. Her tireless effort and insatiable spirit to prevail over all odds seemed inspire others here at Elysian. Even if she didn't now it, she had unconsciously become a mentor for other tenants to emulate. So he started his journey into botany, tending the young roses in pots in his room for months before finally planting them last spring. He never took chances, always thinking everything out clearly and without prejudice over what other's opinions might be. He had to be sure that the weather was just right. To confidently plant them with out worrying to much about them not thriving. Every step in preparing them, planting them and caring for them he had done with out anyone else's guidance. So he would determine for himself if it was safe to uncover them.

But watching Makoto putter in the garden last year had looked so peaceful and serene, he had wanted to try it. He had quickly come to enjoy the act of watering, weeding and researching how to grow the hardy yet delicate plant. His garden was still fragile, the plants only a year old. So if he took their protection away to soon they would die, he was unwilling to just take her word for it.

Makoto smiled knowingly up at him, she had lived at Elysian Manor for over two years now. She couldn't say she truly knew Chiba, Mamoru but she understood him. He had a cold aloof exterior that held a very loving and caring heart. With an indifferent shrug she left his line of sight, heading back through the glass doors and up the staircase to the third floor were her apartment was.

The morning past with out notice, enjoying the fresh air, as comfortable as he could be in his window sill, reading. The wind tossing his thick dark hair, in cool bursts of wind. Mamoru had a striking charm to his looks, with a strong jaw and deep dark blue eyes. Long lashes that cast those mysterious eyes in shade. With long dark hair the hung in his eyes and around his shoulder's never truly able to be tamed no matter how much gel he used. So he had given up on that vanity years ago, allowing his hair to be the free spirit it was. Sticking up and tousled where ever it liked, to concerned with his studies to care about his appearance to much. He was tall, at least six feet with broad shoulder's and a muscular frame and toned chest. That he kept hidden under casual clothes, not one to dress up even if it called for it.

It was the one thing he had in common with Makoto, both extremely comfortable with who they were, that they felt no need to posture or fit in with the crowd.

The roar of traffic was a dull whisper beyond his sight, the morning passing away in cherished silence. His grumbling stomach alerting him finally that noon had come. With a groan he stretched from his curled up position and tossed his text to the woven straw mat. Heading into the small alcove at the front of his main room that held his kitchen. A simple line up of an old white stove, beige counter with sink, then a small fridge dominated the tiny nook. The only extra appliance being a simple coffee pot. With a set of two over hanging cupboards above. It was just the bare essentials for a kitchen and nothing more. Rummaging through his cupboards, finding them bare except for a large coffee container. His fridge was just as barren, with a few Styrofoam take out container's and an expired jug of milk. That he unconsciously had to take a sniff from, quickly tossing it into the garbage in the corner. Gagging and groaning as the sour fumes made him suddenly nauseous. Resigned to spending some of his latest pay cheque on replenishing his food supply.

"Well that's a lost cause. " Mamoru sighed, slamming the small fridge door shut. Grabbing his wallet and keys from the corner of the kitchen counter he headed over to the small foyer, kicking his slippers off into the main room. Then shuffling into his worn out black nike sneakers. Forced to leave his lair in search of food.

Dashing down the dingy, rust coloured tiled steps of the central staircase towards the glass main foyer below. He found the shadowed back end of a tarp cargo truck, shadowing the back foyer that lead out towards the front parking lot. It oddly resembled a rig used on army bases, now parked at the back door.

"Nani?" He questioned, no one had moved into the apartment in years. It didn't have many tenants, but the ones it did have. Had stayed for the last few years. His chest suddenly constricted with apprehension.

Mamoru did not like change, it made his heart race and his skin itch. Swallowing he found he wasn't very hungry anymore. Dreading the coming occupant, he just wanted to ignore the truck and continue on to finish his errand. Till he would be forced to greet them and put in a moderate amount of effort to get to know them. To learn how to act around them. So that he could maintain his peaceful life.

He had just griped the round wooden railing post to head back up the stairs when a quiet voice called out to him.

"Oh, wonderful. Mamoru-san. I could really use your help."

He hung his head for a moment then plastered a fake smile on his face, turning to greet the apartment manager. Leaning against the glass of the open back door, with a huge cardboard box in her hands.

A slender, some what fragile looking women in a plain blue sundress with a white apron over top. Long wavy black hair tied back with a cloth headband. With a gentle face and soft blue eyes that held a mild personality, not easily irritated by everyday disturbances. But could become as hard and strong as iron if needs be. She was a lioness at times when her building or her young tenants were threatened. She may be gentle hearted but she was no push over.

Mamoru some times wished he could be as easy going as the older woman. He understood that he could be quite uptight about things, and easily bored or frustrated with the mindless sheep he met out on the streets. But he felt he hid his true feelings well, with his easy charm and boyish wit. Able to blend into any group he found himself in, having a wide range of trendy knowledge to be able to fein interest in almost anything. People loved him instantly, he could be very likeable when he wanted to be.

"Hai, Miss Manger." He nodded, striding purposefully towards her and taking the box from her hands.

"Call me Ikuko..please. Mamoru-san you have been here for over six years. I hope you could be a bit less formal with me by now." She complained with a chuckle.

"Hai." He nodded, standing silently for a moment waiting for instructions.

"Oh...oh of course. That goes up to 3B." she pointed vaguely up the stairs.

