Hey there. My name's Nagasumi Michishio, just your average run of the mill human. Well, at least that's how I USED to be...before entering into a world of constant terror, fear and utter INSANITY the minute I was involved with the affairs of the Seto gang, a gang of ruthless, blood thirsty and over the top yakuza mermaids! But, at the same time, I met and fell in love with the most beautiful girl I ever could've met. Her name is Sun Seto, daughter of Gozaburo Seto, the boss. To think, all of this started when she saved me from drowning while on summer vacation. I then learned that, to save both our skins, we had to get married. But, looking back at it now, I'm really happy that this happened...because there's no one I'd rather be with than Sun.

It is now ten years after the big escapade we had with Yoshiuo, a so called "noble" among the merfolk, who wanted nothing more than to have his way with her. Thanks to the efforts put together by my friends and support of the Edomae and Seto families, I saved Sun from that disgusting pervert and finally told her how much I loved her. Since then, I've worked SUPER HARD to earn the trust I would need from Gozaburo and family to truly marry Sun. And here we are, today, on our wedding day in Saitama.

Everything was perfect. Not only did I finally earn the blessings of Sun's father and admiration of the others within the Seto gang, but I was truly about to become Sun's husband, something that greatly fueled my efforts up to this point. But now, even as our friends and family gather and the marriage arrangements are underway, I'm suddenly cowering like a frightened kitten again. Why? Because I have NO IDEA how to break the news to Gozaburo that I accidentally got Sun PREGNANT!

My Bride is a Mermaid: Wedding Bells

Chapter 01: Wedding Ordeal

~ Saitama Church | Sunny Afternoon | Nagasumi and Sun's Wedding ~

Our story begins within the halls of the Saitama Church, the place of Nagasumi Michishio and Sun Seto's long awaited wedding. The church was overflooded with the guests invited by the wedded couple to join in the festivities. And you can very well expect that the likes of the Seto Gang and its members would be here partaking in the festivities as well. And of them all, no one was more full of tears and running snot than the wife's father, Gozaburo Seto. We open our story in one of the many rooms within the church where Nagasumi is showing off his wedding attire to his soon-to-be in-laws.

"Well? How do I look?" he asked. Nagasumi was wearing a white button down tuxedo with a black bowtie tied around his neck. In addition, he wore a pair of bright white pants and black shoes. In the room with him was Gozaburo and Ren, Sun's parents. Ren gave a light smile.

"I'd say you look pretty sharp there Nagasumi. Heh. Some part of me wishes I was in my daughter's shoes right now." she teased. Hearing those words, Nagasumi lightly chuckled and began to blush. Shortly after, he heard the sounds of bawling as he looks to see Gozaburo blowing his nose into a tissue.

"Wow. I never thought I'd see the day that Sun's dad would be THIS teary eyed. I'm so used to the scary, beastly, "I'm gonna kill you" expressions he usually gives me." Nagasumi thought. Realizing eyes were on him now, Gozaburo glanced before quickly regaining his composure. Tossing the tissue away, he approached Nagasumi and plopped his heavy hands on his shoulder.

"Yer looking pretty sharply dressed there maggot. Good job." he said. Nagasumi lightly chuckled.

"T-Thank you?" he asked. Just then, he suddenly got one of the memorable "murder" glares from Gozaburo right in front of him, slightly spooking him.

"W-What?!" Nagasumi thought, trying to keep a straight face as he glared on. Ren saw her husband's face and groaned.

"D-Dear! Don't tell me you're starting THIS again!" she groaned. But suddenly, Gozaburo gave a loud, boastful laugh, slightly surprising Nagasumi.

"Just kidding there Nagasumi! Just wanted to see if ya still had the stuff! You've grown up quite well for being a worthless human!" he laughed. Nagasumi and Ren quietly glared on as he continued to laugh. Realizing what he meant, Nagasumi lightly chuckled as well.

Since the day that Nagasumi saved Sun from Yoshiuo, he "bravely" faced Sun's parents and told them that he would work his hardest so that he could live up to the "Seto image" and not have to fear Gozaburo any longer. Seeing that he was serious and reminded of his dedication, Gozaburo spent the last ten years using his regular "scare" tactics to test Nagasumi's determined spirit. And, after surviving the excruciating ten years, Gozaburo finally accepted Nagasumi, pleased about his future son-in-law.

As Gozaburo continues laughing, they hear a knock at door. Nagasumi looks and sees Masa entering the room with Maki riding on his shoulder.

"Hey there Nagasumi. Just wanted to tell you and the boss that Miss Sun's almost ready. She's just slipping into her wedding gown now and should be done shortly." he reported. Gozaburo chuckled.

