Hey guys! So remember how this book/series/fanfiction (whatever you want to call it) is rated M? WELLLL one of those reasons is because of a chapter like this... I don't want to spoil anything but its VERY EXPLICIT!

Also I didn't plan on writing a scene like this, but it kinda just happened... I would LOVE you're feed back. Should I add more smutty stuff or more fluffy stuff? Please let me know :) I wrote this because personally I search for the smutty stuff and I just thought I would include it. It doesn't effect the plot too much...

BUT I just wanted to give you a heads up before hand. Don't like? Don't read. Please- Don't hate. There will be a warning of when said part comes up and when its over. If you do read this chapter but don't want to read the smut then just skip through it.

Summary: Orihara Izaya loses all of his memories. Everything, gone. When he wakes up from a minor head injury the first person he sees is Heiwajima Shizuo who wants nothing to do with Izaya. But what happens when Shizuo is the only one to help Izaya regain his memories? Izaya X Shizuo

Rated M for smut and language. (In this chapter)

I do not own the characters of DRRR :(

Chapter 3- New Life

"Shizu-chan! Shizu-chan!"


"But Shizu-chan-"

"NO. Izaya." I don't know what all the fuss is about. I simple asked if we could share a bed? Whats so bad about that? Other wise I have to sleep on the couch...

"Plllleeeaaassseee Shizu-chan... Couches hurt my back..." I whined. He was walking noticeable far in front of me as peoples heads turned in our direction. I walked as though their whispering and snickering didn't mean anything to me.

"Then I'll make you a pallet or something." he said so quietly I almost didn't hear him.

"YAY! Thank you, Shizu-chan!" I picked up the pace to try and ketch up to him but he just walked faster. We reached his apartment within a few minuets.

Shizu-chan's apartment was rather boring. Not what I expected at all. But then again, I didn't know what to expect. He seemed like a guy with a cool back ground and some fancy place full of girls. BUT he was rather normal, actually I would say even less then that. It was a simple one bedroom one bath apartment with a living room and a hallway.

The wall paper was crap. It was this ugly green color and I don't know how he stands that... I heard the opening of a fridge and turned.

"Shizu-chan, are you going to make me dinner?" I asked taking a seat on the couch.

"Stop calling me that, stupid flea." He spoke while gazing into the fridge.

"Fine. I'll call you... Hunny? No, Pumpkin? Sweet cakes? Sugar-"

"Izaaayaaa..." He interrupted. I sighed. He was a very fickle man. I leaned back into the couch and observed him. His movements as he took a breath in and out. His eyes scanned the fridge before he tightened his jaw. His eyes landed on mine as I smiled. He looked back into the fridge. What was wrong with him? There was something that didn't seem right in his whole demeanor. The way he held himself around me was an uncomfortable feeling that I wasn't familiar with... Even if I lost most of my memories, I feel that there would be some things I would remember.

"So tell me a little about yourself? I don't remember anything and don't want to be spending my week with a complete stranger." I signed. He started pulling things out of the fridge and started... Cooking?

"What do you want to know, louse?" He asked. I could do with out the name calling. Oh well, you take what you can get. I took a second to answer. I loved the sight that stood before me. A sexy bartender in an apron cutting up vegetables? I could get used to seeing that.

"Anything, really." His looks were near perfect. He actually did not have many muscles but the ones he did have showed. His thin body complemented his blonde hair. The state of his apartment was an obvious give away that he didn't have a girlfriend.

"Uh, Well. I'm 24, 185 cm, type O blood-" He started listing off facts.

"Those are boring things!" I stated interrupting him. "I want to know interesting things, like things you haven't told anyone before." He stopped cutting up a carrot before looking at me. There was a moment of awkward silence. I could tell he was thinking about answering.

"I don't have anything like that, flea." He simply replied before putting his attention back into his work.

"Nothing?" I replied unimpressed. "Are you a bartender?" I was not going to accept sitting here in silence watching him cook, although I easily could.