Mamoru stood frozen, blinking uncertainly at her wondering if he had heard wrong. That was the apartment just above his. For the last two years he had been happily set apart from all other occupants in the building. Having no neighbours beside him, below or above him.

Ikuko merely stood staring curiously at him, waiting for him to move towards the stairs.

"Hai..." He finally stuttered out, turning like a robot on his heel and re-mounting the stairs with the box.

Glancing at the box in his hands, he found a last name scrawled in poorly done Kanji. "Tsukino?" He muttered, slightly curious as to whom would have such a magical last name as Child of the Moon.

Most of the boxes were pure murder, heavier then reason would allow. Leaving him grunting and heaving for breath by the time he deposited them upon the floor of the empty apartment. He spent the next couple hours helping Ikuko haul up all the bedroom furniture, ending up as a sweaty and exhausted mess.

To tired to care about food anymore, he retreated back into his apartment. Kicked off his sneaker's and flopped onto the cool tambata matts on his main floor to cool off. The evening breeze a welcomed caress over his hot skin and damp t-shirt.

"Tsukino...curious. I wonder what kind of person you will be." He crossed his arms behind his head, staring up at the plain white roof. Contemplating all the different types of people he had dealt with over the years, trying to pigeon hole his new neighbour based solely on last name alone. Wondering what kind of luck would be coming his way in the form of a stranger known as Tsukino.

A week later upon the first week of April his quiet comfortable little world would be destroyed forever.

"Konnichiwa!" A very loud, very sweet voice exploded from the front walk.

Mamoru had worked a late shift at his part time job, a club located in the entertainment district of Ropongii. So he hadn't gotten home since long after four in the morning. His heavy black velvet room darkening curtains were pulled, so his place was cast in a soothing shade. Blocking out the bright light and heat of the late morning sun. He groaned at the sudden assault upon his dreams, rolling over on his fluffy white futon mattress. Seeking to reclaim his dreamless oblivion, as the slightly muffled voices of fellow tenants greeting someone began echoing from outside. He could vaguely hear both Makoto Kino and the building manager Ikuko having a small conversation with the new tenant.

Mamoru moaned louder, snatching his extra pillow and slamming it over his head trying to find some peace.

A few minutes later just as he was falling asleep again.

"Konnichiwa!" The extremely boisterous voice exploded like a bomb just outside his apartment door.

Followed by the even louder response from the apartments resident rumour smith and human mega phone, Minako Aino.

"Welcome, Welcome!" The high pitched voice invaded his room like a knife through paper. Slicing through his patience effortlessly. Mina Aino, who had such an abrasive personality she was like sandpaper on a chalk board to Mamoru. They did not get along, even though Mamoru had tried but Mina would not accept his fake attempts to be friendly. Stating she would rather he not even talk to her. If he had no intention of ever truly being friends, she didn't do fake friendships. So they had avoided one another ever since.

"Arghhh!" Mamoru leaped to his feet, suddenly losing all reason. So frustrated that he needed to set some boundaries already. This was so rude, being so loud first thing in the morning. What was worse was all the tenants knew his work schedule, knew he had a late shift. A little respect towards him would be nice.

Storming out of his room and slamming his front door. To stand both dumb struck and furious before two blushing blondes. The smaller of the two yelping and retreating away at the sight of him, before he managed to clear the blurry mess of sleep clouding his eyes. All he caught was two golden ribbon's of hair disappearing up the stairwell.

Not realizing that he wasn't dressed properly to greet, let alone verbally chastise anyone in just his old worn out light blue boxer shorts. The worn out elastic band doing a very poor job at keeping his underwear in place, sagging and dropping down along one hip. His hair was a sleep tousled mess and he had bags under this eyes that could sink a ship. Standing there groggy and half coherent all he could do was grip the door knob and gawk at the now lone occupant currently in the hall.

Whomever Mina had been greeting so ethusiasticly had already headed off upstairs.

Mina stood with a slight smile of amusement on her face, her long honey blonde hair cascading freely down her back. A large orange bow tied girlishly around her hair. Dressed in a pair of grey tight yoga pants, that hugged her shapely thighs and legs like a second skin. With a pumpkin orange low cut button up blouse, that she had tied up just under her breasts. The collar gaping just a bit to reveal a black sports bra peeking out beneath and the milky crests of her ample breasts. She may be a high schooler, but she had a fully matured body. Mamoru gapped for a moment at her assets, before noticing her gym bag was draped over a shoulder. Showing her intentions to head to the gym when she ran into their new tenant.

Mamoru swallowed at the sexy sight she made, narrowing his eyes and refocusing his embarrassment towards the stairwell. Where a single golden streamer of hair could still be seen, peeking out from behind the wall. The girl had not gone all the way upstairs. She was hiding just out of sight, he figured now he either scared her or she was extremely shy. Unintentionally creating a very compelling mystery of herself. Having to literally tear his eyes away from the stairwell, reverting back to his previous flustered irritation towards Mina.

"Some people work around here, Aino! So if you wouldn't mind, take your loud ass elsewhere." He stated acidly, his words filled with venom.

Mina merely flipped him off, "And if you would not mind, stop licking that ass with your eyeballs! Pervert!" She countered, noticing his less then subtle oogling. Then flounced towards the stairs after her once equally loud companion.

Mamoru growled, indulging in very violent fantasies concerning Mina. Before retreating back into his apartment like a scared possum. His whole body felt like it was one fire, as he leaned against the back of his door.

