My Bride Is A Mermaid: Wedding Bells

Chapter 7: The Calm After The Storm : ~ FINALE ~

~ Otogibana Hospital ~

With Sun's baby on the way, Nagasumi and the others were rushing as fast as they could to get her straight to the hospital. But in all the hilarious fuss they made, Ren quickly pointed out that they would be carrying a mermaid tailed Sun straight into a hospital for humans. Nagasumi suddenly realized this and had to pause to dry off Sun's tail, transforming them back into legs. Soon after, the group continued their way towards the hospital. It was about a ten minute run from the abandoned aquarium towards the hospital, the time cut in half when Nagasumi was able to ask for a lift from a nearby taxi. When the others finally made it to the hospital, they found Nagasumi in the hospital waiting room.

"Nagasumi!" Mawari called. He quickly looked towards at the others, lightly waving. He had a few bandages on his face, fresh out of his fight with Tony.

"How's Sun? Is she okay?" Ren asked. Nagasumi nodded.

"Yeah. She's with the doctor right now. Its a good thing I got her here. I was afraid she was going to explode." he chuckled. Gozaburo sighed.

"Well, its a good thing we got her here quickly. We wouldn't have to RUSH if that maggot Tony didn't get in the way. Man. Talk about bad timing." he said. Lunar nodded.

"Yeah. That's for sure." she added "At least she's safe now." Just then, she turned to Mawari.

"Hey. By the way, Mawari. What are we gonna do about Tony? No way are we just gonna leave him there. He'll come after Sun again until he gets even with Gozaburo." Lunar asked. Mawari smiled.

"Don't worry. On the way here, I patched word to headquarters. They're already sending a couple squad cars to apprehend him now. The way Nagasumi left him...I DOUBT he'll be able to escape." she said. Ren smiled.

"Good. That crook deserves everything coming his way." Kai nodded "Kidnapping Sun and using her as bait just to draw out her family for some "unfinished business"? So barbaric." Just then, Nagasumi heard a chime go off through the P.A. system in the lobby.

"Would Mister Nagasumi Michishio please report to room 2-B? Your wife wishes to see you." a nurse's voice asked. All was silent as Nagasumi slowly rose up from his chair. But before he left, he felt Gozaburo's hand on his shoulder, turning to see him smiling.

"Ya did good squirt. Let's say we're on even terms again. Thanks to you, I'm about to become a grandpa. So I'll forgive you for playing around with my little long as you promise to protect them and never leave their side." he said. Nagasumi nodded, smiling afterwards.

"Hey. I put up with ten years of you, didn't I? I think I've grown tough enough to handle anything coming our way next." he said. Gozaburo nodded and let go of Nagasumi, watching as he walked off, heading towards Sun.

~ A Few Minutes Later | Sun's Hospital Room ~

A short while later, after traversing the various halls, we find Nagasumi just arriving at room 2-B, Sun's current room after having given birth. As he entered the room, he noticed Sun tucked in comfortably under the bed sheets with something in her arms, wrapped in a blanket. She looked towards the door and smiled, catching glimpse of Nagasumi.

"You missed it...Nagasumi." she muttered. Nagasumi lightly chuckled, rubbing the back of his head.

"Y-Yeah. Sorry about that. The nurse that dragged me off REALLY wanted to tend to these little wounds of mine. Plus, I was kind of exhausted from all the rushing around." he teased. Sun lightly smiled.

"Don't worry. I forgive you." she said. Her eyes then turned back to the baby as Nagasumi slowly walked over towards her side. He looked down at the baby's face, seeing that of a beautiful baby girl with small black hairs on her head, evident she inherited her father's locks.

"So...I guess...its a girl?" he asked. Sun nodded.

"Yep. Our own baby girl...born from a human father and a mermaid mother." she said. Nagasumi smiled as he knelt down, putting his arm around Sun's shoulders. Both of their eyes looked on at the little girl sleeping quietly in her mother's arms.

