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"And here's your dorm room, number 317!"

Anna gave a small smile to the over excited tour guide. "Thank you for the tour. This seems like a really nice school. I'm sure I will be happy here." She whispered politely, placing her hands in front of her slim frame.

Two months ago she wouldn't have been here. She would've been just starting school at her home, her mother and father waving goodbye teary eyed like they did every year since kindergarten. Anna had always found it annoying and slightly embarrassing, but she would give anything to have them do it again.

Now here she was, moving halfway across the world to a prestigious boarding school with stone walls and a stately personality. This wasn't were she belonged. Her heart yearned to frolic in the green pastures of Arendelle, not be cooped out in a dreary mansion full of spoiled obnoxious boys and girls (She didn't know if they were really obnoxious, but her mood was so foul her imagination quickly followed suit).

She nodded politely to her guide and tried clasping the cold doorknob leading to her new bedroom. However, the weight of her two suitcases, new uniform, textbooks, and other thing-of-a-bobs she managed to salvage before she was taken away porved to be too much as her clumsy nature caused her to trip and fall, sending all her belongings down with her.

"My dear! Are you alright?" the lady said, stooping down to help the girl up.

"Oh ya! That happens a lot so I'm kind of used to it," Anna said chuckling. "One time I was going down my stairs- actually I was trying to slide down and-" she stopped her rambling when hearing someone behind her clearing their throat loudly.

"If you'll excuse me, I need to get to Hall C," said the gruff voice. Anna turned to see a large expanse of chest. Her blue-green eyes widened when seeing how tall this mysterious man was. His hair was blonde and so long it almost covered his brown eyes. He wore a plain brown jacket over his mandatory school uniform. He looked down on the petite girl.

"Oh, oh I'm sorry! I was just being a little clumsy, I'm kind of new here," Anna sputtered, holding out her hand. "I'm Anna."

He grunted and walked passed her and her outstretched digits.

Anna turned back around and laughed awkwardly. "Well, looks like I'm not starting off well."

"Oh, that's just Kristoff. He's like that to everyone," her tour guide brushed it off and giving her a sympathetic grin. "Now, shall we see you room?"

"Yes, please," Anna responded and followed into the dorm. Her eyes widened yet again at the sight. The walls were a soft green leading to the warm chestnut floors. Two identical twin beds laid opposite each other luxuriously with pillows galore. A desk and dresser matching the wood of the floors were stationed next to the beds. A door stood in the corner showing a full sized bathroom.

"Wow," Anna breathed out, dropping her belongings to the ground.

"The door was closed for a reason! Ever heard of knocking?" came another voice from the bathroom. Walking out was a beautiful girl with bright blue eyes and light blonde hair pulled back into a French braid. "Who are you?"

"Oh me?" Anna asked. "I'm Anna. You're new roommate," for the second time that day, she was rejected for a proper handshake.

"Elsa." The blonde - Elsa - stated boringly. "Greta, thank you for all your help, but I'm pretty sure I can handle it from here," she smiled and waved goodbye.

"Are you a junior, too?" Anna asked, trying to break the unbearable silence.

"Senior," Elsa replied, falling onto the bed and playing with the ends of her hair. "What brings you here?"

"Oh, I thought it would be a nice change. I'm from Norway," Anna answered vaguely.

"Really?" Elsa asked surprised, sitting up to face the awkward girl. "That's interesting."

"Yup. What about you?" Anna said, sitting on her new bed, sinking into the soft mattress.

"I've been here since I was in third grade, so this pretty much is my home," Elsa said.

"What about your parents?" Anna asked, bouncing on the springy bed.

"Why do ask so many questions?" Elsa asked, standing up and putting on he shoes. "I'm going out with some friends. Care to join me?"

"Oh no, I should probably unpack and-" Anna started absent mindedly.

"Anna. I'm willingly taking you to make some friends. Would you like to join me?" Elsa stated gesturing towards the door.

Friends? Anna was in desperate need. She answered with a quick nod of her head.


Anna followed her roommate silently through the large corriders and halls until going into a room full of music and laughter. With the lighting dark, Anna tried her best to copy Elsa's swift footsteps. Once reaching a secluded table in the back, Elsa began the introductions.

"Hey guys," she said loud enough so they would notice. "This is my new roommate Anna." Anna waved and smiled brightly. "This is Rapunzel," the blue eyed girl pointed at her friend with incredibly long blonde hair and excited green eyes, who waved hello with a warm smile. "Her boyfriend Flynn," Elsa continued to a boy whose arm was wrapped around Rapunzel's small waist, giving Anna a wink. "He's a big flirt, don't pay attention to him," Elsa whispered to her new friend. Anna nodded in understanding.

"I'm Hans," said a gorgeous man with warm eyes and kind smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Anna," he said, extending his hand to the girl, who took it gratefully.

"I'm Anna," she answered breathlessly at the mere sight of him. They exchanged quiet smiles, both in a trance.

"Last but definitely not least, my boyfriend Jack," Elsa finished, sitting down quite close to her romantic interest, who gave her a peck on the cheek. Jack's hair was so blonde it looked white, and seemed to match Elsa perfectly. He nodded a quick greeting.

"Nice to meet you all," Anna said. "I'm new here so it's really cool we could all be friends and," she stopped after realizing she was babbling. "Ok I'll just sit down now," she giggled awkwardly, taking the corner seat of the booth next to Hans.


"That was so much fun!" Anna exclaimed, plopping down on her bed.

Elsa giggled in response. "Yup it was! Did you like them?"

"Your friends?"

Elsa nodded.

"Oh they're just wonderful!" Anna said brightly, taking out her braids. and kicking off her shoes.

"Hmm..did you like anyone in particular?" Elsa asked suggestively, walking to the bathroom.

"Well Hans was very chivalrous I suppose...," Anna trailed off with a dreamy smile.

"I knew it! He's so into you too," Elsa replied from the bathroom. "But don't date him quite yet."

"Why not?" Anna asked, eyebrows furrowed.

"Um maybe because you just met him less than 4 hours ago," Elsa said chuckling.

"Who knows, maybe it's true love?" Anna argued. "You know him more than I do! Don't you think we'd be good together?"

"Calm down, Anna. I was only pulling your leg. But I'd totally tap that if I wasn't so into Jack."

Anna said nothing in return, thinking while pulling on her pajamas. People here were Well, except for that guy in the hallway earlier- what was his name? Christopher?

"Hey, what do you know about Christopher?" Anna pondered to her friend.

"Oh, I dated him back in freshman year, pretty face but incredibly stupid," Elsa answered.

"No...not him...I mean Kristoff!" Anna said. "What about him?"

"Oh, Kristoff," Elsa replied, coming out of the bathroom with a smirk. "Now that's a story. He's been here since anyone can remember, and he doesn't talk to anyone. He goes outside into the woods a lot, guess he's kind of a loner. And whenever people try to talk to him, he just barks at them, so we just stopped trying," Elsa explained, tucking herself into her bed.

"But-" Anna started to say.

"Look, Anna, I'm really tired. We can talk tomorrow, ok? Goodnight," Elsa said, turning to face the wall.

"Goodnight," Anna said, trying to fall asleep. But her dreams were filled with constant images of the mysterious Kristoff.


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