Title: Live, Local, and Surprised!

Summary: It started as a safe way to relieve his tension. A site that offered local, live shows of guys. It seemed like the perfect thing to keep him from falling back into bed with Blaine. Except, it's Sebastian's webcam show that he comes across. Complicated by the fact that the new Sebastian Smythe is just as intriguing as the webcam version, things get awkward and intense fast. Kurt's not sure of his feelings, Sebastian is new to everything, and neither one is sure what to do.

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Some mentions of past Klaine. Masturbation, exhibitionism, voyeurism, dirty talk, cybersex, malexmale sex

Other Pairings: Jeff/Nick

A/N: I have been debating whether or not to include Finn in the story since the tragic death of Cory. However, I decided to leave him in here. I'm not sure how Glee will deal with the storyline of Finn, but we can keep the character Cory brought to life on the screen alive in our stories.

Chapter One

The lock clicked and Kurt stepped away from the door. Even though he had the house to his self, he wasn't taking any chances. Besides, the lock wasn't just to keep people out. It was also symbolic of keeping him in. He wasn't going to do something stupid like he did at the wedding. He had needs, sure, but he could deal with them alone. Involving Blaine was messy, especially when Blaine seemed so eager to get back together and Kurt wasn't. This was better. This was safe. Kurt could do this.

He never really cared for porn, even after he and Blaine got intimate. It was all cheesy lines, impractical moves, and fake moans that turned him off quicker than dead puppies. Kurt shuffled over to his computer and dropped into the chair. He shook the mouse to stop his screen saver and plugged his headphones in. Porn may be his last choice but with things so awkward with Blaine and Adam out of the picture, porn was all that was left. Kurt needed something to get his mind off troublesome real life boys and just get him off.

Kurt clicked open his browser and opened a bookmarked page. Before they'd broken up, Blaine had shown him a few porn sites that were more amateur videos instead of big production films. Kurt scrolled through the thumbnail images, reading descriptions and shuddering in horror at some of them. Halfway through the site, and loosing hope fast, an ad popped up. Kurt's mouse hovered over the close, but something stopped him. Live, local webcam shows. See real guys in their bedrooms. Kurt clicked the link and closed the other tabs. The site was actually nice, with tasteful images and pretty guys. A membership was required to access the site, but there was a twenty four hour free trial available. Kurt clicked the sign up button.

After completing the steps, Kurt clicked the link and found only two videos for his area. The first one was a much older guy, which Kurt wasn't interested in. The second video was a guy closer to his age. He clicked into the video and instantly got hard. The guy was wearing a jersey that was hiked up around his hips. He was facing away from the camera on his knees, his arm reached around and a finger pressing into him. His moans filled Kurt's ears and Kurt watched as he slide his finger out and replaced it with two. Kurt's eyes flickered over to the side, where a few guys were typing in dirty things, but the guy on the screen didn't seem to care. Kurt watched as he pushed another finger in and gave a deep groan. Kurt wasted no time in undoing his pants and pulling out his already leaking cock.

Kurt gripped the base of his cock, trying to hold off the desperate need to come as he watched the guy's fingers pull out. He expected the guy to speak, say something, but he just reached for something on the bed silently. The tip of the vibrator was sinking into the guy's ass when he finally muttered something that sound like 'fuck'. Kurt reached over to the lotion he kept on the desk and begin to stroke his cock in time with the guy's thrusts. He started slow, pushing the vibrator in slowly before pulling it back out. Kurt groaned, leaning back in his chair as he speed up the pace. Fucking up into his fist, he watched the guy's back arch and move with each thrust, the way he twisted the base and nearly screamed as the vibrations started. Kurt was gone, coming all over his fist and stomach as the guy on the screen kept up the frantic pace of the vibrator.

He felt...relaxed as he cleaned himself off and did his jeans back up. He wanted to watch this guy finish, wanted to hear him when he came. He leaned back against the chair again, watching as the guy pulled the vibrator out and flipped. The camera angle caught him from the shoulders to his thighs, his cock hard and leaking against his stomach. A hand wrapped around his cock and the guy came, shooting up his chest and all over his jersey in a very impressive display. Breathless, the guy's hand stilled and his whole body shuddered. He reached forward, to move the camera, and his face came into view.

Kurt nearly fell out of his chair when the guy's face came into frame. He barely had time to process before the face...the guy...was speaking. "Well hello newbie."

Kurt squeaked, clicking out of the site and shutting his laptop lid a little hard than needed. He'd just gotten off to Sebastian fucking Smythe.