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Dumbledore felt confuse, he never thought there was someone who had successfully gained the Goblins' respect. His musings was interrupted when someone opened the door. A sudden gasp made him raised his head and anger erupted from him when he saw who had come inside.

"YOU! HOW CAN YOU BE HERE?" roared Dumbledore when he saw the person who had come inside the room.

The person only smirked at Dumbledore.


Lucifer looked at the old wizard with a smirk on his face. He knew he would meet with the old wizard once he accepted the invitation. He then looked at Castiel, who standing behind him with Harry in his arms. With his eyes, he told the Seraph to protect the boy from everyone in this room. He shouldn't let the wizards and the witches in this room stood close to Harry, for they could be one of Dumbledore's minions.

They couldn't trust someone from the Order of the Phoenix and from the Deatheaters.

Dumbledore stared at the young man that had taken Harry from his Dursleys. He had commanded everyone to find everything about this man, but nothing important could be found beside he was the last member of the Morningstar House. He gained that status because Gellert Grindelwald killed every member of that house, except the young man, before the wizard sent to Nurmengard for life imprisonment.

The question was: 'How the Potters knew the last Morningstar?'

He couldn't afford to find out the answer, the only thing important right now was taking Harry away from this young man and then put him with one of his minions. He couldn't let his weapon walked away from him. It wasn't in his plan.

"Give Harry to me," he commanded Lucifer. "He needs to be with us, wizards and witches."

Lucifer didn't budge at Dumbledore's command; he only looked coldly at the old wizard. He knew what the old wizard wanted to do to his charge if he let that to happen. He would send his charge to one of his members so he could be train as Dumbledore's living weapon. There was no way he would let that to happen in the first place. He was his charge and that made him his responsibility.

"No, I don't think I can do that," he told the old wizard. "Until the will is read by the goblins, I won't let you stand close to my charge."

Lupin, who had been sitting not too far from Snape, stood up and went to where Lucifer stood. "Can, can I see Harry? He is my friends' son, I want to see him," he asked Lucifer.

He knew Lupin was Potters' best friend, but he still couldn't let the werewolf to stand close to Harry. He knew Lupin was grateful towards Dumbledore after the old wizard let him to teach at Hogwarts. Therefore, until he could trust the werewolf, he wouldn't let him to stay close to Harry.

"No, you can't meet Harry," said Lucifer.

"Why not? I'm his parents' friend," exclaimed Lupin. "You can't prevent me from seeing him."

Lucifer's eyes started to glow. "Until we hear the will, I won't let one of you to stand close to Harry. I don't care if you his parents' best friend or colleagues," he told them before signed to Castiel to find a good place to sit. "We will see if some of you are really have a right to meet with Harry or not." He then went to sit beside Castiel and his charge.

'This isn't good, he even didn't let Lupin, who is the Potters' best friend, to talk with Harry,' thought Dumbledore. 'I need to find a way to make sure Lupin could talk with him.'

He looked once more at Lucifer and flinched when the young man's golden eyes looked straight into his own eyes with sharp gaze. It looked as if the young man knew what in his mind, but then he pushed that thought away for he didn't feel any pressure in his mind. He decided to let it fell into coincidence.

Griphook coughed to gain everyone's attention "Now that everyone is in here," he told them, "we can start the reading of the Potters' will."

Lucifer crossed his arms and his legs, watching the will reading with his golden eyes.

"This will is created by James and Lily Potter, and is absolute. If we give everything to the Ministry, we give everything to the Ministry. No one can interfere. First of all, we will ten thousand galleons to Sirius Black and wish him to become a godfather for our Prongslet."

Everyone, except Lucifer and Castiel, looked flabbergasted. They started to think that the goblins didn't realize that Sirius Black had betrayed the Potters. Because they were too deep in their thoughts, they didn't realize the small smirk that appeared on Lucifer's face.

"We will five thousand galleons to Remus Lupin, hoping that he will buy some bloody new robes."

Lucifer watched the sandy brown haired-man started to cry. He knew that deep inside Lupin really cared about Harry, but he needed to do something to make sure the werewolf's loyalty wasn't towards Dumbledore but fully towards Harry. Yeah, he really needed to find it before too late.