"Good work Masa!" he chuckled. After a light nod, Masa looked to Nagasumi, dressed in his tuxedo, and smiled.

"You did well Nagasumi. I think you'll be the first human the boss has grown to like. Miss Sun's REAL lucky to have met you." he said. Nagasumi smiled as well.

"Thanks Masa." he replied. Masa smirked, adding that the ten years of work was well worth it.

Over the ten year period Nagasumi set for himself, Masa was secretly there giving him helpful advice when he needed it as well as always being at his side. He was proud of the way Nagasumi was maturing and secretly wished to see the day that he and Sun truly became husband and wife. But, as of yet, he still hasn't told Akeno that he is her brother.

On his shoulder, Maki was seen picking into her ear with her pinky. After plucking something out and flicking it off, she looked to Nagasumi and smirked.

"Yeah. Ya did well sea louse. I gotta admit that you even surprised me." she added. Just then, there was a loud meow from behind as, suddenly, a large white cat leaped up and over Masa, knocking Maki off with it. She fell to the floor with a thud as the cat's paws had her trapped. But strangely, instead of her usual terrified expression to cats, Maki was seen snickering as the cat licked her on the cheek. This cat was the same one Nagasumi found as a kitten and took into his home, the one that "adored" Maki.

"All right! All right! Get off me ya overgrown flea bag! I-I wasn't gone THAT long!" she exclaimed, feeling the cat's tongue against her face.

Maki was still her same, usual self, always butting into the affairs of Nagasumi and Sun whenever she could over the years. Part of the reason was so she could maintain her job of watching over Sun, but another reason was so that she could personally see Nagasumi's so-called "growth" for herself.

And over time, Maki had conquered her fear of cats with help from Nagasumi, who originally used a recording of the kitten's voice to frighten her off when he wanted to be alone with Sun. And in time, she managed to "tame" the savage beast and now, the full grown feline is Maki's partner, trained especially to work alongside her. Short to say, she's proud of the way Nagasumi "manned up".


~ At the Altar | A Little While Later... ~

After a few more moments alone with Sun's parents, Nagasumi makes his way to the altar and is waiting in front of the crowd, watched by his parents in the first row, directly across from where Sun's family would be seated. Next to them as well was Nagasumi's grandmother.

"Look at him dear. Our little Nagasumi is finally getting married. Isn't it wonderful?" his mother asked. His father nodded, happy to see that this has been the "first time" they've happily been together since first meeting the Seto gang. Not wanting to miss this day, his family brought along a handheld recorder and were filming Nagasumi at the altar.

"Nagasumi, you've done well." his grandmother thought with a smile. In the row of seats behind where Sun's parents would be, we see a young adult Lunar seated next to her father, dressed in a glittering yellow dress.

"Hmm. Just wait Sun. You may have won Nagasumi, but WE'LL snag someone way better than this "man servant". Just you wait." she thought, growing a sly smile.

Over the ten years, Lunar remained a guest at the Michishio household, sharing her room with Sun. At first, she heavily doubted Nagasumi being able to man up and outgrow being her groveling "man servant". But, in her heart, she wished Nagasumi had grown to love her the same way he did Sun. However, without really "showing" it, she's happy for them both. As for her relationship with her papa, things have...changed for the better, I think.

Seated behind Nagasumi's parents are the likes of Satori and "Chimp" Sarutobi. And seated across from them was Akeno Shiranui, taking a seat alongside Kai Mikawa. And, like always, Kai was seen quietly weeping.

Since the day she decided to "observe" Nagasumi and Sun, Akeno secretly rooted for the two, wanting things to change for the better because of their marriage. However, even after the many years she's been near him, she's yet to discover Masa is her missing brother. And, like always, she furiously has to deal with Chimp's "perverted advances", seeing he lost his chance at Sun and has 0 percent chance with Lunar.

Satori, Chimp's kid sister, continues to like Nagasumi as her "rugged hero" since the event at the theater. She is now a student at Isono Junior High School.

As for Mikawa, he secretly has been grieving over how he "forever" lost Sun to Nagasumi. So, much to say, not much has changed about him.

Flashing back to the front row, we see Shark Fujishiro quietly seated in his seat, wearing his school jersey and listening to head phones. Suddenly, the head phones were taken from his head, looking to see Mawari, one of Sun's bridesmaid. Around her neck, as always, was her police whistle.

"Do you mind? I was listening to that?" Shark grumbled. Mawari huffed.

"Come on Mr. Fujishiro. Don't tell me you're the LEAST bit excited about today? It happens to be BAD MANNERS to listen to head phones during events such as these. Perhaps I need to teach you the RULES of this society." she smirked. Shark groaned.

