My Bride is a Mermaid: Wedding Bells

Chapter 02: Secrets of the Heart

~ Michishio Residence ~

With the wedding finished and Nagasumi and Sun legally wedded, we rejoin their families in gathering together at the Michishio residence with Lunar and her father in toe. The two are seated in the kitchen with both of their parents glaring at them. They held onto each other's hands, now bearing their wedding rings.

"Nagasumi, exactly what is going on here? You had your father-in-law boiling mad like a lobster! Explain yourself young man!" Nagasumi's father shouted. He felt his wife's hand on his shoulder, trying to calm him down.

"Please honey...take it easy." she said.

"So...what's going on here? You'd BETTER talk Sun! WE demand an explanation!" Lunar cried. Nagasumi looked over at Gozaburo, still showing his angered face. Nagasumi was about to speak but was stopped when Sun spoke first.

"Please...everyone. Please don't be mad at Nagasumi. All of this...All of this was MY fault to begin with." she said. Ren looked on at her daughter.

"Sweetheart? Exactly what are you talking about?" she asked. Gozaburo growled, crossing his arms.

"I'll tell you what she's talking about. The maggot made it CRYSTAL CLEAR before. He...He...He...He got my baby girl PREGNANT!" he shouted. Ren and Nagasumi's parents suddenly gasped, as did Maki and Masa, seen spying on the conversation from nearby.

"W-What?! Miss Sun's pregnant?!" Maki thought, her eyes almost bulging from her head. Lunar couldn't believe her ears either, looking at both of them with a horrified expression on her face. Her face suddenly began to turn bright red.

"N-No way...Sun is WHAT?!" she thought.

"What?! Nagasumi! Is this true?!" Nagasumi's father yelled. Nagasumi nodded, looking away shortly after. Gozaburo continued growling as Ren approached them.

"Sun? Care to explain what happened?" she asked. Sun lightly looked away before facing her parents.

"Mom...Dad. Before I go on, please promise me ya aren't going to kill Nagasumi for this. Again, its my fault to bear." she said. Ren lightly nodded before getting Gozaburo to "agree" as well. Sun lightly sighed before she faced everyone.

"You see...the truth is..." she began.

Sun begins to weave the tale in question, explaining that about a few months before Nagasumi proposed to her, she came to him when everyone else was out of the house. She also asked Maki not to butt in. When she approached Nagasumi, she asked him if he would kindly show her what "lovers" do when they deeply love one another, since her feelings for Nagasumi had spiked over the years.

A bit reluctant at first and attemtping to resist as much as possible, Nagasumi only agreed to his first sexual intercourse with Sun when she begged and pleaded to him, promising she'd keep it their "secret". Heeding those words, Nagasumi was as gentle and kind to her as he always had been, wanting nothing more than to make Sun happy. And when all was said and done, he received his first kiss on the cheek from Sun, happy that he was her first.

A few months after, when Sun went for an annual doctor exam in the human world (by a special doctor paid for by the Seto Gang to keep Sun's secret safe), that was when she first found out that she was pregnant with an offspring. After sharing the news with Nagasumi, that was the day he proposed to her...willing to keep things a secret before today...

With the story told, Nagasumi's parents slightly blushed, as did Ren. Gozaburo, on the other hand, still looked angered. In the back, Lunar seemed to have "overheated" from the shock and fainted.

"Oh...Miss THAT'S what you were doing. Why? Why couldn't you tell me about it?" Maki sniffled, wiping her eyes. Masa quietly looked on at Nagasumi and Sun.

"Oh Sun. I...I can't believe you really asked Nagasumi for something like that. You're a braver girl than I thought. I mean...sure, I know how chivalrous you tend to act...but to ask something like that from your future husband...even BEFORE the wedding...that's something I thought I'd never hear from you." she said. Nagasumi lightly glanced at Sun before facing her parents.

