"The playground is for children between the ages of 6 and up"

That's what the sign said, but that didn't stop young 16 year old Fujiwara Saiko from slowly bouncing up and down on the see-saw by herself. Sure, her legs hurt, but it was better than trying to fit on the cramped slide that didn't even let her go down properly. She would have chosen to go on the swings, but decided not to considering they were covered in gum and looked ready to collapse under any small amount of weight. She was surprised that a small 7 year old boy was able to even sit on it.

"...Excuse me," Saiko blinked, taking her gaze away from the little boy that seemed to be enjoying himself despite the fact he looked ready to fall off the swings. She glanced up at the woman in front of her, standing with feet apart and hands on her hips, almost like some sort of super hero. She looked in her late 20's or early 30's.

Saiko raised an eyebrow dully, "Yes?"

"My kids have been waiting 15 minutes to play on the see-saw. Don't you think it's time to let them have a turn?" The woman gestured to her two twin daughters, both looking eagerly at the see-saw.

Saiko looked back at the woman, "Oh?" She didn't bother saying anything else.

"Aren't you a bit old to be playing here anyways?" The woman started tapping her foot now.

"The sign says ages 6 and up. It doesn't say anything about 16 year old teens not being allowed." Saiko allowed herself to smile bashfully at the woman.

The woman huffed, running a hand through her hair as one of her daughters started tugging on her skirt, "Well can you please just get off so my daughters can have a go?"

Saiko glanced at the two younger girls again. They seemed around 10 or 11 years old. Old enough to not be scarred for life.

She dropped her innocent smile, looking down as her dark brown hair created a curtain around her face. Slowly, she started giggling, and the woman blinked, surprised, before slowly pushing her children a step back. Saiko looked up once again, staring at the woman directly in the eyes with a smirk that showed no ounce of sanity.

"Why? Why should I move from this spot that I have claimed as my own just for your precious little daughters? What point will it make? All they're gonna do is bounce up and down. Who knows? They might even injure themselves; fall off and scrape a knee, or even worse, break their neck. They're little children, so delicate and fragile. Wouldn't it be better if they didn't get on? Or even better, if they just didn't exist at all? Then you wouldn't have to constantly worry yourself over them and you could live a better life. Sometimes, I'd like to imagine what the world would be like if children didn't exist at all. They're such a pain."

By now, the woman was quickly gathering her two daughters and leading them away, like a protective dog ushering away her pups. She didn't want to stay and listen to the girl anymore, she didn't seem sane at all. In fact, she seemed purely crazy.

Saiko watched them leave, her smirk slowly fading. She sat there a bit longer, even after the family was long gone, and suddenly burst out into loud laughter. She gripped the see-saw harder, her knuckles turning white as she continued to laugh harder, enough to make her stomach hurt.

She finally calmed down enough to stand up, noticing that the park was cleared out already. Either it due to her maniacal laughter, or that it was getting pretty late. Either way, she decided it was time to head home; her sister was most likely worried about her already.

"Where have you been!?" A woman in her early 20's dropped a brown box, staring at her younger sister worriedly before rushing over to her to see if she was injured. "Are you hurt? Are you alright?

Saiko ignored the hands that roamed over face for any scratches, instead choosing to stare over her sister's shoulder. She didn't like looking people in the eye unless she wanted to scare them.

"I'm fine, Yuki. Nothing happened." Her sister sighed, taking a step back.

"You didn't answer my first question." Yuki crossed her arms, eyeing her sister as she took off her shoes casually.

"Exploring." One more look from her sister prompted her to explain more, "I was at a park."

Hearing this, Yuki sighed, "Please don't tell me you scared any kids." She placed a hand over her forehead, eyes closed and hoping for the best.

"Of course not," she let out another sigh, "probably just the mother." Of course, she hoped for too much.


"I'm going to bed." Saiko started making her way up the stairs. Yuki would have went after her to scold her, but she knew that most of the things she says goes in one ear and out the other, so it was quite pointless.

"Make sure to get some sleep, your first day of school is tomorrow." Yuki called after her, picking up the box she had dropped earlier and praying that nothing had broken.

"Right." Saiko replied, closing her bedroom door behind her and changing into her pajamas. She crawled into bed, flopping her face down into her pillow.

If she had a choice, she'd rather not go to school tomorrow. She would have preferred to continue exploring her new city, Ikebukuro. Going around the streets and watching people to get a feel of the place. She didn't want to go to a building full of idiots her age and be subjected to sit still for hours around strangers that would most likely ask her billions of questions.

Humans were so boring and dull.