"Now, I, James Potter, along with my wife, Lily Potter, will give the guardianship of our son, Harry James Potter, to..."

This was the moment of true and the one that Dumbledore had been waiting for. Where he would be staying from right now? Who would be his guardian until he is coming to age? He really hoped James and Lily will the guardianship their son to him; at least he would make sure the boy became what he wanted him to become, a weapon for the light side.

"The choice is simple," continued Griphook, "I'm going to give the guardianship of my son to the family that had helped my ancestors. I give the guardianship of my son to the last Morningstar, Lord Lucifer Morningstar."

Lucifer smirked inwardly when he heard the statement. It looked like his Father had gone to the past to make sure the Potters knew what would happen to their son if Dumbledore gained the guardianship. From the corner of his eyes, he could see everyone was looking at each other with confusion while Dumbledore looked angry.

"Is this mean I will stay with you from now on, Luc?" asked Harry in a small voice.

Lucifer smiled at his charge before whispered, "Of course, Harry. From now on you will live with me." He braced himself when the boy leaped at him and hugged his neck tightly around his little arms.

Griphook looked at the Fallen with a little smile before called him, "Lord Morningstar, if you could come to the front, please."

Dumbledore narrowed his eyes when the young man that had taken Harry from the Dursleys stood up from his seat and went to Griphook. He would make sure to take Harry away from the young man's hands. He would make sure of it.

"Please sign your name here."

Lucifer nodded and signed the parchment before he went back to his seat. He then waited until Griphook finished reading the will to go out from the room with Castiel and Harry in tow. He didn't want to stay in one place with the people that he despised much longer. He knew if he stayed much longer in one place with them, there would be a massacre.

"Are you alright, Lucifer?" asked Castiel when he sensed anger from the Fallen.

The Fallen blinked his eyes and took a deep breath. "I'm alright, Castiel," he told the Seraph. "I just want to walk away from this world hastily."

"You really don't like them, Luc?" asked Harry.

Lucifer nodded with a grim expression. "That old man would try to take you away from me, Harry. He will do anything to make sure you will become his living weapon," he explained.

Harry tightened his arms around Castiel's neck. "I don't want to stay with him. I don't like his aura," he told Lucifer. "His aura is dark like you, but his full with malice while you full with warm and protectiveness, Luc."

Lucifer didn't say anything; he only stared at the front door of the bank with trepidation. He knew the moment he, Castiel, and Harry was not inside the Gringotts, they would start to attack. Well, if they could try to take Harry away from his hands, for he would make sure they knew the true fear was.

And he didn't feel disappointed. The moment he, Castiel, and Harry was outside the Gringotts' area, they appeared in front of them with their wands out. Those gestures only made Lucifer to arch his eyebrow; he then looked at Castiel and gave him a silent command to protect Harry from any attacks that would come to them.

Slowly he went to stand in front of Castiel and Harry, protecting them from any attacks. "What can I do for all of you, gentlemen?" he asked sarcastically.

Dumbledore looked at Harry in the arms of the blue-eyed man that had come with the last Morningstar. His eyes flashed in anger when the golden-eyed man stood between him and his target.

"I want to thank you for taking care of Harry, but I think it's time for him to go with us," he told Lucifer. "Some of these wizards and witches are the Potters' friends. I know they will be in a good hand if you let him stay with one of them."

Lucifer arched his eyebrow at that. Did he think he would fall into his trick? He knew everyone that had become the Potters' friends were the members of the Order of the Phoenix, a group that was created to fight against the Dark Lord Voldemort, and they would do anything that Dumbledore commanded them to.

"I'm sorry," whispered Lucifer mockingly, "I don't think I can let you take Harry from my protection. I'm his guardian from now on, and that means you need my permission if you want to take Harry. Of course that permission will never exist as long as I'm still in this world."

"But he needs to stay with us, wizards and witches," he tried to reason with Lucifer. "He will need to know about his heritage."

