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It had been a week since that horrendous night with Hans, and almost everything had been restored.

Elsa was immediately the hospital after the EMS arrived and patched up almost as good as new. The wound had not been as deep as she and her friends had feared, and she was released only a few days after being admitted. She still had to wear a guaze strap around the injury 24/7, but like Jack said, it was better than something fatal. The whole group could agree that escaping that trauma with only a small stab wound was the best possible outcome.

Elsa's reputation was completely scrubbed clean of all the grotesque grub sticking to it. Since Hans' story had been spilt out, no one believed any of the crap that came out of his mouth. All of the hateful rumors about Elsa's affair had been lifted up. Her and Kristoff had gone back to the close, sibling-like, relationship and bickered and joked like all those years about were only mere seconds.

Sven and Kristoff had quickly joined the close knit group friends and fit in like the perfect pair of sneakers. Sven had gotten quite close with Flynn, and the smooth talking boy had trained Sven well; he had girls falling at his feet left and right. Their lunch table was always full of laughter and fun, and everyone else - even the unfriendly black hotties- wanted a seat.

Anna was a little scarred from the horrific events that happened, but was extremely relieved and grateful once Hans was taken away in the police car that night. Her and Kristoff had talked things out, and now their relationship was stronger than ever, and they had never been more in love. Elsa and Anna always had a few arguments that left both of them a little tousled, but their sisterly bond was so strong nothing could ever break their friendship.

Of course, some things still needed to be dealt with. Like, Kristoff's false criminal record. And of course, his damned ankle monitor. That was why he sat in another uncomfortable plastic chair in the police station. However, this time his mood was a lot brighter and his future much larger. He was putting the finishing touches of his new clean criminal record, and the skin of his ankle was finally going to see the light of day. And the best part, of course, was Anna sitting next to him, grasping onto his hand and shaking her leg manically.

"Who, calm down feisty pants," Kristoff chuckled as her braids bounced on her shoulders, her bangs falling into her gorgeous eyes. "You would think it was you getting this dang thing off rather than me."

"I'm just so happy for you!" Anna exclaimed giving him a worldwide, toothy grin. "You're finally getting the justice you deserve. And knowing that I had some part of it makes things a little bit more rewarding," she giggled after speaking the last part.

"Kristoff?" a average, middle aged man spoke into the nearly empty office. "We're ready for you."

Kristoff and Ana shared excited smiles.


"I can't believe how white your ankle was!"

Anna and Kristoff walked through the parking lot later that day, the sun slowly creeping behind the majestic mountains. "I know right?" Kristoff chuckled, swinging their attached limbs back and forth leisurely. "Guess it hasn't gotten its fair share of tan time."

They fell into a comfortable silence that fit them so well, and they relaxed in the blissful moment. "What did you think of me when you first met me?" Anna pondered aloud.

"You?" Kristoff replied, cocking his head in thought. "You can't get mad at me," he said, looking at Anna.

Anna's eyes widened in fear playfully. "Tell me!"

Kristoff laughed again. "I thought you were just another new ditzy blonde. My first thought was that I hoped I didn't have any classes with you, honestly."

Anna gaped, looking hurt, though her bright eyes danced gleefully. "You're so mean! And I'm not blonde!"

Kristoff laughed loudly at her reaction and tried to verify himself. "Well you may not be blonde, but you sure are ditzy."

"Am not!"

"You so are, don't even try to deny it."

Anna's hand went up to Kristoff's face to give him a lighthearted slap on the cheek, but his reflexes were too swift. He grabbed her by the torso and lifted her squealing self into the air, spinning her around a few times before placing her delicately back on the ground, keeping her body flush with his. "Yeah, but I love you anyway, ditziness and all." They shared another smile and both slowly leaned in for a kiss.

" ditziness even a word?"


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