"Kick! Punch! Duck! Goodness, Boy, why are you so hopeless!?"

Robin growled slightly. "Tell me that again, maybe my moves will be better when I try them on you," he threatened.

"Robin. Robin, Robin. Don't threaten me. We both know you couldn't lay a hand on me, even if you wanted to."

"Maybe I do want to."

"Where do you plan on going after you've turned on me, then?"


"Thought so."

Robin sighed and turned back to the mechanical fighting dummies. "Maybe I could go back to staying with Batman."

"I doubt it," Slade replied. "You guys aren't on very good terms, are you? I believe you stole from his business less than a month ago. You also blasted the letters on top of his building."

"Erm... Well. I could just go be a hero on my own, like I planned to before I met the Team."

"You could. But I don't think the world deserves a hero as good as you. After all, this horrible world has thrown some pretty hard times your way, hasn't it?"

"... Yeah. It has." Robin paused, thinking. "But everyone deserves a second chance, right?"

"The world is way past 'second chances.' If I had to guess, I'd say the world is on its billionth chance by now," Slade told Robin.

"Oh, wow."


"I agree with you."


"I know."

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, 'The flip, Hannah!? We wait for, like, ever for another chapter, and you give us this? A measly two hundred eighty something words? WHY!?'

I'm sorry.

I'm gonna skype Emily later and get ideas.

I'm sorry.