Lucifer scoffed at the weak excuse. If he wanted his charge to know about his heritage as a wizard, he could ask Azrael, the Angel of Death, to let some of the dead wizards or witches to become his teacher in the future.

"If he needs to know about his heritage, I can ask my brother to call some of his wizard and witch friends," he told Dumbledore. "So, you don't need to feel afraid that he won't understand his magical heritage."

That wouldn't do. He needed to have Harry under his control. He couldn't let this young man became his guardian. With that in his mind, Dumbledore pulled out his wand, intending to paralyze the young man with a spell. However, before he could send the paralyze spell, something had made him couldn't move one inch of his body. This made him confused and felt a slight fear.

Lucifer looked at Dumbledore with glowing golden eyes. "Do you think I don't know what you will do to my charge if I give him to you, Dumbledore?" asked the Fallen in cold tone. "I know that you will make him your living weapon if you have him under your control. That's something that I can't let to happen for that isn't what his parents want."

Realizing that this young man was dangerous, Snape pulled out his wand and sent a cutting curse towards Lucifer. The curse hit the Fallen, but he didn't drop to the ground or even screamed in pain because of the fatal wounds that had been inflicted to him. This development made every Dumbledore's colleagues looked at Lucifer with disbelief and fear when the wounds started to heal.

The Fallen looked at him with half-lidded eyes. "Do you think you can hurt me with that pitiful magic?" asked Lucifer coldly. "If you want to hurt someone..." he whispered before letting them to see his shadow started to sprout three pair of red eyes and three mouths with sharp fangs.

"What, what is that?" whispered one of Dumbledore's colleagues.

Lupin looked at the three pair of red eyes and three mouths with sharp fangs with wide eyes. His wolf side was howling in fear when the young man's shadow started to sprout all of those things. He didn't know what creature that resided inside the young man's shadow, but he knew from the fear that emitted from his wolf side, it was dangerous and powerful.

"Lucifer," called Castiel, making the Fallen looked at him. "Are you really going to let Cerberus came out?" he asked him.

Lucifer didn't answer the question for a minute before shook his head. "Of course I'm not going to let Cerberus come out in this kind of place," he told the Seraph. "Around us there still some innocent people." With that, he summoned Cerberus back into his shadow.

Dumbledore blinked when he found out that he could move his body once more. He looked at Lucifer, who was looking at him with cold eyes. "You are a dark creature," whispered the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Lucifer rolled his eyes in annoyance. Just because he was a Fallen Angel, that didn't mean he was evil and needed to be killed. He really hated Britain magical world's view towards magical creatures; they viewed them as second-class citizens. Therefore, it wasn't strange if half of the magical creatures supported the Dark Lord. They wanted to have the same rights with the first-class citizens.

"So what if I'm a dark creature?" challenge Lucifer. "At least the Potters trust me to protect their son from everyone that wants to hurt him."

"You don't have any right to raise Potter!" exclaimed one of Dumbledore's colleagues.

Lucifer hissed at that statement. "If I don't have any right to raise Harry, then why his parents put me in their will and assign me as his guardian?" he challenged the man.

"You... you must have used confudus charm to them," he tried to give a comeback.

Lucifer laughed coldly at the man's comeback. It was true that as a Fallen Angel, he could manipulate human's mind, but he didn't find that term appealing. "If that's true, than Lupin as their friends must sensed it then." He looked at the werewolf. "However, he doesn't sense any spells around the Potters except the Fidelius charm."

Lupin nodded in agreement. "Lord Morningstar is right, I don't sense any spells beside the Fidelius charm around James, Lily, and Harry at that time," he told everyone.

"Now you know that I never put a confudus charm towards the Potters," said Lucifer with a smirk. "I think it's time me, my friends, and my charge go back to our home."

Dumbledore watched the retreating figure of Lucifer with narrowed eyes. He needed to find a way to take Harry from that creature. He needed the boy as his living weapon against Voldemort.


"What do you mean that Zachariah had been killed?" asked Raphael at one of the angels.

The angel licked his lips nervously and answered, "Just like we said, he was killed by an angel blade."

Raphael looked at the angel for a moment. "Who had killed him?" he asked the angel.