He had never been so embarrassed in his whole life. Who was that new girl to unnerve him so badly, in only a couple minutes of arriving. He had never acted like such a fool in his whole life?

This did not bode well for the future.

The young woman in question, stood securely out of sight upon the stairs, her back pressed up against the peeling paint along the wall. A tiny, cute little thing with absurdly long golden blonde hair done up in odango's and tails that nearly brushed the floor. Her bangs were parted in the middle of her forehead, hanging low over her gorgeous sapphire blue eyes. With a small round face, every feature dainty and perfectly proportioned to her petite frame.

Wearing the most adorable spring blouse of pure white. With puffy sleeves and a thin blush pink ribbon woven into the base of the sleeves that tied into a tiny bow, the long ribbons trailing down her slender upper arms. With a low princess bodice that hugged her modest breasts, with the same pink satin ribbons criss crossed down the center of the vest material. The ribbon was tight, straining to hold the bodice closed that looked almost ready to burst with her perky breast securely tucked inside. Skinny jeans complemented her slender, toned legs, that looked far longer then they truly were. She had dressed in her finest clothes, wanting to have a good first impression with whom ever she met. So far her first impression to her neighbour downstairs hadn't been stellar.

Creeping back down the stairs, her heart thundering in her throat. Struggling for breath with a small hand curled over her heart. She had never felt so overwhelmed before, truthfully she had never seen a man so naked before either. Her skin was tingling and her nerves were shooting like fireworks all over her body. She ducked around the stairs with wide innocent blue eyes that were now staring at his door in shock, her full pouting lips slowly spreading into a warm dreamy smile. Falling into a lust-filled stupor of fond remembrance. As the sight of him had been truly glorious and she wanted to relive it! His long, lean body, that hard washboard stomach. With a thin trail of dark hair dusting down from his belly button towards his underwear. She had oddly wondered what it would feel like against her fingertips. So caught up in the sight of his naked, powerful looking chest she barely glanced up at his face. Inevitably loosing her nerve and scampering away out of sight. But what she could remember lingered like a very erotic dream in her mind. A devilishly handsome face covered in stubble, with piercing blue eyes and thick dark hair. Looking so messy all she had wanted to do was run her fingers through it, to try and tame the wild strands if she could.

Now she stood dumbstruck, peeking around the stairwell were she had hidden, staring at his closed door uncertainly.

"Pay, Chiba-san no mind. Mamoru-kun's just a grumpy, old' Baka." Mina shrugged as she approached, seeing the hurt in her new friends eyes. Over the fact that she had been a coward and let Mina take the brunt of the man's anger. Mina waved off the smaller blondes inevitable apology, wanting to smooth out this very awkward first encounter with the temperamental Mamoru.

"Hai..." Usagi responded still staring forlorn at his closed door. Then quietly moved towards it, pressing her palm against the wood. With her head bowed in shame she called out to him softly.

"Gomen..." Her voice was quiet and full of remorse.

On the other side of the door, Mamoru heard the pain in her tone and groaned, thumping the back of head against his door. Fighting with himself not to rush back out into the hall. His curiosity peeked, at hearing her gentle, sweet voice through the door. But he was far to embarrassed to greet her, pulling bitterly at the loose waist band of his comfy boxers. He looked like a slob, and probably smelled like beer and sweat. So he remained firmly behind his door. Listening as her foot steps fell away down the hall and up the stairs. Mina's high pitched, overly exuberant tone echoing away up the stairs as well. As she guided the new tenant to her room.

Mamoru was already locked away in his room, when Ikuko made her way up the stairs catching only the end of the embarrassing confrontation. Dressed as always in a light yellow sundress with her typical white apron in front. Her dark wavy hair tied back under a white handkerchief. She cast his door a concerned look before heading upstairs to help her new tenant settle in. She had known Mamoru the longest, since he had first moved into her building at the tender age of fourteen. He had just struck out on his own, leaving his first home an orphanage called Ashinaga Rainbow House and into her care. Always a stoic, self sufficient young man. Who seemed completely emotionally contained. Overly mature and way to serious for his age and able to take on extreme amounts of responsibility so that he would not have to rely on anyone but himself. She had never seen him act so unglued before. Losing his cool over something so shallow as being overly loud late in the morning? Having failed his entrance exam last term was his first real failure in life. It had done a lot of damage to his self esteem and confidence in himself. She had been slowly seeing a bitter change in him since then. A sense of dissatisfaction with his life, with himself and a doubt towards his goals. He was becoming more irritable and even more withdrawn then normal.

Ikuko was becoming worried, glancing up the stairwell she wondered if this new bubbly, easy going girl would fit in here.

Mamoru could be a very hard person to deal with at times. She didn't take on to many tenants, but the ones she had offered a home to all had their little quirks. They didn't seem to fit in well with society. All broken in some way and in need of healing or just a secure place to lay their heads at the end of the day. Elysian was that soft place for them to fall, their sanctuary away from the pressure of the everyday. None of her young wards had even reached adulthood yet. So Ikuko was both mother and manager of this little island of misfits. So she provided her guidance willingly, but did not push it upon them. Believing all people of free will should ultimately find their own way in life. That a touch of adversity builds character and a stronger skin to deal with the harshness of being on ones own. With a heavy sigh she took to the stairs, this would be a new start for young Tsukino hopefully it would be a blessed one.

