Relationships: Emma+Aurora, Philora, Captain Swan

Prompt: I would love a drabble with Aurora asking Emma for sexual advice for her and Philip and being like 'i know you and hook are probably a good ask for this' and emma being like 'WHAT DO YOU MEAN I DON'T DO HOOK' and then telling her.

"I mean," the princess said, blushing violently, "it's not like I don't know anything, I mean we do have a child together, I know what I'm doing in - in the bedchambers."

"Right," Emma agreed awkwardly, trying not to think of any lame jokes about Sleeping Beauty knowing her way around bedchambers. "Of course you do."

"It's just - and it's not that I don't love him, I do, I just. I think I've been wanting…" Aurora blushed harder, lowering her voice furtively, "more."

"Okay," Emma shrugged. When Aurora had pulled her into the gardens for a 'private conversation' earlier, she had not been expecting this. "Um. What kind of more?"

"I don't know!" the princess hissed. "I thought you'd know, I mean you and Hook obviously get up to - to - I don't know, all sorts of things!"

Emma blinked, not sure if she should be offended. "What do you mean, obviousl - wait, did you say me and HOOK?"

Aurora raised her eyebrows, as if to say 'your point being?'

"I'm not - seriously, Hook?" Emma said, gaping. "What the hell - why would you even think that?"

Aurora just looked at her.

"I'm not having kinky sex with Hook!" she snapped back, perhaps a little too loudly. Instantly, she lowered her voice, glancing furtively around before leaning forward to whisper insistently, "I'm not!"

The princess actually tutted. "Fine, Emma," she sighed, in the tone of one who believes none of it. "But… please, I don't know who else to talk to about this. Please."

Emma groaned, dropping her face into her hands. She had never ever wanted to be in the position of giving a Disney princess sex tips. Never.

"…Fine," she said, finally, trying not to notice the way Aurora perked up immediately. "I guess a good place to start would be light bondage…"


"…and I mean, I've got to make allowances for the whole 'only one hand' thing so handcuffs aren't necessarily the best choice, in fact maybe scarves are better anyway, they're softer - but you won't have to do anything complicated, and trust me seeing but being unable to touch is gonna drive him mad," Emma finished with an encouraging smile, several minutes later. Okay, so being Aurora's sex guru hadn't been so bad, at least not so far. She'd listened attentively, and though her blush had Emma fearing for the blood vessels in her cheeks at times, the princess had seemed nervously excited about Emma's various suggestions for ways to spice up her nights with Philip.

In fact, she was currently sporting a somewhat wicked smirk. Huh, she must like the idea of scarves even more than blindfolds (her other favorite suggestion).

"What?" Emma asked, after several moments passed with the princess just grinning at her.

"Nothing," Aurora giggled, biting her lips. "Thank you. I think we'll manage all right. Since Philip has both hands."

"I - um. What?" Emma asked, eyes going wide and blush beginning to warm her cheeks - but Aurora was already standing up and darting around the hedge.

"I'll tell you how it goes," she laughed lightly, and was gone before Emma could protest that that really wasn't necessary, or explain that the whole 'one hand thing' was just a slip of the tongue, it wasn't like she and Hook were actually having kinky sex, okay, it was all just a misunder-

"I hope you weren't intending to give them our handcuffs," a familiar voice purred from behind her, and Emma jumped and spun around to see Hook stepping out from behind another hedge with a huge smirk. "You know I'm rather fond of them."

Emma groaned, dropping her face into her hands. "How much did you hear?"

Warm arms wrapped around her waist, and Hook rubbed his stubble teasingly against her neck (he knew she liked that, just as much as he knew she hated the marks it left. the asshole) as he pressed small kisses to her skin.

"Apparently we've been getting up to all sorts of things," he whispered huskily into her ear. "Have you taught the innocent princess about sex in public yet?"

Just so you all know: Philip does approve of both bondage and blindfolding. Aurora reports this back to Emma who continues to be her reluctant tutor in the world of kink. Eventually she ends up suggesting Aurora try a threesome, just a suggestion, but Aurora REALLY LIKES the idea. As does Philip. As does Mulan. And though it was maybe meant as a once-off, the Warrior Royals threesome rapidly becomes a permanent arrangement. (Meanwhile Hook and Mulan are bros, and Emma and Aurora eventually end up becoming really good friends with Emma confiding in Aurora too.)