Throughout the ten years that passed, Mawari's physique body parts may not have grown, but her unyielding sense of justice has grown stronger. Still Lunar and Sun's friend, without realizing exactly WHAT they were, Mawari is a rookie police officer working for the Saitama Police alongside her father. Over the course of her career, she's made several arrests. However, she partially regrets missing the chance to "arrest" Nagasumi under the charges of being her childhood crush.

In case of Shark Fujishiro, he really hasn't changed that much either. He still remains loyal to the Seto Gang and does whatever he is ordered. At the moment, he's currently looking into trying to fix his strange speech patterns. He secretly wishes that he could eat Nagasumi but has grown to like him as well over the years.

Just then, as everyone began taking their seats, both human and merfolk, they hear "Here Comes the Bride" being played on a organ. Entering through the doors is Gozaburo with Sun at his side. Like Nagasumi, she is dressed in her wedding attire, a beautiful white gown with a small glass crown on her head, a "Seto family treasure". She is carrying a boquet of flowers in her hands and a small pearl necklace around her neck, complete with a seashell directly in the center. The sight of her had Nagasumi blushing.

"Wow. Sun, you look...so beautiful..." he thought. As Sun strolled up the aisle, Maki watched her from the confides of the corners nearby, out of sight from the other humans. But even now, she is flooding with tears.

"Oh Miss Sun! I-I'm so happy for ya!" she cried, tears flying from her eyes. Meanwhile, Sun comes to a stop at Nagasumi's side as her father takes his seat. As the ceremony began and the priest takes his place before them, Nagasumi lightly glances to Sun.

"Sun? You're very pretty." he muttered. Sun looked to him and lightly smiled back, partially blushing.

"T-Thanks. But...please. You're gonna make me blush saying stuff like that. It's embarrassing." she muttered. Nagasumi lightly chuckled, queitly taking Sun's hand.

"Don't worry Sun. Just a little while...and you and I will finally be husband and wife. And you'll become Miss Nagasumi Michishio...and I'll be Mr. Sun Seto." he chuckled. Sun blushed slightly more with a smile as she gripped tightly to Nagasumi's hand, their fingers interlocking.

She's always rooted for Nagasumi, always did her best to live up to her job as Nagasumi's wife...and now, Sun couldn't be happier than she is on her wedding day. In her heart, it made her very happy when Nagasumi confronted her parents and explained to them that he was going to work hard to become a "Seto". Just a week before this wedding took place, Nagasumi worked up the courage and proposed to Sun in front of their families, to which she tearfully accepted.

But, as of yet, they have one LITTLE secret they have kept from their families. And it'll be coming out shortly after the wedding ends...


~ Outside Saitama Church | After the Wedding... ~

Once all was done inside the altar and Nagasumi shared his first kiss with Sun, we join the families and friends outside for a large group picture. After that was taken, Nagasumi and Sun wanted to get a family picture with their two families together. The one taking the picture was Chimp. As the picture was about to be taken, Nagasumi looked nervously to Gozaburo, standing behind him. With a quick gulp, he looked away but was noticed by Sun's father.

"Hey. What's the problem with you Nagasumi?" he asked. Nagasumi started to heavily sweat, glanced upon by Sun.

"N-Nagasumi?" she asked. Suddenly, she gasped when she saw the "look" in his eyes. Nagasumi's parents noticed as well.

"Huh? Nagasumi? What's troubling you?" his father asked. Nagasumi suddenly felt Gozaburo's hand on his shoulder.

"Come on. Spill it already. If there's something bothering you, you can tell your father-in-law. After all, you're a Seto now kid." he said. Sun looked fearful as well, knowing exactly what was troubling Nagasumi.

"P-Please Nagasumi...n-not now..." she thought. Taking one last gulp, Nagasumi looked to Gozaburo.

"A-A-All right. B-B-But please promise me you're...not gonna kill me. L-Like you said, we're family after all and family wouldn't harm another." he said, slowly starting to build tears in his eyes. Gozaburo agreed and leaned in close, listening in as Nagasumi whispered into his ears. However, shortly after, his eyes bulged and he grew that famous "murderous" look, looking back to Nagasumi with blood lust in his eyes. Just as the camera flashed, we see the developed picture is of Nagasumi looking fearfully at a bellowing Gozaburo with Ren and Nagasumi's parents trying to stop him. Sun's eyes were full of fear as well, heavily grasping herself to Nagasumi's arms. The last thing anyone heard before the picture was taken is...

"Nagasumi Michishio, you pissant! You did WHAT to my Sun?! I'm gonna MURDER you for this, ya filthy MAGGOT!"