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Chapter Four

Robin stared at Slade.

Slade stared back.

The blood was rising quickly. It was already to her waste.

They kept staring.

The blood was coming up to her shoulders now. Robin kept telling himself that Slade wouldn't do it, couldn't do it, because if he did he'd have no one to threaten Robin with. But with each passing second he grew more and more unsure. What if he was wrong? What if Slade had something else to bargain with after Starfire was gone? What if Slade had planned to kill her all along, whether Robin agreed to his terms or not? What if Slade simply expected him to be too heartbroken to fight back after her death?

The blood had risen to her chin. She stopped screaming and clamped her mouth shut, pushing on the glass as she tried to escape. The glass wasn't going to break any time soon. Slade looked smug. He looked as if he'd already won. And in a way, he had. If Robin agreed to be his apprentice to save Starfire, well, he finally got a worthy apprentice. If Robin refused, he had still rid the world of one of its titans, and she was an important one, too. Important to the team, and important to Robin. With any luck, Robin would just fall apart when she was gone.

Robin gave in when the blood covered her nose. "Stop! Stop it! Let her go!"

Slade didn't. "Why? Would you do something for me, Robin?"

Robin nodded frantically. "Fine! Fine, fine, I'll be your stupid apprentice - again. Just let her out!"

Slade nodded slowly and pressed a button. The blood quickly drained from the glass cylinder. Starfire gasped for air and started crying. Robin avoided her eyes. He couldn't tell why she was crying. Was it because she had just almost died? Or because Robin had just become Slade's apprentice? He had a feeling he'd never have a chance to ask her.

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