"No, actually." He had put down the knife but kept his attention on the cutting board. "The outfit was a gift from my brother." Then his face tightened again and he quickly turned his head to me. His eyes locked onto mine like the hunter just found the hunted. I didn't like this feeling, this vulnerability. "It was your fucking fault that happened. You set me up and I was a disappointment to my brother. It was your fault I got fired. Now these clothes are my reminder of a promise I made. I promise I will NOT break." His quite voice had turned into a yell.

"I-I'm sorry. I don't know what I did but-" The look he was sending directly towards me was enough to kill a man with a glance. I hadn't the slightest clue what he was talking about but the memory looked painful.

"Don't give me that shit, Izaya." He spat out my name like it was a curse. "Shinra may night believe me but this is just an act. Another was to make me feel guilty or for what ever twisted reason you fell like. Hell if I know what goes on in your mind." He picked up the knife and held it in his hand. "I don't want to hear sorry from you. Not you." The room suddenly felt empty. I felt unwanted.

"May I use your shower?" I asked hesitantly. I felt that one word and he would snap over edge, push me away, throw me out... Something. I didn't want that. Not from Shizu-Chan. There was something tugging at the back of my mind trying to tell me something. Something about Shizu-Chan. I slowly stood up.

"Do what ever the fuck you want. Just don't take too long. Dinner will be read in fifteen." He called after me as I disappeared down the hall. The bathroom door was opened as I stepped in and closed the door. I had the weirdest feeling about him. Not a bad one, just an unsettling one. But not even that...

Okay let me explain. Its like when you see a dog from a distance. Your immediate reaction- AW! THAT DOG IS SO CUTE! So you get closer to it and it runs from you. Now you have mixed feelings for that dog. You run after it. It only runs further. Then once you get a hold of it, it wiggles away. Suddenly, you're left with an empty feeling of being alone. But the dog was so cute!

Well, this is a little how I feel. Like I am trying to get Shizu-chan to open up and tell me why he doesn't like me but he runs. Maybe he was shy? But what he just said left me feeling guilty?

I started the showered and stripped. The mirror reflected the image of the same boy Shizu-chan held by the collar in the yearbook, only older. I reached up and touched my face, seeing the mirror do the same. This was so weird. I don't know the person standing on the other side of this glass. It was an immage I wasn't familiar with. I entered the shower.


The cold water dripped down my body. I should have waited until the water warmed up to get in. I leaned against the cold tile and felt the texture on my back. I closed my eyes.

Shizu-chan's breath on my right ear. His chest pressed against me. His eyes lock onto mine. The hazel color sinning in a moment shared between just the two of us. My heart racing at the mere sight of him. Lips parted. Eyes focused. Breathing increased. Cheeks read. The pressure on my chest increasing as oxygen fill his lungs. I want more...

Everything about Shizu-chan turned me on. His eyes. His bleached blonde hair. His body. Fuck, his body. Seeing him with out a shirt, pants, boxers... Fuck. My breath hitched as my back arched. My vision grew blurry as I closed my eyes. Shizu-chan silhouette still visible through the darkness.

To be able to have his body next to mine, to feel that warmth again. His hands exploring my chest. I lifted my own hands as if they were his. I pressed my stomach. He would be rough. I lifted both hand to my nipples and pinched. The sudden contact made my breath come out in pants. The water now turning hotter and hotter as steam filled the shower. My breathing became heavy. One hand pinch one left nipple while the other hand rolled the right one under the palm of my hand and pressed.

"Mmmmm... Shizu-chan...M-mor..e" I whispered.

"Anything for you. Izaya." He responded. I let out an unwilling moan at the sound of my name from his lips. My hands were now his hands in my mind and I couldn't change that fact if I wanted to. I felt the right hand travel down to my navel and pause, teasing me. This is something he would do. "Shizu-chan... P-please...H-haa..." The right hand now wrapped around my incredibly hot member.

