Crossover: Harry Potter/Supernatural

Genres: Romance/Supernatural

Pairing: Castiel/Lucifer

Universe: Alternate Universe

Warnings: OOC-ness, alternate reality, yaoi, shounen-ai, time/dimensional travel, mature (maybe), Androdygnus-Lucifer, powerful-Lucifer, nice-Lucifer, blood, violence, torture, some minor characters death, bashings, and maybe more

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, Supernatural, and the other fandom in this story; they all belong to their true owners. I only borrow them for my own entertainment

Summary: What if Lucifer isn't like what the angels told the Winchesters? What if he doesn't hate humanity like in the past and that because of a little human boy? How much change will come to the Heaven, Hell, and the wizarding world with Lucifer raises Harry Potter like his own little sibling?

Author's note: This story is the remake of The Evil Angel. That means there will be some similarity and some differences with the original one


He didn't understand why his Father really loved the human race than his own Children in Heaven. What was so special about them that made Father told all of the angels in Heaven to protect and care about them. For him and a small group of angels, they saw the human race no more than an animal. They knew in the future they would destroy their own home and that would because of their own selfishness.

He had tried to tell his Father not to let the human race stayed on earth, for they would destroy that beautiful planet. However, his pleas weren't heard by Father, who told him that He put His faith in the human race, He knew they would guard earth and would never anyone destroyed that beautiful place.

He didn't believe those words. He had seen a lot of darkness inside the human's soul and it made him sick. How could his Father put His faith in such arrogant race?

Because of his love for his Father was so big, he thought that if he rebelled he could make his Father saw how cruel the human race really was, and then He would put them in the corner of the Garden. However, that act only made him receive a punishment from his Father. This kind of punishment never been given to any angels in Heaven before and he was the one who received it.

He would be the first angel to be sent into the ninth layer of Hell and sealed away for eternity or until someone broke the seals around his cage.

For many millennia, he watched the human race from his cage and felt rage towards them. They slowly started to destroy the planet that his Father had created for them; they killed another just because they were different, and forgot about his Father entirely except when they were in trouble. All of those events made him wanted the seals of his cage destroyed so he could punish those ungrateful creatures.

How dare they destroy what his Father has given to them? How dare they blame his Father for something that was their own fault? How dare they take, take, and take from his Father without giving anything in return?

But that kind of thought disappeared from his mind when one day he entered the dream realm, a place where he could see what the human subconsciously thought about. He forgot all of his anger for the human when he met a small child inside that place.

A small child that was named Harry Potter