Chapter Twelve-

The club was packed full of bodies and smelled of sweat and alcohol. Unlike the rave they'd been to all those months ago, this club was filled with less glow sticks and more clothing. "It's more tame than I thought it would be," Kurt yelled over the music.

"Not exactly a rave, but I wouldn't say tame," his gaze lingered near the corner of the room where a few guys were obviously getting hand jobs. "You want to dance?"

"Not with you," Kurt said with a teasing smile and flitted away. Sebastian laughed, heading over to the balcony section of the club. Hunter followed behind him, grabbing them a few beers from the bar before joining Sebastian at the railing.

"How do you let him do that?"

Sebastian took a long sip of his beer and watched Kurt move through the crowd. "He likes to dance and I like him to know that he's sexy to other people than just me. We have a signal if anyone gets too handsy."

"So, it's been three months right?" Hunter nudged him in the side, "You haven't asked for the apartment to yourself yet."

"We haven't..." Sebastian let the rest of that sentence trail off. The truth was, he was pretty sure that Kurt was dropping hints about having sex. They'd fooled around a lot, but they hadn't gone all the way yet.

Hunter laughed, "Sebastian Smythe hasn't sealed the deal yet? I'm pretty sure hell just froze over."

"Fuck off," Sebastian bit back in reply.

"Whoa..." Hunter held his hands up, "What's wrong man?"

Sebastian looked down at the floor, where he could see Kurt sandwiched between two men. "It's different with him."

"I get that," Hunter said softly, "but you are more likely to lose him by being afraid of how you feel than embracing it and letting him see it."

"I think I'm in love with him," Sebastian admitted, "but I don't know what love feels like."

Hunter grinned, "You are in love with him, everyone can see it. You look at him like he's your whole world and you'd do anything to make him happy. You shut down your video feed, you don't go to clubs without him, and you only flirt with other people when he's around and you get a rise out him."

"It's only been three months," Sebastian whispered. "What if I scare him off?"

"That would only be the case if he wasn't in love with too. Which he clearly is," Hunter looked down at the bodies below. "He's...different than before. When I first met him, he was sad. He didn't understand his own sex appeal or why someone would want to date him. Now, he's more confident. You did that, you helped him see what the rest of us see. And you trust him completely, which I don't think anyone has ever given him before. You won't lose him by telling him how you feel and you won't get bored once you've slept with him."

Sebastian drained the last of his beer, "I don't know how you got so wise, but it's creepy. Can you stay with Nick and Jeff tonight?"

Hunter grinned, "Only if you promise them the details."

Sebastian punched him in the arm before heading down the stairs. He weaved his way through the crowd before finding Kurt and stepping in behind him. The guy he was dancing with glared as Sebastian's wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist and pulled him away from the guy. "What the fuck?"

"He's mine," Sebastian hissed, "fuck off."

The guy looked down at Kurt, who smiled faintly. "I'm his." The guy grumbled something and headed away from them. Sebastian spun Kurt around in his arms and kissed him. "That was mean," Kurt whispered.

"I don't care," Sebastian replied. "Let's get out of here?"

Kurt smiled, leaning up to kiss Sebastian again. "Yeah, let's."


Kurt giggled as they fell through the door of Sebastian's apartment. "I can't believe you ditched Hunter at the gay club."

"He'll be fine. He sits around, drinks, and lets guys fawn over him. Then he calls Jeff to come get him." Sebastian pulled Kurt close, pressing him against the wall. "I have something I need to tell you."

"Oh yeah," Kurt wrapped his arms around Sebastian's neck and pulled him down, kissing him hard. "Why don't we head to your bedroom before Hunter gets back?"

"Hunter won't be back tonight," Sebastian muttered against the skin of Kurt's neck. "I asked him not to."

Kurt grinned wickedly, "Do you have big plans for us Smythe?"

Sebastian smiled and reached up, running his hands through Kurt's hair. "Do you know how amazing you are?"

"I thought that was the point of dance night at the clubs, to show me how sexy I was to other people besides you."

"Not just sexy," Sebastian pressed a kiss to Kurt's forehead. "You are smart," he pressed another kiss behind Kurt's ear, "and patient," he pressed another kiss along the scar on Kurt's neck, "and strong."

"Bas..." Kurt moaned softly.

"And I'm totally and utterly in love with you," he kissed Kurt on the lips before deepening the kiss. He didn't want to break away, in case Hunter was wrong and Kurt's response wasn't the same.

Kurt pulled away from the kiss, pressing his hand against Sebastian's chest to give them some room. He stared straight into Sebastian's eyes, "Do you mean that?"

