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Bella's pov

I have been in theses wars for 50 years. how? I have no idea. I guess I made the right friends in the major aka jasper, peter and charlotte. I only remember a few things from my human life but knowing that vampires are really and that my grad dad wasn't crazy give me hope that my daddy is still a live and didn't die all throughs years ago.


the majors voice rang out has he walked in to the cabin we shared with peter.

yes major?

are you okay darlin?

you could say the major had a soft spot for me I some how always made jasper come out and the major calm.

yeah, I was just thinking about the pass.

I know you miss you dad Izzy and I will tell you what I have told you so many times before there it a really good chance that he is still out there.

I hope your right jazz.

of course he is peter said coming in.

you just can't give up Izzy jazz said while pete nodded.

now on to why I came in here. time it to for " in with new out with old"he said shaken.

why do you look so shaken?

char is in group five.

crap jazz said under his breath.

I think it time we fight marea and get out of here.

what? I all but screamed.

yep throughs newborns work for me.

okay lets go .

skip three minutes

if you want an exit from this life raise your hand.

ten out of the twenty newborns raised there hand and the gave them there wish.

char come here.

she walked over to us.

we need you to stay behid peter and the major at all times.

she nodded okay lets do this.

we busted mareas cabin down and ripped the head off of the newborn who was talking to her.

what do you think your doing? she hissed.

taking you down major said not giving her time to come out of shock before ripping her head off ans throwing her body in the fire then her head burning the rest of her newborns.

you are free to go as long as you can look at me and tell me you won't break any of the laws you taught.

can do major sir.

then shoo get out of here.

they felted.

lets go start a life...

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