Usagi spun in a joyous circle in the small main room of her new place, giggling happily. The bare walls and double pained window was a blank canvas to her. This was her first real place all on her own. Her home to create all for herself. She was eager to start her new life, eager to begin this new chapter with a fresh start. Leaving all her personal doubts and family problems behind. Moving here felt like she had shed her old self, able to recreate herself anew. To move forward into a better, brighter future.

"I take it you like your room?" Ikuko laughed softly, leaning against the doorframe.

"I love it!" Usagi squealed, dashing to the large closet across the room to survey her boxes now neatly stacked inside upon the shelves. "It's not much but it's mine and that makes it special!"

"Lively, ain't she." Mina commented with admiration. Walking out of the kitchen alcove and back into the main area. Surveying the moderate amount of furniture pushed up against the walls.

A single white four drawer dresser sat against one wall, along with an empty matching wooden framed cot. The thick sleeping mattress leaning against the window, the fluffy pink bedding stacked up in a corner.

Ikuko gave Mina a nod and smile, a subtle gesture that she had finished her good deed. Of guiding young Usagi up to her apartment but her pressence was no longer needed. Mina may act like a bit of a ditz, but she was very astute to people's silent meanings. She nodded back, tossing Usagi a absent wave. "I'll see you around, Tsukino-san. If you need anything I am just above you in 4B." She then took her leave.

"Arigato!" Usagi called back, waving cheerfully.

"Usagi-san, I hope things work out for you here. " Ikuko moved into the room, closing her door to provide some privacy. Her words having far more meaning, since she was the only person that truly knew what Usagi had come from before her luck landed her here at Elysian.

Usagi gave her a small smile, hope shining in her eyes. "I hope so too." She stated, then with a sigh turned to stare out her window. Her eyes dimming, drawn back into the shadows of her past. She had just escaped a very bad situation, thanks to Ikuko's friend. Who had then sent her to Tokyo with the promise that she would be safe. That the city would absorb her into their midst and she could fade away into obscurity. That she could start anew, with a clean a slate. That was enough to get her on the train, eager and hopeful. But she knew that she couldn't out run her past, even if he didn't find her again. She would always be haunted by memories of him.

Ikuko's small smile fell into a contemplative frown at the troubled look that crossed the young girls face. She left it at that, not wanting to drudge up any bad memories. This was a happy day, a day full of promise for the young girl. She wanted to keep it that way.

So Ikuko then gave her a small tour, instructing her how to use the heater and turn on the propane stove which could be a bit difficult at times. Before she left, she noticed Usagi had begun to haul down her boxes and start sorting through her meager belongings. She felt she needed to give the girl a little nudge. She had no intention of playing match-maker she just wanted to make sure good deeds were acknowledged.

"You should thank Mamoru-kun sometime for bringing up all your boxes."

Usagi's eyes shot up in surprise. She was silent for a moment her chest feeling rather tight. A lump of anxiety forming in her belly. She had not started off well with Mamoru this morning. She was not relishing having to be in his glowering, yet sexy pressence again. But a quieter part of her was leaping with excitement at having an excuse to talk to him again. She had to be polite, right? Had to try and be friends with him. Even though his full out man-trum kinda scared the crap out her this morning. Exploding half naked from his room, exuding such a dangerous, sexy aura that it took her breath. Leaving her trembling inside and wanting to hide. Swallowing hard she gave Ikuko a nod, a silent promise she would talk with him again.

But over the next week, Usagi never seemed to run into Mamoru. Though she had to admit she wasn't really trying either. The thought of trying to hold a conversation with him was to much to handle. So she did what she did best when faced with a problem, she avoided it.

She had managed to meet almost every one else at Elysian though. Becoming fast friends with Mina who was always so cheerful and full of life. Able to make her laugh at her crazy antics and sharp, sassy wit. Showing her around the neighbourhood and helping her shop for a few essentials for her new place. Such as heavy drapes to block out the morning sun and coming summer heat and a few pop idol poster's for her walls. They even set up a bathing schedule since the tiny apartment had no tub. Going to a local community bath house a couple times a week, in which you paid by the hour to use their bathing facilities.

Then their was her neighbour just down the hall, Makoto. A beautiful person inside and out, who was always puttering out in her garden. Preparing it for the coming spring growing season, hard working and diligent. Usagi quickly began to admire her. She was neither hard working or diligent at anything. Always kinda a slacker when it came to school, or anything that took hard work to achieve. More eager to find the fun to be had in a day then buckle down and be responsible over anything. Which was why she bonded to Mina so easily. They were very much the same, except she was not as bold or self assured as the lighter blonde. But this was a new start for her, perhaps if she tried harder she could focus more on her studies and be more responsible. She was on her own now, she had to learn to be self sufficient. Perhaps she could even find the courage deep down inside to talk to Mamoru again. Get things started on the right foot so to speak.

Then she had met Motoki, who had instantly gave her those warm tingles in her belly and made her heart skip in that special way. She was infatuated with him instantly. He lived on the second floor just below Makoto. At the other end of the hall from, Super, Sexy...Mamoru, Chiba. A young man she tried hard not to think about to often. He made her feel things she wasn't ready to handle just yet. All dizzy and light headed, as if ready to faint. Her tummy doing nervous flips, while her insides heated up as if set on fire. Like she suddenly got a case of bad heart burn or something. Her whole body would flush and she would feel all worked up inside. All energetic and lethargic at the same time, as if she wanted to explode everywhere at once.