Sebastian nodded, a lump forming in his throat that inhibited him from speaking.

Kurt smiled softly, reaching down and linking their fingers together. "I love you too."

"Yeah?" Sebastian's face lit up and Kurt had never seen anything more amazing.

"Figured it on the plane when you gave me that key," Kurt whispered. "I told some random girl sitting next to me first because she wondered why I was crying."

Sebastian pulled him by the hand, through the door of his bedroom and down on the bed. "I've been scared."

"Of this," Kurt pointed to between them, "or the love thing?"

"All of it," Sebastian whispered.

Kurt kissed the tip of Sebastian's nose, "Idiot. I'm pretty sure this part we aren't going to have issues with. And the rest of it, did you think I'd let you fall without catching you?"

Sebastian surged up, kissing Kurt and flipping them so that he could press him against the mattress. He kissed him hard, running his hands up Kurt's waist and tugging his shirt off. "Want you so bad," Sebastian whispered at he threw Kurt's shirt across the room and kissed down his chest.

"Bas..." Kurt's hands fisted Sebastian's shirt before scrambling to pull it off him too.

Sebastian helped him strip his shirt off before resuming his kisses down Kurt's chest and stomach. He sucked and nibbled at the flesh right under his bellybutton under a purple mark appeared. He popped the button of Kurt's jeans, pulling them down quickly. "Want to taste you," Sebastian said as he pulled Kurt's briefs off. "Fuck, look at you."

"You too," Kurt said as he try not to squirm under the hot gaze of his boyfriend.

"Whatever you want babe," Sebastian said with a wink. He stood up, slowly stripping off his jeans and briefs with such a show that Kurt couldn't stop himself from reaching down and stroking himself. Sebastian's eyes darkened as he watched Kurt's hand move leisurely, "What do you want?"

Kurt could barely concentrate while Sebastian started kissing up his thighs and teasingly breathing over his cock.

"Babe," Sebastian said as he flicked his tongue out to taste the bead of pre-come leaking out of the tip.

"Bas...please," Kurt whined as his hips bucked up.

Sebastian grinned, "Tell me what you want and I'll give it to you."

"Blow me," Kurt hissed, "and then let me fuck you."

Sebastian moaned, "Hell yes," and sunk his mouth down on Kurt's cock. Kurt's hand threaded through Sebastian's hair as he took him fully down his throat.

"Oh fuck," Kurt hisses as Sebastian began to bob his head and run his tongue along the underside of his cock. He tugged on Sebastian's hair, which made him moan around his cock and his hips bucked up. "I'm not going to last..."

Sebastian pulled off, licking his lips. "Fuck you taste good," he kissed up Kurt's chest and reached over to the dresser. "I'm going to open myself up for you," he whispered as he dropped a condom next to Kurt's head, "and then I'm going to ride your fucking amazing cock."

"Fucking hell," Kurt said as Sebastian straddled his legs. Sebastian leaned down, kissing Kurt deep and dirty as he hand reached around. Kurt could hear the snick of the cap and Sebastian moaned into his mouth. "God I can't wait to be inside you," Kurt whispered against Sebastian's lips. "I've been thinking about it since the first show I saw. You were in a jersey, fucking yourself on a dildo. I had dreams of fucking you, listening to your moans without the crappy speakers."

"Kurt," Sebastian whined. He reached for the condom and ripped it with teeth before sliding it on Kurt's cock.

Kurt's eyes snapped shut as Sebastian sunk down and the tight heat surrounded his cock. "Seb..." Kurt whispered as Sebastian slowly inched down.

Sebastian leaned forward, kiss Kurt. "I love you," he whispered against Kurt's lips.

"Bas," Kurt's hands gripped Sebastian's hips as he rocked up into him. "I love you too, fuck..."

"Fuck me," Sebastian demanded.

Kurt obeyed, thrusted up into Sebastian. "You are so tight," Kurt moaned as Sebastian began to match his thrusts. "Fuck, this is going to be over soon."

"Come for me then," Sebastian said as he leaned down to kiss Kurt, "there's always round two."


Cleaned up but exhausted, Kurt curled up against Sebastian's side. His head rested over Sebastian's beating heart and Sebastian was running his hands through his hair. "You never asked me about the site."

"What about it?"

"You never asked me if I shut it down," Sebastian replied.

Kurt traced circles over Sebastian's stomach with his finger, "It doesn't matter to me if you do. If you want to keep it, I understand."

"I shut it down," Sebastian whispered. "Right after you left for New York. I don't need it anymore, I have you now."

Kurt leaned up and kissed Sebastian, "And I have you."