"Mom? Dad? I want to say that I did not mean for this to happen intentionally. But...I promise...I'll do everything in my power to watch over Sun and our child. I made the choice that day for Sun's happiness. And...even now, I'll always be there for her to help her through anything. After all...isn't it a husband's job to care for his wife?" he asked "I'm totally prepared for anything that'll happen. When we both found out about the baby, we both agreed to work together to get through this." Nagasumi's parents looked on at their boy, holding tightly to Sun's hand.

"Nagasumi..." they muttered. He looked into Sun's eyes, causing her to slightly blush.

"After all, I love Sun too much to ever leave her. And...what kind of dad would I be if I abandoned her at a time like this?" he asked. Sun lightly smiled, thanking Nagasumi. However, Gozaburo's growl grew louder as he glared at Nagasumi, gaining his attention. Masa suddenly gasped.

"Oh no! Don't tell me the boss...!" he thought. Suddenly, Gozaburo roared loudly, frightening everyone around him. They could tell how angry he was when his veins starting popping out on his arms and face.

"SURE you will! No way am I gonna give you that chance maggot! I-I can't believe ya screwed around with my daughter like that...and behind my BACK! Even if it was her wish or not, ya got me madder than I've ever been before in my ENTIRE LIFE! FUJISHIRO! Meal time!" he exclaimed. Nagasumi and Sun gasped as Shark suddenly came smashing down through the roof and landed inbetween Gozaburo and Nagasumi.

"Time to EAT boss?!" he asked. Gozaburo laughed as Nagasumi looked on fearfully.

"No dad! DON'T!" Sun cried.

"That's right Fujishiro! DEVOUR the maggot!" he exclaimed. Shark's eyes gleamed, flashing his evil grin, as his head morphed into his shark form and he lunged at Nagasumi. With a loud scream, Nagasumi fearfully grabbed onto Shark's jaws, trying to force him back as he fell backwards with his chair, pinned to the ground with Shark's open jaws hovering over him.

"Today's the day Nagasumi! I'll enjoy ripping the meat off your bones?!" he exclaimed. Nagasumi glared fearfully into Shark's mouth, watching the drool dripping onto his face. Gozaburo went into a hysterical laughter shortly afterwards.

"Dad! No! Y-You promised! Shark! Please...Please don't!" Sun cried, looking fearfully at Nagasumi. His parents looked on fearfully, not knowing what to do, until Ren suddenly stepped in and heavily clobbered her husband.

"Ya damn IDIOT! What happened to NOT killing Nagasumi?! You promised Sun you wouldn't! And as for YOU Fujishiro..." she exclaimed, gaining the shark's attention "Lay one TOOTH on that boy and I'll PERSONALLY make sure you're TOOTHLESS by the time I'm done with ya! Ya got that?!" Shark glared angrily at Ren before slowly backing off. The Michishio's looked at Gozaburo, laying unconsciously on the ground with giant lumps and bruises across his face.


~ Michishio Residence | Later That Day ~

After everyone had calmed down and later accepted this change, we find Nagasumi and Sun alone together in their room. Nagasumi sat quietly on the floor, directly across from Sun. They remained dead silent as they looked at each other, unsure of what to say after the big arguement that took place earlier. But before Nagasumi could speak, Sun started to cry.

"S-Sun? What's wrong?" he asked. Sun sniffled, trying to hold back her tears.

"I-I'm sorry Nagasumi. If...If I hadn't asked you for something that...that VILE back then...daddy wouldn't have blown his top! And after you work so hard to earn his acceptance! I...I ruined all your hard work!" she sniffled. Nagasumi stuttered, waving his hands.

"N-No Sun! Please don't blame yourself! This...This was my fault. I goofed up and got you pregnant. If anyone is taking the blame, it's me. I'm the one that should be apologizing." he said. Sun continued to sniffle.

"But...if I hadn't been so stupid and asked something like that..." she said, continuing to cry. Suddenly, she felt Nagasumi putting his hand on her shoulder.