He's probably bigger than this. I felt my legs growing weaker at the thought. My back slid down the tile as I took a sitting position on the floor. How big was he? Would three fingers be enough preparation?

"Open your mouth Izaya." I heard him say to me. I opened my mouth as my left hand entered my mouth. The wet cavern coaxed my slim fingers with saliva. His fingers would be thicker, more masculine. I wanted to be able to taste his. The feel of them around my tongue. I moaned at the thought of him resting above me. Sweat causing his hair to stick to his brow. Eyes staring deep into mine clouded with lust and desire asking if he could take me without preparation. If this were real I would grant him his wish. Anything that he wanted...

My pace began to increase and my breathing became irregular. I was moaning his name over and over, Shizu-chan. I pulled the fingers out of my mouth and down my body. I took a sharp intake of breath at the feel of his fingers at my entrance.

"Ready?" He asked as he pushed into me. I pushed one finger into my quivering hole that eagerly sucked it in. There wasn't much pain, only discomfort. I lifted my thumb over the slit as precum leaked out. I knew I was getting close. I quickly put in another finger and took them almost all the way out before thrusting them back in.

"AAAHHHhh...NNnnn..." I moaned and eagerly added another finger in hopes of reaching my euphoria faster. The images behind my eyes lids were of Shizu-chan thrusting into me. But it wasn't deep enough...

"Nnnnn... Hhhhaaaa..." I opened my eyes and looked around. I need something... My mind stopped at the thin shampoo bottle. It was bigger than the ones you see at hotels but still way smaller than an actual shampoo bottle. I hesitantly took out my fingers and let go of my cock before standing up on shaking legs. I opened the small bottle and poured some of the contents into my palm. I put the lid back on and rubbed the contents of it over the outside of the small bottle. I leaned against the wall and let my mind wander back to my fantasies.

One hand wrapped around my aching erection, the other pinch and squeezing my nipple. My right hand grabbed my cock roughly as I leaned put my forehead against the tile, sticking my ass in the air. I pressed the small bottle at my hole and pushed.

"AHHHhhhhhhnnnnnnn..." There was both discomfort and pain at the initial penetration. I held onto the end of the bottle as I pushed the bottle in further. Once fully settled inside, I took it out slowly before thrusting back in. "FUCK! SHIZU-CHAN!" I said (almost yelled) into the condensation lining the shower wall.

I let my thumb of my right hand flick over the head of my dick under my foreskin. I circled the head and pushed into the slit while thrusting the bottle deeper and deeper into my ass.

"Shizu-chan...M-moooreee...Hhhhaaannnnnn..." I moaned as I imagined him thrusting deep into me.

"Izaya..." He breathed into my ear as his grip on my dick tighten. I thrust forward one final time as I shot my seed along the warm tiles. I came hard feeling the effects over my entire body. I fell onto the hot wet floor as water poured over me. Best fake fuck I could remember. I laughed at this thought. Just a tad ironic.

The bottle was still buried inside my ass. I slowly pushed it out and it fell to the floor with a thump. My breath began to even out. A loud knock just about gave me a heart attach.

"Everything okay, Izaya? Dinner's ready." I heard Shizu-chan's voice. His masculine rough voice made my cock twitch. Shizu-chan...

"I'll be out in a minuet." I yelled with as much attempt at a regular voice as I could. My legs kept shaking. That was clearly the first time I've stuck anything there.

~~Warning over~~

I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. Now my body ached. I wrapped one towel around my head and the other around my hip. I opened the door only to come face to face with the man I had just, uh, jerked off to.

I felt my face grow hot as he looked away.

"Uhm. Dinners ready. Put on some clothes." He stated.

"Awww. But Shizu-chan... I love walking around in the nude." I saw his face flash a shade of light red before retreating into the kitchen.

"Just grab some clean clothes, flea. And hurry up, the food will get cold." He yelled from an area I couldn't see him. I walked into his room to do what he asked. I was going to put clothes on but he forgot I didn't have any clean ones with me...

Guess I'll just have to wear his.