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Riven wiped the sweat that began to form on her brow as she walked at a slow and relaxed pace to the Ionian markets. The day was still young, and the sun shone brightly. However, with lower than average humidity, the heat was slowly rising as a result-a sure sign of summer soon arriving. The Noxian was silently grateful for her habit of travelling light-well, the strict definition of light. Regardless, her blade rested on her back as the runic inscriptions dimmed ever so slightly, but the white-haired woman took no notice.

When Riven arrived sometime later, she found that to her surprise, the villagers had already completed a majority of the work that needed to be done. The warrior let out a disappointed sigh. She would need something to occupy her mind. Her eyes glanced about the village as she searched for any sign that someone may need her strength but found none.

But something did warrant her attention.

Several children surrounded a woman. They all seemed to be pestering her with endless questions and praise. Some were even staring in awe.

It was the Captain of the Guard herself.


As the Noxian stood there watching what transpired, she could not help but allow herself a slight smile. The expression on the Ionian's face as she was surrounded by children was simply-well, adorable. She seemed to look helpless which is quite the surprise given how warriors are quite the opposite. But that did not prevent the good captain to give warm smiles to the children, and the occasional ruffling of hairs. She even teased some boys as they seemed to debate whether or not they should approach the woman who was known to wield 'flying blades of pure awesomeness.'

And then the children noticed the Noxian and her large obsidian blade.

It was then, in that moment, they all immediately surrounded her. Releasing the onslaught of questions and awe they once previously showed Irelia.

"Wow! That is a big sword, miss!"

"Are you a warrior?"

"Where is your armor?"

"Why is your hair white?"

"You have pretty eyes!"

A woman with a lesser will would have been defeated by this scenario. But not Riven. At least, not today. She noticed Irelia watch her for a moment then suddenly she began to laugh herself at the sudden transition. A warm feeling began to fill the Noxian's feeling, as she stared dumbfounded at the Ionian and her face grew heated for a mere moment until a child took notice of Riven's state of mind.

"Why are you blushing?"

Broken from her trance and quickly clearing her throat she returned her attention to the crowd she had attracted. Some villagers had looked on with amused faces. For the life of her, Riven could not seem to answer all the questions.

"What is your sword made from?"

"Well, that is complicated-"

"You're pretty!"

"Er-thank you, I think-"

"Why is your hair white?"

"That is-"

Irelia took the liberty of saving Riven at that moment, "Alright, children. Leave her be, she cannot seem to keep track of everyone's questions. Now, run along, all of you."

As the Captain of the Guard made shooing motions with her hands, some children awed as they reluctantly left the two be. Which in hindsight, was probably not the WORST thing they could have done. But there was an awkward silent for a few moments as Riven searched her mind for what on Runeterra she could say to the Ionian.

"Thank you... Irelia. I don't think I would have able to handle anymore of that." she chuckled in an attempt to ease the slight tension.

And Irelia returned the gesture with a chuckle of her own. "You are welcome. I would not have another endure such a horrible ordeal," she added teasingly.

The white-haired one allowed herself to gaze about the village once more, "I appreciate it... I see the preparations for the Festival of Fire are nearly complete."

"Indeed they are. By this rate, all the work shall be completed in but a few days," she then furrowed her brow upon a realization. "I do not believe I have introduced myself. How do you know of my name?" she inquired.

Riven looked back to the woman before bowing her head apologetically. "Master Lee Sin told me of who you are. I asked him due to the strange... behavior you displayed but a few days ago."

This received a cough and the clearing of the throat from Irelia. "Oh. I see. Well then. Will you walk with me... Riven?"

The Noxian raised her head in both surprise and curiosity. "You know of me?"

Her face turned serious. "The one who slaughtered my people, yes."

The once-proud warrior widened her eyes in shock and regret. She immediately lowered her head once more as she was unable to meet the Captain's gaze. "I'm... I'm sorry. Words cannot mend that damage that I have caused to your home and people. But for what little time I have remained in Ionia... I have learned much about your people," she then knelt to the ground and began to tremble in both anger and disappointment with herself.

"I know my crimes. I know my sins. And I am willing to atone. If you wish to end my life, I would not blame you. I welcome death."

Irelia remained silent for a moment before allowing herself a soft sigh. She knelt down on both knees to the woman and remained silent for another moment, as if searching the correct words. "I cannot forgive you for what you have done, Riven. But at the very least, I can give you a chance to prove that you are not just a murderer. Come on, on your feet."

The Ionian was the first to rise, but eventually, the Noxian rose as well. Head still bowed in respect for the woman in front of her. In the past, she gave mercy to none. But here stood the Captain of the Guard. Granting mercy to one who sought her country's destruction.

And at that moment, Riven grew a growing respect for both Irelia, and her people.