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Summary: Izaya Orihara loses all of his memories. Everything, gone. When he wakes up from a minor head injury the first person he sees is Heiwajima Shizuo who wants nothing to do with Izaya. But what happens when Shizuo is the only one too help Izaya regain him memories? Izaya X Shizuo

Rated M for future smut and language.

I do not own the characters of DRRR

Chapter One- Darkness


I was surrounded by complete and utter darkness.

My heart was pounding in my head as I tried too open my eyes.

Nothing but an intense migraine that shoot through my whole body.

Where am I?

What happened last?

"-aya? Can you hear me, Izaya?" Whose voice was that? I shift my eyes around to look for some sort of light. Anything that told me I was alive. Maybe this was Death… I knew it would come for me one day. I let out a laugh. Sometimes Karmas a bitch. This made me laugh even more.

I had done things in my life that would make a normal person cringe in disgust. I have never killed anyone with my hands but that doesn't mean they don't hold the blood of others. I have drove many to suicide or had other people commit murder for me. It's simple really.

Humans in general are rather simple creatures. They are creatures of habit that will do what they are told for drug, sex or money. But some how they always surprise me in the end.

The only thing is I currently feel like that is something I have resisted before. I don't feel like those are my own thoughts. It must be this blackness. Its like an abyss of emotions.

"Try and open your eyes, Izaya. Shizuo get a glass of water in case he wakes up." The same voice as before spoke. I did not recognize that voice at all.

"Why do I have to do it? Celtys already in the kitchen!" Another voice spoke up. Where is that coming from.

"Stop talking. It makes my head hurt…" I shouted at the darkness

"Izaya? Open your eyes." The first voice said. I sighed. These voices were really getting on my nerves. Every time they spoke pain shot through my head that traveled down my body.

"Nah…" I let out a sigh. I tried to open my eyes but the blackness remained. How long was this going to last?

Suddenly, very warm hands were placed over my mouth and nose. Whose hands were those? What idiot would place their hands there?

I tried to take a breath but was stopped by the hands that covered my only escape for air. I panicked. My eyes snapped open only to be confronted by a shocking blindness. I closed them again as the hand left my mouth.

The migraine only got worse.

"Shizuo! Why did you do that?" Voice A yelled.

"Shut up, Shinra. The stupid Flee didn't deem to be getting up so I gave him a little motivation." Voice B replied. I opened my eyes again and allowed my vision to adjust.

Now whiteness. I tried to focus my eyes but had no luck. I shifted my body to lean on my right arm. I closed my eyes again and squeezed them. Where was I?

I opened them again and sat up. My migraine had settled down slightly as my eyes became adjusted to the light. I was on a couch in a living room.

Hm. Last place I would have thought to have woken up in. It was rather ordinary. One man was leaning against the wall and the other sat on the coffee table. I had never seen either of them before.

The one against the wall had bleached blonde hair and purple sunglasses that he was currently pushing up. The other had dark brown hair and regular glasses. He wore a huge smile as he stared at me.

"What do a bartender and a doctor have to do with me?" I asked swallowing hard. Where was I? Did I pass out at a bar and the guy called a doctor? No that doesn't sound right/ I don't drink all that much, do I? I couldn't remember. Was I a heavy drinker?

"Ha ha, very funny Flee. Shinra now that he's awake you don't need me." He started to leave but the doctor stopped him.

"Wait! Izaya, do you remember what happened? Shizuo said he found you in an ally passed out and took you here?" The doctor said. The bartender noticeable stiffened next to him as his eyes grew wider.

"What?" I more so stated then asked. I closed my eyes again as I heard the sound of something being placed next to me. I opened my eyes to see a new glass of water on the table.

"Well, I'll be going now-" I heard the bartender state but I stopped listening. My heart tightened in my chest and I felt like I couldn't breath. The "person" who gave me that glass of water didn't have a head!

I jumped back as far as I could all the way to the farthest side of the couch.

My mouth bobbed open and close at my lack of words.

[what's wrong, Izaya] The headless person typed on a small screen.

"Wha...Who...WHAT?!" I yelled. I jumped off of the couch to their kitchen area. "Listen, I don't know what you people what from me but I don't have anything worthwhile. It was weird enough for a bartender to be with a doctor but then theres this!" I gestured to the headless person. "I must be delusional!" I leaned against the counter.

"Izaya? If you're joking would you please cut it out. You know how I don't like people talking to Celty like that." The doctor stated. I stared at him.

"Who the fucks Izaya? I don't see anyone else here!? Just let me go. I promise I wont speak a word of what I saw." I started walking to the door only to be stopped by the doctor. He turned his head questionably.

"Amnesia. You must have suffered Amnesia from the blow." The doctor stated but the bartender laughed.

"Are you seriously believing this shit? Its Izaya we are talking about. He's has ulterior motives here." The bartender said.

"Excuse me bartender. I would hate to interrupt your very important announcement but it seems like I'm going to need a drink. I don't know any Izaya-san so can we just not talk about him? I would love that drink though." I leaned against the counter again. "And are we going to talk about the headless chick or not?"

The girl tightened her hand into a fist as she made her way towards me. The doctor stopped her.

"Celty. He doesn't know what he's saying. Hes clearly suffering for amnesia." The woman turned on her heels and left the room. Both of the men turned to me.

"Well… I'll get going then…" They were weird. I did not have any amnesia, they were just crazy. I started to walk down the hall to leave but the bartender stopped me.

"Izaya, I'm sick of these games." He stated. I shot him a confused look. Who. Is. Izaya?! Would they stop mentioning him!

"I'm Shinra Kishitani. This is Shizuo Heiwajima and you are Izaya Orihara."