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An Alternate Place and Time

Chapter 25: Kaoru's Perspective

I don't remember much about that night. I remember the flames and the sounds of fighting. I remember the ache of not knowing what was happening to Kenshin after we separated. I remember fighting a man with the same last name as Yahiko. After that I must have fainted from the pain. I woke up to see the same person that had tripped over me gazing down at me in concern. Sounds of birds chirping filled my ears. I was confused at first. I didn't understand what was happening.

The person, his name was Machida Daisuke, carried me away from the city, running into Chizuru along the way. They said I had been in a feverish sleep for a few days. It was terribly painful, but they set my leg and bandaged it up. I wanted so bad to look for Kenshin, but I couldn't even stand. It took a month for me to be able to even try and stand on my feet. The break had been a bad one. During this time the group continued to move. I had no say in the matter. I was carried by Daisuke, who had taken to helping me everywhere. He was a few years younger then me and rather sweet. We were headed for a nearby village, where it would be safe. I constantly thought of Kenshin. It took us a two weeks to get there, and that is where I spent the month I spoke of. I soon found out I was pregnant. I was happy and sad at the news. Kenshin wasn't here with me. I worked hard to recover as quickly as possible. It took another month for me to try and walk on my own.

Time flew by so fast. News of the fight finally reached us. The Ishin shishi had won that night. There were still some minor skirmishes to be taken care of, but victory had been assured. I understood that Kenshin must be helping with finishing up any problems. I prayed he was safe. Much to my dismay it took a whole other month for me to be able to walk around with confidence. By this time I was three months pregnant. I didn't show much, just a slight bulge to my stomach. Daisuke, who had become more attached to me, found out one day and appeared heartbroken. He knew I had a husband, but…I don't know what he was thinking actually. He still stuck by my side helping me whenever I needed it. But the time came when I could stand on my own. I no longer had my sword. It had been left outside the city, where I had passed out. I missed it greatly, but that wouldn't stop me.

I said goodbye to all the friends I had made, and told Chizuru to keep faith. She tried to convince me to stay, but I wouldn't hear it. I would find Kenshin. I had to. I traveled everywhere it seemed. At first I went back to the city, but it was being rebuilt, and there was no sign of Kenshin. After that I went to Enishi's home to find it burned to the ground. I searched the rubble desperately. I found no evidence that the three had been in the house, when this had occurred. For four months I pushed myself looking for Kenshin and everyone else. I could not find Katsura either. Everyone seemed to have disappeared without a trace. I wandered into a small town that looked like the place I had told Kenshin of with the many trees surrounding it. As I walked through the more populated part of town I saw two little faces I hadn't seen in awhile. Ayame and Suzume were walking around outside a clinic. The girls recognized me immediately as they saw me walk up. They danced around me happily excited upon seeing my pregnant belly many questions in their young eyes. They brought me in to see Gensai-sensei.

I had been pushing myself. Being seven months pregnant and traveling around is not good. I had to take it easy. Don't ask me how I managed to deal with being that far along and traveling. Determination I guess. I was just fortunate I didn't hurt myself as it was, but I knew if I pushed my body anymore I could lose the baby. Gensai-sensei helped me a lot. A respected person of this town he took me in until I had my child. I still held hopes of meeting my friends, but I could not travel now. I would not leave my child. It was a boy. I named him Kenji remembering the name Kenshin had told me. I stared down at my red-headed child. I wanted Kenshin to be there so bad.

I ended up taking over an old abandoned dojo Gensai-sensei had been cleaning up on his spare time. I finished cleaning it up, and it became my and Kenji's new home. Gensai-sensei was always there to support me. A year passed, and I focused on seeing my son healthy through that year, while fixing up the old practice room. Things started to change. Swords were outlawed, and the little town became busier day by day. One day as I was shopping I met up with Sano. I was excited to see him, but he looked haunted. He hadn't been able to find Megumi. He was still searching. It had led him here. We talked about our lives now. He was very supportive. He left again on his search for Megumi a few weeks later, promising if he met up with Kenshin he would send him my way.

I took in two boarders. I needed the money. I already owed Gensai-sensei more then I could ever pay him back. One was a foreigner with blonde hair and blue eyes named Vincent Calar. The other ended up being Machida Daisuke. He had apprenticed with a man, who decided to move to this town and had come with him. I didn't mind. They were both very nice and helped me out a lot.

I still yearned to find Kenshin and wondered where he was and what he was doing. Our son continued to grow. Four years passed by quickly bringing me to my present state. My four-year old son runs around as Daisuke playfully chases him. I smile as I do the laundry. I had opened my dojo, naming it Himura Dojo. I had several students now. Life was nice and peaceful as I had hoped it would be. My small dojo was missing many things though. Misao's cheerfulness, Megumi's sharp wit, Sano's jou-chan, Yahiko's name calling, Tsubame's quiet strength, Tomoe's gentleness, even Aoshi's silence, but most of all Kenshin and his love. I survive though, because I have absolute faith he will find me.

Many of the people talk about me. The single mother with two men living with her. It is quite scandalous. They believe I'm a widow now, and they pity me. I know though, I know Kenshin is alright. He has to be. Kenji throws his little arms around me, interrupting my thoughts. He looks a lot like Kenshin. He has his red hair and my blue eyes. He's a mixture of the both of us, and he has lots of energy. I tell him of Kenshin. I can't help it. I want him to know he has a father, who loves him. I suppose his father seems more like a character from a story than a real person.

Kenji is now very attached to Daisuke. He calls him Dai-nii. It's nice to know Kenji has someone to look up to. I shouldn't complain, I know. I just wish Kenshin were here for Kenji to look up to. To be with his son and help teach him to grow up to be a strong young man.

I have a slight limp from my injury, and I'm definitely not as fast as I used to be. That's okay. I spent my second year here figuring out what I wanted to teach my students. It's a mixture of things. I teach them to fight with and without a weapon. Kenji tries his best too. Daisuke is an apprentice to one of the shopkeepers. I mentioned that earlier, I believe. He makes shinais and other training equipment. He made Kenji a shinai that is his size. He loves it, practicing with it all the time. I can see Kenji will become a skilled swordsman already.

"Okaasan! Can we go shopping?" Kenji asked dancing around me with hopeful eyes.

"You just want to get some sweets. I have to finish before my students come. Tomorrow."

"Okaasan! Please," Kenji begged pulling on my gi with his little hands.

"Not today."

"I'll take him," Daisuke said coming over to me.

Kenji squeals running over to him raising his hands up to be held.

"If it's not too much trouble. Here let me get some money for you."

Daisuke shakes his head scooping Kenji up easily, "Don't worry about it."

I watch Kenji sitting on Daisuke's shoulder exclaiming happily as they leave. Sighing I turn back to cleaning Kenji's shirt. I picture Kenshin picking our son up in his arms to take him to the marketplace. I'll live day by day. I know someday I'll see my friends again. Someday Kenshin, we'll be together again. I won't lose hope.

I will wait for you.


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