Like the summary says, this is a collection of non-CS focused fics (under 1,500 words). I feel it's important to note here that Captain Swan will still be featured, so if you aren't a fan of them please be aware of that. This collection will contain all my short fics that are primarily gen, a non-CS pairing, or fics where CS and another pairing are equally featured.

Don't worry, I'll list whatever pairings/characters are in each ficlet at the head of each chapter so you can avoid whatever you dislike.

To start, I have an extremely goofy crack!pairing drabble! (No, not everything will be this ridiculous, I swear.)

Pairing: Captain Floor

Prompt: Rosenlight on Tumblr sent me an ask with the first four sentences (bold). I continued from there.

There he was again. The floor hugged him tightly in its muddy embrace, whispered with the cracking of leaves that he'll be okay. Hook closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, trying to resist its charm, but he was too weak. He sighed, resting at last.

If there was one thing Hook had always been able to count on throughout his long life, it was Floor. Always there for him, silently supporting him, firm beneath his feet. Sometimes, he'd just - lay down, just close his eyes and savor the constant love, the strength, the belief that although he would always stand up, so too would he lay down again. Floor was patient, it would always wait for him, would always welcome him.

Even in the midst of a fight, if he were knocked down the pain was soothed by an edge of familiarity, of trust and momentary relief. It didn't matter whether it was the crackling leaves of the Enchanted Forest, the muddy sod of Neverland, the wood of his own ship, rocks, or even tiles - no matter what realm he traveled to, no matter what battle he fought, Hook could always recognize his Floor. He sought its solace for as long as he dared, silently promising to return - and could feel its belief in him, that same solid surety, the trust that he would survive, and they would be reunited once more. Floor was patient, constant… just these swift, stolen moments in the midst of battle were still enough to bring Hook a level of peace, confidence, and renewed energy as he stood up yet again.

Don't worry, Floor seemed to whisper, gravity will bring us together again. True Love always finds a way.