Now the angel looked at his companion with hesitation on his face. It looked as if he didn't want to tell Raphael who had killed Zachariah.

"Who had killed him?" asked Raphael once more.

The other angel decided to answer, "The one who had killed Zachariah was Lucifer."

"What?" Raphael looked at the angel. "What do you mean that Lucifer killed Zachariah?" he asked in disbelief.

"We don't know what his true reason for doing that, but we think he didn't like it when Zachariah told him that he needed to start the apocalypse," explained the angel.

Now Raphael felt confused. Why Lucifer killed Zachariah? Was it because he commanded the Fallen to start the apocalypse or something else? He needed to investigate this development before he could decide what kind of action that he needed to take later.


Lucifer stared at the file in the front of him with contemplated look on his face. One of his spies had infiltrated the Ministry of Magical Britain to find any evidences that Sirius Black really the Potters' betrayer. However, after searching every file in the Law Department, his spies didn't find anything that telling him about Sirius Black's betrayal towards the Potters.

It meant Sirius Black had been wrongly prosecuted by his own Ministry. Not only that, he too found out that Sirius Black never received any trail to defend himself or tell everyone what really happened that day. If that was true, that meant someone didn't want Sirius Black taking care of his godson and he knew who had that kind of influence.

Albus Dumbledore.

That old wizard was the only one who had huge influence inside the Ministry and could make sure Sirius was put into Azkaban without any trials. He put his chin on top of his clasped hands and started to think the way to make sure Sirius could be freed from the crime that he never committed in the first place.

He looked up when he sensed someone approached the perimeter of his house. His golden eyes became cold when he realized that the old wizard had commanded some of his minions to capture his little charge. There was no way he would let that to happen. With that in his mind, Lucifer summoned a group of hellhounds to guard his little charge and killed any the intruders in the manor.

"Guard Harry and make sure no one can take him away," he commanded the hellhounds that barked in agreement.

He took a deep breath and walked out from his office to greet the intruders. He watched with cold eyes when the intruders came inside from the front door and started to scatter so they could find their target faster. Of course, they could find his little charge if he was a muggle, but because he was an Archangel even though fallen, it was impossible for them to do that.

"Hello, gentlemen," he greeted the remaining three with cold voice. "How can I help you today?" he put his hands inside his pockets.

One of the wizards looked at them with hate-filled eyes. "Give us the Boy Who Lived, abomination!" yelled him to Lucifer.

Lucifer's eyebrow twitched when that man called him with an abomination term. It looked as if this wizard was one of the wizards that hated magical creatures and thought that they needed to be put under them like some kind of animals. Well, sorry to burst their bubbles, but to tell the truth the magical creatures were more civilized than the most wizards and witches.

The magical creatures never threw their children away just because they didn't have magical power. They loved their children because they knew how hard to have children of their own. That meant children was precious for them and needed to be protected.

"And why should I do that?" asked Lucifer coldly. "There's no way I'm going to give my charge to your leader."

"Do you think you can prevent us from taking the Boy Who Lived?" asked the wizard arrogantly. "You only one man."

Lucifer's golden eyes were glowing after the wizard said those words. He only let out a small smirk. "Are you sure about that?" he asked them mockingly.

"What—" whatever he wanted to say disappeared from the tip of his tongue when loud pained screams erupted inside the manor. Without asking, he knew those screams came from his comrades.

"Do you think I let my house unprotected?" asked Lucifer coldly. "Even though all of you didn't see anyone around the manor, that doesn't mean there was no guards to look over this place."

Suddenly the door on the right was opened with a loud bang before a wizard ran through it. His face was pale and his eyes were wide with fear. Lucifer watched the scene with dark amusement shinning in his golden eyes. He knew why that wizard looked so pale and full with terror, the wizard had met with one or two of his hellhounds.

"D-d-demons," stuttered the terrified wizard to his friends. "There are demons in here!"

"It looks like you have met my hellhounds," said Lucifer airily, "and judging from the blood on your robe, I can conclude that your friends were killed by them."

"You really are an abomination!" yelled the first wizard.

