I'm still unsure how I feel about this pairing, but Elsa I absolutely love. And so far, I haven't seen anything else that fits better. In fact, I'm rather growing on this. Tell me what you like and decide if I should continued.

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Ps: There's a little bit a love triangle. One sided Rapunzel/Jack at the beginning of the story. As soon as I heard THAT pairing, I was like bleck! No offense, but I was surprised that it ever became popular. Oh well, everyone has opinions.



Blue eyes darted, before quickly snapping back to the attention of his friend's who were animatedly chatting all around him.

Focus Jack. You're being ridiculous.

Trying desperately to tune into the faded voices, it wasn't long before once again, a glance was sent across the cafeteria, before again muttering a curse and turning away.

It was impossible, it seemed. To keep his eyes parted from her for very long. Despite all the chaos of the lunch room around him, his view remained on her.

She was oblivious. With black glasses perched on her nose, encircling big blue eyes, her platinum blonde hair pinned up in a pattern.

It was the same every day. Every day she sat at the same table, by herself, declining invites, ignoring insults, and simply remained in her preferred solitude. She wore black skinny jeans with a blue V-neck, a silver chain around her throat as she munched quietly on an apple slice with her eyes glued to the book in front of her.

From the distance, he could still see her eyes dart back and forth as she read, her colored lips pursed in focus.


Elsa Queen. She was an enigma to all the school. Some judged her silence, others tried probing her to join their groups, and several boys had tried charm. All of these failed any effect on the so called 'ice queen' of Arendelle High. She remained detached to the world. Her cold exterior both repelled and attracted her peers, but Jack remained the most attentive to her every move.


What was it about her that had him enraptured? What lay beneath her icy mask? Maybe that was why she interested him so...he had a closer relation with ice than most.


Ripped from his reverie, silver hair fluttered at the sharp snap of his head as he turned to the blonde that sat across from the table. Green eyes were staring at him with a furrowed brow. "Huh? What?"

Clearing his throat, he gave a crooked grin to cover up being flustered. "Heh, sorry Rapunzel. I'm just a little distracted today."

Rapunzel sighed, adjusting the straps of her pink summer dress. "It's fine. I just would have stopped talking ten minutes ago if I would have known you weren't paying attention."

Jack sent her an apologetic look as Hiccup scoffed from nearby, his arm loosely draped around Astrid as he sent a cheeky smile towards his friend. "Right. Distracted. You're distracted every day, Frost. You've been staring at the Ice Queen ever since she arrived a month ago."

This sent all but an agitated looking Rapunzel into fits of snickers. Jack jolted at being caught in his act, quickly declining the jab with a shake of his head.

"I have not! I just...I'm looking at the clock that's near her..."

Eugene slapped his back and laughed. "Ha! Right, only if the clock has silver blond hair and," here he added effect of batting his eyes suggestively, "pretty blue eyes that sparkle."

Nudging him harshly with his elbow, the silver haired teen frowned. "I...oh shut up."

This sent another set of chuckles around the table before Merida pointed with a grin. "Oh look! She's actually putting down her book!"

All heads turned to see that Elsa indeed did close her novel before stretching her arms gracefully. She stood from her empty table and stretched again, arching her back as her shirt rode up her hips an inch. Finishing this, the group of friends watched in surprise as her long fingers pulled the thick black glasses off her nose revealing the entirety of her pretty face.

Eugene let out a low whistle. "You know, looking close, I can see why you always stare at her..."

This earned the horse rider another smack on the head before all continued to watch her move, peaked in interest to watch the mysterious girl reach back and undo a bit of her hair, letting the flaxen strands fall into a low over the shoulder braid as she pushed back her fringe.

Jack couldn't help it, a woah escaped his lips before he could stop it. The simple release of her unneeded accessories revealed just the slightest more of the girl underneath, and she was beautiful indeed.

As Elsa picked up her tray and strode to the trash bins to rid of her garbage, the group of friends turned their stares away and looked at one another with wide eyes.

Hiccup was the first to speak. "She's..." Astrid glared sharply, causing the lanky brunette to gulp alarmingly and tug at his sleeve to finish his sentence. "...uh...she's ok-ay looking."

The blonde rolled her cobalt eyes and punched his shoulder anyway. "Nice try idiot."

Eugene, not one to hold back, gave a wolfish grin. "Are you kidding? How did I not notice before? The Ice Queen is hot!"

Jack nodded in agreement, his eyes still lingering to where she replaced herself at her table. "Yeah...she's...gorgeous."

Large green eyes glared at him from across the table, but this went unnoticed by the oblivious teen.


Walking down the hallways, the bustling crowds caused need to weave her steps around each coming body. Elsa clutched her books to her chest, feeling exposed. Today, she had taken off her fake glasses and pinned hair to her more realistic look. She had adorned the previous features to keep others at bay, knowing she would most likely be taken as a 'nerd' of types, but after so long, they had been annoying and she felt the need to remove them.

With her blue eyes glued to her own black boots, she was taken off guard by the hard slam that pushed her back to the locker. Arms falling to her sides as books fell to the floor, she winced before glaring at the person before her.

Tiana stood before her in a green skirt and white blouse, hands on hips as she leered at the blonde. "Look where you're going, Ice Queen."

Elsa boiled, clenching her fists as the girl cackled. Usually, she would just let these things happen as not to attract attention, but after having already changed her usual dressing today, she couldn't help but feel the need to let her temper rage as well.

'Conceal. Don't feel. Don't let it show. Conceal. Don't feel, or everyone will know.'

She chanted this to herself with her eyes shut tight. Yes she could feel her temperature begin to rise again, as long as she didn't lose control...

"I mean its bad enough you're such a snob, but then you're sister is a blubbering idiot!"

Elsa's eyes snapped open, blazing with blue fire as she moved faster than the 'princess' realized. Stepping forward, she gripped the retreating prig's shoulders and slammed her backwards against the lockers, resounding a loud crash from the impact.

"Don't you say a thing about my sister!" Slender fingers gripped the collar of Tiana's shirt, her face sneered in hers. "Say one thing about Anna, and I'll make sure you're very well acquainted with the nurse!"

With the raven haired bully's brown eyes wide, Elsa gave one last hard shove before releasing her and stalking away, not even bothering to retrieve her scattered school books.

Other students began to surround the scene, eyes wide in bewilderment at the quiet girl who was the target of most stinging sentiments, suddenly allowing her rage to control her actions.

Elsa was aware of the whispers that would start, and she knew that all eyes were on her as she pushed her way through the thickening bodies.

Everything seemed so small, she could feel her hands sparking with ice and snow, and knew she had to free herself from the confinement of school before she let loose a blizzard.

As she finally reached the doors to outside, she wasted no time in running out and across the field.