"Come on now. The Sun I know doesn't cry. No. The Sun I know faces any challenge with a that shows just how beautiful, kind, considerate and strong willed you truly are. Besides, what you asked was perfectly for couples like us." he said. He looked to Sun, continuing to cry. Suddenly, without another word, Nagasumi hugged Sun tightly, catching her attention.

"N-Nagasumi...?" she muttered.

"C-Can I tell you something...Sun?" he asked. Sun looked to him and gently nodded, feeling his hug tightening.

"Since the day I found out that you were pregnant, some part of me...was really happy to hear that. I felt like...we were truly a family. It...It was something I dreamed about for a long time now...something I wished for with all my heart." he explained. Sun lightly gasped.

"R-Really?" she asked. Nagasumi glanced to her and nodded.

"Yes. For a really long time...the only thing I wished for the most, besides to forever be with you, was that one day...we could have a child together." he said. She looked to him, asking why that would be what he wished for. Nagasumi slowly eased on his grip and looked directly into Sun's eyes.

"W-Well...its because...deep down, I was afraid of how things would play out." he said. Sun lightly gasped, simply looking on as he sulked, starting to cry himself.

"Your dad, Maki, Kai...even Akeno too...everyone kept saying that a human mermaid marriage was never going to work out...that we were too different. But...I didn't want to believe them. I mean...what did THAT have to do with the fact that I was deeply in love with you? Love shouldn't have anything to do with species! I...I wanted to show everyone that it COULD work...that a human guy and a mermaid girl could find true love. That's why...That's why..." he sniffled, beginning to cry himself. But it was short lived when he felt Sun hugging him now.

"'re right. So long as we have love, things WILL work. And...also, I wanted so much to live in your be by your side Nagasumi." she said. Hearing that, he stopped crying and slowly looked at her shedding a smile.

"And...actually, I kind of hoped we could have a child too. After all, that's what happens to many couples, right? The next step is usually child raising. And, well, if you ever wished it...I'd happily give birth as many times as you'd want. After all, you're my husband. And I just want to see you smile too." she said. Nagasumi lightly blushed, followed shortly after by Sun.

"Thanks Sun. Thanks for being the girl...I fell in love with." he said. Sun smiled.

"Same to you...Nagasumi." she said as the two slowly embraced in another hug. Just then, they heard their door slowly beginning to open, looking to see Maki entering.

"M-Maki?" Sun asked.

"Sorry Miss Sun. I couldn't help but eavesdrop and I hope you'll forgive me. know that the sea louse meant that much to moved me. All I ever wanted was to make you happy Miss Sun. Because, like you told me once, we were family as well, right?" she said. Sun lightly nod. Just then, with a smile on her face, Maki suddenly kneeled down and bent over.

"Sea louse...I-I mean, Nagasumi...I want ya to know that...from this day on, you have the forever support of Maki the Conch. If anyone ever says bad stuff about you, about your love, then I'll make them pay. Just say the word and I'll snuff 'em out!" she said, starting to cry herself. Just then, Sun watched as Nagasumi leaned over and picked up Maki, gently resting her small body in the palm of his hand.

"Thanks Maki. Its nice to know that we'll always have a "guardian angel" watching out for us." he said. Maki lightly sniffled, wiping her eyes, as next to appear at the doorway was Masa with Lunar behind him.

"Masa? Lunar too?" he asked. Masa lightly grinned.

"Same here. Don't forget you always have me too...Nagasumi. I won't let anyone talk bad about you either...because we're family." he said. Lunar huffed.

"As Sun's "friend", We agree to back you up as well. But just watch it man servant. If you ever do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to make Sun cry, WE'LL personally make sure your funeral's at the bottom of the ocean! Ya got me?!" she shouted. Nagasumi and Sun looked at each other and lightly chuckled.

"Thanks. I got it." he said.

"Thank you...all of you." Sun added. Maki, Masa and Lunar all lightly smiled.