Lucifer only arched his eyebrow at that statement. If he asked him, he didn't care about that title for he knew he wasn't an abomination. He tilted his head to the side when he heard the sound of claws clicked against the floor that approaching the front hall. He smirked coldly when a group of six hellhounds appeared, making the survivors to scream in fright.

Well, of course they would scream in fright. Who wouldn't when they saw a group of black wolves with red glowing eyes and black fire as their fur? He watched his growling hellhounds before back to the scared looking wizards in front of him.

"All of you really shouldn't come here," he whispered before commanded the hellhounds to attack them.

Scream of fright and pain pierced the night that day.


Harry looked at Lucifer with wide eyes. "We're going to see Dean, Sam, and Castiel?" he asked the Fallen.

Lucifer nodded. "Yes, we're going to see them," he told the boy.

Harry started to jump in joy, making the Fallen to smile. He knew that his charge loved to see the Winchesters, especially Dean. Because Harry still a boy, he didn't understand why he felt some kind of pull towards Dean, but because Lucifer was an Archangel he could see that there was a red string bound around his charge and Dean. This development told Lucifer that the two of them was a destined mate

Well, at least his charge's destined mate was someone that he could respect.

"Are you ready?" his charge nodded. "Take my hand then." After the boy took his hand, he teleported the two of them to where he knew the Winchesters were staying right now.

When the two of them appeared inside the room where the Winchester were, the Fallen smirked at the surprised scream that erupted from Dean when he decided to appear right in front of the man.

"What the hell that for?" asked Dean, glaring at the Fallen who was smiling down at him.

"I just feel like it," answered the Fallen before he put Harry on the elder Winchester's laps. "Harry wants to see you."

"Hello, Dean!" greeted Harry happily.

Dean blinked before gazed at the boy softly. "Hello, Harry," he greeted back.

The Fallen smiled at the two before turned his attention towards Sam. "So, do you have any case?" asked him to the tallest Winchester.

Sam blinked before shook his head. "Nah, there's no case this last two days," he told the Fallen. "It looks like the bad supernatural creatures take some vacation."

Lucifer sat down on the chair next to the window. "I see," he mumbled softly before took the newspaper and read it. His reading was interrupted by the sound of flapping wings. He looked up from his newspaper only to find Castiel in front of him. "Hello, Castiel," he greeted the angel.

"Hello to you too, Lucifer," he greeted back.

The Fallen looked at the angel more closely before narrowed his eyes. He then stood up from his seat and walked into the angel's personal space. His action made the others to look at him with confusion. They didn't understand why Lucifer looked so serious and stood so close to Castiel.

"What is it?" asked Castiel.

"How long you have fallen, Castiel?" he asked the angel. "I can sense your grace slowly start to dwindle."

The Winchesters were shocked at that information. They didn't know that Castiel's grace started to dwindle and from the way Lucifer talked, they could conclude that if this continued Castiel would become a human in the near future.

"Is this because you help the Winchesters with disobeying the Heaven's order?" asked Lucifer.

Castiel looked at Lucifer before slowly nodded his head.

"Can you do something, Lucifer?" asked Dean. "It's not fair for Cas to have his grace disappears because of us."

Lucifer didn't say anything for a moment. He continued to look at the angel in front of him before gently put his right hand on the angel's stomach. He knew the only way to make sure Castiel didn't become a human was to share his grace with him. fortunately, for him, even though he was a fallen angel, his Father still let him to access his side of Heaven. With that in his mind, Lucifer poured his grace into Castiel to make sure the angel's grace didn't disappeared.

After finished pouring his grace into Castiel, Lucifer took a step back to give a room for the angel. He watched Castiel took a deep breath and closed his eyes. In the room, only he and Harry that could see that right now Castiel let his wings out from where he had been hiding them.

Castiel looked at Lucifer with gratitude. "Thank you," he said sincerely.

Lucifer only crossed his arms and looked away from the angel. He didn't want to let the others saw his face for he knew that right now it was red from embarrassment. At least he had made sure Castiel didn't become a human for doing the right thing to do in the first place.