Her skin would start to hum and somewhere deep inside would clench filling her with the most intense yet delightful feelings. That she ended up giggling like a manic and curling up in ball on her bed to attempt to get herself under control.

So it was best for right now to just not think about him. So she focused on Motoki, Furuhata instead.

He was everything she had ever dreamed of in a potential boyfriend. Several years older, going to prep school and as handsome as a teen idol. With thick dusty blonde hair that fell over his kind blue eyes. With a sturdy build, always dressed nicely in kaki pants and dress shirts. Even sporting a tie and jacket at times. He looked well put together and professional, working down at the local arcade for years. He kept boasting about being on the fast track to owning the place. He seemed so confident and sure of himself. That he was going places, going to become some one successful. Usagi was instantly infatuated with him, eagerly seeking out his company. Hanging around the arcade or slyly sneaking down to his apartment with flimsy excuses just be near him. He took her somewhat clingy nature in stride, she was just a flighty sixteen year old girl, and honestly he enjoyed her company. But was completely clueless to the more subtle, somewhat shy flirting she was attempting. He saw her as a little sister and treated her as such.

The First day of School.

Mamoru was blissfully unconscious, wrapped up in a beautiful dream. That he loved to retreat into when he was lucky enough for it to come visit. Sprawled out in only a pair of black boxers on his futon mattress, his light navy sheets draped loosely over his legs. Arms splayed above his head, chest rising and falling lazily. While a thin line of drool slowly found its way down his strong jawline, reseeding towards the fluffy pillow beneath his head.

"ALL RIGHT, TIME TO START THE DAY! Lets get up and get moving. Before your brain figures out what your doing!" A cheerful, up beat female voice thundered down from the apartment right above him. Followed by an energetic beat of techno music and the steady creek of the flooring shifting under stocking feet.

Mamoru bolted upright in sudden alarm, crying out in fear as his heart leaped sickeningly into his throat.

"What the hell..." He breathed, clutching his bare chest to settle his sudden charge of adrenaline now coursing through his body. Glancing blankly around his apartment in a vain attempt to reason out the sudden assault upon his peaceful dreams. His little realm was just as he left it, with the drapes drawn leaving his room in a welcomed shade. His modest t.v sat quietly in front of him on the side wall on a cheap black entertainment cube with castor wheels. The lone bookcase set up against the back wall, cluttered with texts wasn't to blame. His low table that he used for studying and also to dine upon sat before the bookshelf as innocent as ever. His kitchen was immaculate, with not a single dish in the sink which in itself had been a feat. Since he had been working extra shifts at the club to make more yen to cover his coming school costs. Then as he finally became fully aware he realized the harsh attack of ear splitting noise was coming from above.

"Oh...Kami help me. I hope this isn't an everyday thing..." he moaned in mental pain, clutching his head in dread.

It was a quarter after seven am by the time the energetic dance music died, yet Mamoru never moved from his bed. Interlocking his hands at the back of his head and bending over his knees breathing deeply trying to calm himself. As he listened to her feet continue to pad around her apartment. Every squeak and groan upon his roof only infuriated him more. By the time eight thirty rolled around he had washed, shaved, had brushed his hair. Dressed himself in pair of worn jeans and a black t-shirt with his dull blue jean coat over top. His old, worn out black Adidas duffel bag packed with his texts, tossed casually over his shoulder's and a seething glare in his eyes. His mood as dark and foreboding as a rolling thunder head. Slamming his door shut he locked it with his key, then stormed towards the stairs with his head down. His mind churning with vengeful thoughts over his extremely annoying neighbour who had just ruined his quiet morning. His life was stressful enough, he didn't need this. She was destroying his cherished, peaceful mornings, one thoughtless outburst at a time.

He had just reached the stairwell, when he felt a small soft body collide against his chest. With a sigh he turned to regard his new neighbour now laid flat on her back on the rusty red tile floor of the landing. Dressed in her school fuku. Of a navy bib and skirt, with a white short sleeve shirt and matching navy ascot tied around her neck. The handle of her beige satchel still gripped tight in her left hand.

He was struck stupid, having spent the last few weeks mulling over the mystery of what she looked like. Trying not to build her up to be some heavenly goddess, since her last name was so mythical. Not wanting to give her more power then she deserved. But it couldn't be helped, he had ended up creating a very gorgeous image of who this Usagi, Tsukino might be.

The sight of a normal, yet very cute high school girl with long golden blonde hair. Styled up in a odangos and tails was expected from his many conversations with Motoki. But he couldn't help but be slightly disappointed by it. Then his irritation with her only darkened his mood further.

"Gomen..." she mumbled, rubbing her small nose and staring up at his red angry face in fear. Her wide cerulean blue eyes wet with confused hurt. As he just left her on the floor with no regard at all, acting as if she didn't matter.

He snarled like an animal then dashed down the stairs. "Pay attention, Odango-Atama!" He shouted back at her in barely restrained fury.

He was waiting impatiently at the edge of the courtyard, glancing down at his old style pocket watch. Motoki had promised that they would head to prep school on the first day, kinda a brotherly act of support for each other. Since they had both failed the entrance exam last fall.

