My first TT FanFic! Sorry if it is not the best, but I love Teen Titans and will be posting everything I wish had been included in the series. Here goes!

Chapter One

"I told you there was something fishy about a kid wanting the Teen Titans at his b-day party," said Beast Boy.

"Uh, no, you didn't," Raven said. " Anyway, there's nothing particularly red-flaggish about a kid wanting entertainment."

"Guys, we need to focus. Find the weaknesses," said Robin as he pulled out his bo-staff. "Go!"

The Teen Titans bounded out onto the backyard-turned-battlefield wielding their weapons and powers. They hadn't expected to be surrounded by Slade's men at a small child's party. They hadn't expected the sweet little birthday boy to declare them scuz-munchin' snot rags before revealing himself as Gizmo, one of the Hive Five members. They certainly hadn't expected to see Slade himself overlooking the fight. But really, what surprised them most was how calm Robin appeared in the presence of Slade. "Focus," he kept whispering to himself. The other Titans tried to keep surprise off their faces as they beat down Slade-bots.

It was not until 4/5 of the Slade-bots were disabled that they realized Robin was gone.


"Robin, you took longer than expected."

"What do you want? What will you threaten us with this time?"

"Dear child, I only want what is best. But if a threat is what I must give you, I will not hesitate. Join me Robin. Failure is not something I take lightly. This time I will not fail."

"Never again."

"I have someone who may change your mind."

Sorry for the short chapter! More to come, and if you want to guess on who Slade will use against Robin, post in the comments!