"She's so beautiful...just like her mom." he said. Sun chuckled.

"Now comes the fun part. What do you think we should name her?" she asked. Nagasumi looked to her before stroking his chin. Different girl names tumbled around in his head, but not many that seemed to fit her. He then turned to Sun.

"How about you name her Sun?" he asked. Sun looked down at the baby and fell silent. After a few short seconds, she grew a smile on her face.

"I got it. Since she's part mermaid, how about...Angel? Like the angelfish?" she asked. Nagasumi glanced down at the baby.

"That's perfect. And I have a funny feeling...she'll live up to that name just fine. Angel Michishio it is." he muttered. Just then, the two both heard the others entering from the door behind them. They figured they gave the lovebirds enough "alone time" and wanted to come see the child themselves.

~ A Few Days Later | Michishio Residence ~

A few days later, we now peek in at the Michishio family at their house after Angel's birth. We find Nagasumi attempting to cradle the bawling infant in his arms.

"Pl-Please stop crying sweetheart! Daddy's here!" he said cheerfully. Nearby, Maki and Sun both watched.

"How long's it been since the kid started crying?" Maki asked. Sun glanced to a watch on her wrist.

"About ten minutes ago...and Nagasumi still hasn't gotten her to stop." she groaned, having grown weary of the crying. Just then, Gozaburo rushed over and firmly grasped onto Nagasumi.

"What's the matter with ya maggot? Ain't you know NOTHING about taking care of a kid?! Making funny faces isn't gonna be enough!" Gozaburo exclaimed. Nagasumi groaned, hearing Angel crying more.

"Would ya back off tuna breath? You're scaring your granddaughter!" he shouted, shielding Angel from him. Gozaburo groaned.

"I'M scaring her?! Come on! Its your FACE that's scaring her!" he yelled. Just then, Ren swatted Gozaburo in the back of the head, same to Nagasumi.

"If you two would stop shouting for a minute, you might be able to figure out what's wrong." she said. As the two boys finally fell silent, there was a strange scent in the air. Tracing it back, Nagasumi and Gozaburo could see it was coming from Angel's diaper.

"OH! THAT'S it! She needs a diaper change." Nagasumi said. But just then, his face began turning bright red.

"Huh? What's with you maggot?" he asked. Without warning, Nagasumi suddenly passed Angel to him.

"Uhh...your turn, grandpa." he stuttered. But when Gozaburo caught a whiff of the smell, he suddenly pinched his nose and passed her back to Nagasumi.

"Nuh uh! YOUR job maggot! She's YOUR kid!" he shouted.

"Yeah! But she's YOUR granddaughter! Don't you want to be involved with your granddaughter's life?!" Nagasumi rebutted. As the two boys continued bickering, Sun came over and took Angel from Nagasumi's hands, carrying her to a nearby table to have her diaper changed.

"Angel should be happy to have a mom like you...because it feels like her father and grandpa need a TOUCH more work." Lunar said. Sun looked to her and smiled.

"I'll agree with you there. But...I'm new to this too. Its a good thing I have Nagasumi and dad here to help me." she said. Lunar lightly chuckled.

"I have a funny feeling you're going to be a great mom Sun." she said "I actually kinda envy you." Sun looked to her and smiled.

"Well, Lunar, maybe YOU should find yourself a nice guy that can handle all that "excess energy" of yours." she teased. Lunar's eyes flared.

"Ah! Wh-What was THAT?! You think WE need a man to live a happy life?! You'd better watch what you say Sun! We're STILL your RIVAL! We won't stand aside and let YOU have a fairytale ending! Not as long as WE have a chance to make ours even more elegant! After all, we're a famous pop star while YOU'RE a common girl!" Lunar exclaimed, returning to her old self. Sun lightly chuckled, turning back to look at her daughter. When Angel looked up at her, both Sun and the baby lightly smiled.

"Well, Angel, looks like we have one "interesting" family, don't we?" she teased. Angel followed with a light giggle of her own.