"Don't take him to seriously, Usagi-chan. He comes off as kinda an ass, at first. If you don't know him. But once you get past his rough exterior. He can be a pretty decent sorta guy. Kinda like an M&M, he has this hard shell that everyone sees. But inside is this sweet chocolatey center that you can't help but love."

Mamoru glanced up and back towards the apartment building as he heard Motoki's kind words. Finding the warm hearted blonde, dressed in beige kaki's and a white tucked in dress shirt. His black backpack slung over one shoulder, walking up the pathway, a protective arm draped over the little odango's slumping shoulder's. As he guided Usagi past him with out notice and onto the sidewalk. He took the affront in stride, knowing his closest friend had become close to the little blonde. Having endured many one sided, sugary sweet conversations over their new border. It had turned his stomach, but he had kept his peace. Once again he kept his heated words to himself, not liking being ignored. Taking in her hurt demeanour he merely rolled his eyes impatiently.

As she looked dejectedly at her feet, as they past. So lost in her worries about how he hated her she never even noticed his stone cold stare towards her. Motoki on the other hand gave him a dark look, he did not approve of how Mamoru continued to scare and intimidate the poor girl. Who just wanted everyone to like her. Mamoru had even less patience for people now then before high school.

"Motoki...We gotta get to Prep School early today. Where are you going?" He called in tired frustration, irritated at being cast aside as less important.

"I'm taking Usagi-chan to school first I'll catch up to you later." Motoki called back over his shoulder.

"Nani!" Mamoru jogged up behind them, furious that Motoki was putting her first. He needed to think about his own future. What would their teacher think if he was late on the very first day of class, he would be pigeoned holed as a slacker, uncaring towards his education it might even effect his test scores. If the teacher was anal enough about being given that sort of respect.

"You don't have time to babysit her." He relented, coming astride them both. Walking a bit to closely to Usagi's shoulder, as if he intended to separate them physically. He never even noticed the shiver that went through the young teens body as he drew close. Or how her breath suddenly caught nervously, as she gripped the strap of her satchel in white knuckled strain.

"I...I...I can get myself to school. " she stuttered, suddenly desperate to get space from Mamoru. Not wanting to come between them and ruin their friendship. Bowing her head shyly, she skipped forward increasing her speed. She just kept pissing him off and the intense feelings he invoked in her was over powering. She was able to feel the waves of his irritation directed towards her as if they might be a physical blow. She jogged out of Motoki's protective arm. Turning on her heel to give him a reassuring smile, she walked backwards for a bit completely unconscious to her surroundings. Closing her eyes wanting to block out Mamoru's cold dispassionate stare directed her way. He hated her, he truly and deeply loathed the very sight of her. The dismissive look in his eyes made her chest hurt and stung her eyes. She knew that and they had only met twice. But the fact that he had cultivated such a passionate dislike for her so quickly was unsettling. She refused to cry in front of him, even though she could feel the moisture gathering indignantly behind her eyelids.

A sudden jarring impact woke her up from her self tormenting. As she had backed up right into a light post, white dot's danced before her eyes as she then crumbled to her knees on the cold pavement. Blinking rapidly to avoid going completely unconscious. The back of her head was throbbing, as if someone had struck her with a sledge hammer.

"Usagi-chan..." Motoki's concerned voice echoed as if far away. "Are you alright?"

"hmn...fine." She muttered back, with dazed eyes. Rubbing the back of her sore head. As the Motoki dashed down the street, helping her back to her feet. Mamoru had followed absently and now stood impassively nearby, as spectator's walking down the sidewalk began to whisper and giggle, about the klutzy blonde making a spectacle of herself.

"Hopeless...completely and utterly hopeless. You really don't pay any attention to what's around you?" Mamoru commented with a small laugh, "Fine, I'll see you at school then Motoki. She is so clueless, like a pathetic little kid. I doubt she could get there on her own anyway. She'd probably end up getting hit by a bus if your not there holding her hand." He called dismissively, jogging across the street. But the sharp, infuriated tone underlying his words cut her like a knife.

Usagi stood chastised for her childish stupidity yet again, sniffling and struggling valiantly not to cry. Regarding the raven haired young man with a sad frown, as he disappeared down the block of local shops. Watching silently as he headed towards the modern tower's of Azabu, holding back her tears of hurt and humiliation.

"He is so mean..." She moaned in anguish, turning to watch her feet trudge down the sidewalk as Motoki gently guided her to school. Keeping a comforting hand upon her back as they walked away. Casting her concerned looks and shooting Mamoru heated glares over his shoulder. His protective nature towards the little blonde flaring to life. Swearing to himself that if Chiba didn't get his head on straight and start treating her with respect. He would have a serious talk with him about being an insensitive, inconsiderate ass!

Usagi heaved a long, drawn out sigh as they walked toward her bus stop. A dark cloud of dread had now eclipsed her good mood. She had high hopes that this day would be the start of a new, brighter future for her. It wasn't going very well at all though. At this point she could only worry about what further bad luck was going to follow her around today.

Motoki was giving Mamoru's back a scathing glare, he had never witnessed this vicious side to him before. He didn't like it one bit. Usagi did not deserve to be treated so badly, he would get to the bottom of this very quickly. Mamoru was acting like a complete Ass.

Mamoru was sitting at the back of the class, staring out the wall of windows beside his desk. Absently watching the traffic pass by on the busy street below. His mind drifting towards the last image he had of Usagi. She had been so full of life, her eyes bright and hopeful when Motoki had guided her out of Elysian's front gates. Then they had caught up to him and his bead mood. In matter of moments his sour attitude and harsh words as sucked the life right out of her. She had literally wilted before his eyes like a fragile rose. She had looked so lost, when he had left. A grim melancholy rising in her cerulean eyes drowning all the joy they once held. The pain there was so powerful that it might have easily bruised him. If he had remained to truly take in the brunt of the hurt he had caused with his cruel words. But he couldn't seem to find any feelings of shame for what he did? Had he become so callous and cold hearted that he could just do that to someone with out a shred of emotion? At this point he couldn't say if he hated her, but he was indifferent to her. He truly just didn't care at all about her. She was just some annoying factor in his life that he needed to deal with.

"What the hell man?" Motoki's irritated voice invaded his thoughts, then Mamoru felt an abrupt cuff upside the head.

Turning in confusion, he found Motoki sitting himself down at the desk beside him. Clearly pissed, wanting an explanation.

"You made it back rather quickly?" He spat back, absently brushing his hands down the back of his head to fix his hair.

"She wouldn't let me accompany her further then putting her on the transit bus." Motoki shot back, glaring dangerously at him.

"Whatever?" Mamoru commented, shrugging off his attack. Acting like he hadn't a clue as to why Motoki was so upset.

"Seriously, your going to play obtuse?" Motoki arched an eyebrow incredulously. Adjusting his seat closer with a loud scraping sound.

"She drives me nuts, ok." Mamoru shrugged, opening his note book to start drumming his pen along the wire spine. Seeking to alleviate the aggravated feelings just thinking about her caused him. Motoki would have dug more into the matter, his excuse as flimsy as rice paper. But their teacher had arrived. Drawing both of their attention instantly. She was extremely beautiful, refined and very sure of herself. Dressed in a soft grey power suit, with an ivory blouse underneath the partially buttoned jacket. With long reddish brunette hair that fanned around her elegant face and down to the small of her back. Bright hazel eyes that shone with a keen intelligence regarding the class cooly. She passed the class a warm smile before picking up a notebook from her desk and flipping it open.

"Ok, class. My name is Nishimura, Reika. You many regard me as Reika-Sensei of course. " She had a casual sternness in her warm tone that struck a cord in Mamoru. He instantly like her.

"I know you guys are not in high school anymore, and that coming to class is totally up to you. but I will still be taking attendance. Mostly because I like to. " She added with authority, beginning to call out names. Receiving curt acknowledgments from the students. Mamoru glanced towards Motoki, finding the man staring at their Sensei as if the world had stopped. Not blinking, barely breathing. Looking at her like a starving man, desperate and pleading to live.

It was a sure sign of pure infatuation. Like a man under a spell, Motoki followed Reika's every movement through out the classroom. Mamoru thinned his lips shaking his head, this was not a good sign. The woman was clearly several years older and most importantly their teacher! To have a relationship, to even contemplate it would be so unseemly. She could lose her job if she was caught dating a student! If she would even do something risky like that. Surely Motoki was smart enough not to start flirting with her?

"Don't even think about it Furuhata. She could loose her job, Casanova." Mamoru leaned in and whispered heavily next to Motoki's ear.

"Don't be ridiculous." Motoki laughed lightly, shaking his head to clear it before starting to take notes. Disregarding Mamoru concern, making light of the fact that he was no doubt highly attracted to their teacher.


The next morning started the same, with the blaring techno and morning exercises echoing above his head.


Mamoru just lay there glaring up at the ceiling, waiting for the annoying routine to die. Then began his own morning routines of putting away his mattress in his closet. Starting a pot of coffee and getting dressed. By the time his teeth were brushed and hair combed and his coffee was finished percolating. The dance music had faded away, replaced by listening to her pad about her like an elephant over his head. Swigging back a couple mugs of steaming black coffee, he packed his bag and headed for the door. This time he walked more slowly towards the stairs, stopping at the landing to find Usagi waiting at the top of the stairs. Staring down at him like a deer in headlights, unwilling to keep moving until he was out of sight. He shook his head and darted down the steps and out the front doors, silently consenting to her demand.


The next morning Mamoru felt ready for Usagi, having shoved foam plugs into his ears before going to sleep. It worked great until he realized he hadn't been able to hear his alarm either and slept in.

"ARGHHHH!" He screamed in panic, once his bleary eyes registered the fact that he had less then a half hour to get to school.


Scraping the plug idea, the next morning was the same...


Mamoru growled and rolled over onto his face. Pulling his pillow over his head to quell the unwelcomed noise and his rising screams of frustration.


...he suddenly snapped. As the music started up in that same god awful early time. An upbeat tempo with the annoying morning guru cheering and commanding her class of one. It pierced his brain like a relentless torture upon all his senses. He could not take another morning like this, he was in hell. A morning calisthenic hell of epically loud and cheerful proportions! The golden blonde who looked so much like an angel, truly was the devil...satan in a sailor suit!

He lunged into his narrow cleaning closet, set in the small entry way. Snatching up his broom and storming back into the dead center of his main room. Standing somewhat unbalanced upon his mattress he thumped the head of the handle against his roof repeatedly. Seeking to gain her attention.

"Oi! Annoying little Odango-Atama!" He screamed, "Odango!" He yelled again, and again in a fruitless effort. The electronica vibrating through the roof was drowning out all his attempts to gain her attention. Loosing the last of his rational thought he dropped the dirty broom onto his bed. He was livid, beyond control at that point. He was seeing only red, images of throttling that selfish, unthinking little girl paramount in his mind. Thundering up the stairs to her door, in nothing but a pair of black boxer briefs. He pounded upon the wood as hard as he could. The music muffled somewhat by the thick door, but below, down in his apartment, they had only flimsy materials separating their apartments. Her morning dance party was literally booming.

He slammed his fist against the door one more time before it was pulled open in haste. Usagi stood pale and trembling in the door frame, looking stricken and terrified. Dressed in a large white t-shirt and nothing else, her golden hair cascading down to the floor. He couldn't see how cute and sexy she looked, with her hair looking freshly tousled from sleep. The worn out collar of her shirt hanging over one shoulder, showing off her pale creamy skin. Her flushed cheeks, glowing from her exercises and only increasing in rosy brilliance upon confronting an enraged Mamoru. Her wide innocent cerulean eyes, now staring up at him in sudden startled fear.

"What in the hell!" He bellowed, getting right into her face. " I can't stand it any longer! Every fucking morning! Shut that shit off!" He was yelling so close to her face his spit ended up splattering against her nose.

She moaned in terror, blinking rapidly to stop the sudden onslaught of tears. Swallowing over and over attempting to ease the dry mouth anxiety she felt choking her. She couldn't even give voice or any kind of apology. Her blood running cold with new shame and humiliation, not realizing he could hear her music downstairs. She just stood frozen in her doorway, griping the knob of her door with a sweaty palm. Her heart beating far to fast, suddenly very light heated. With her legs trembling against the back of her door, she suddenly didn't think her knees could support her.

He stood for a moment looking every bit the dangerous, disheveled and sexy mess he had been that first morning. But the terror that gripped her at the sight of that unbridled fury directed squarely at her. Left her utterly frozen inside. Successfully killing his once attractive qualities it had when directed at Mina.

His enraged face hardened, then grew completely impassive before he merely walked away, back towards the stairs. His fiery explosion calming into an icy glacier of complete indifference towards her in moments. Enduring his rage had been absolutely terrifying, but his disinterest in her feelings hurt even more. Knowing that to him...she just didn't matter.

She slowly closed her door, moaning in both fear and relief that the horrible confrontation was over. Seeking to ignore the pain she felt deep inside her heart. Falling to her knees before the closed door, she cried silently. Hating how miserable he made her feel. Ashamed of being so weak, at allowing him to frighten her to tears. That she should have stood up, said something..anything. But truthfully she felt shamed. She never thought much of other's and now she was living in close quarter's with many people. She would need to think about what she did and how it would affect her housemates. Her piteous emotions over her constant stupidity. Waring with her growing anger towards how boorish Mamoru was being towards her. She just couldn't do anything right with regards to him.

She avoided him all weekend and at bed time Sunday night, made a point of taking out her morning exercise cd from her small stereo. That sat on the edge of her simple three drawer white dresser, surrounded by the clutter of manga, makeup, hair pins and her long birch wood, handled hair brush. Placing it back into it sleeve inside her pink cd wallet. Before preparing for bed, slowly brushing out her long hair in the tiny half bathroom. Mulling over her delima with Mamoru, the once pleasant feelings that started in her belly every time he rose in her thoughts. Now turning into something painful and sickening.

Then slipping into her large white t-shirt she wore habitually for sleep. Settling herself into her cot, under the whimsical pink covers, that had cute white bunny faces and crescent moons scattered all over. Laying back against her pillow, staring out of her large main window at the luminous full moon shining down upon her. It cast a pale silver sheen over her room, creating a somber atmosphere that calmed her. She had her window open on one side, letting in the cool spring wind. The fresh air, smelling of roses relaxing her in every way. Letting out a long, tired sigh hoping she would still wake up tomorrow on time with out her exercise alarm. That cd had been keeping her on time for school all last week, she was a deep sleeper. Her nanny had once told her she slept like the dead. The thought of her troubled childhood bringing a fond if bitter smile. It honestly took a great effort for her to wake up in the mornings, but it wasn't worth continuing to aggravate Mamoru. He was turning out to be down right scary...


It had been a wonderfully peaceful morning and Mamoru was in good spirits. He and Motoki were walking in companionable silence down the sidewalk, when a scream of raw panic echoed behind them. "I am so late!"

They turned in unison as Usagi bolted out of the courtyard behind them like a cannon ball. A cloud of dust exploding behind her as she careened down the sidewalk. Her hair wasn't done up in it's typical hairstyle, free flowing down her back like a golden cape. Her satchel was bouncing recklessly against her hip. As she dashed between them, tears in her eyes and panting breathlessly. Craning her head back, pumping her arms, striving desperately for more speed. If she didn't reach the bus stop over five blocks away in under three minutes. She would miss the bus that took her to Juuban High.

Mamoru's smile was small, almost pained as he watched her dash away down the street at top speed.

"What the hell was that?" Motoki commented, paying him an cold accusing look that spoke he that would get to the bottom of this.

Mamoru merely shrugged, acting indifferent to the situation. "At least we're not late to school. She needs to be more responsible." He stated pedantically as he strode a few steps ahead, shielding his concerned look from Motoki.

This was all his fault, he knew it. He couldn't help but feel like a selfish bastard.