So I should TOTALLY NOT be doing this, but I am. Dun dun dunna! NEW STORY! This one isn't gonna be like the others though, just short drabblely chapters (which means WAY more updates). It literally came to me in a dream, no lie. I seem to do all of my best story thinking in bed. It's actually kind of annoying, but MAN, do I come up with some amazing stuff (also some really weird stuff, but we're not going to talk about that).

Anywho, this is a Modern AU that centers around Robin and Luffy mostly. I am NOT writing them romantically, but if you see it that way (and I'm going to tell you right now that it will probably look that way) then knock yourself out. Romance isn't really the focus of this story, there may be side pairings or something, but romance is a no go in this fic.

Though there will be platonic stuff out the wazoo, so you can probably end up shipping everyone with everyone because why not?

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~She Fell~

It was beautiful.

The sun was bright, even as it moved closer and closer to the horizon. Its light shone on the sea, dancing across the waves, making the water seem alive.

It was beautiful.

It was peaceful.

She sighed with forbidden longing. An hour she had been standing there, just watching as the sun sank lower and lower and the sky grew darker and darker. And just as she had expected, not a single person had approached her. No one talked to the strange girl standing on the edge of the bridge staring out at the sea. She suspected no one wanted too; she was no one special after all. She was no one, she was nothing. Just a shadow. Just a breath of air as fleeting as the wind. She was unwanted, unloved.

This was for the best.

It was the only option left.

She was so tired. She just wanted it to end. She couldn't keep living like this, if it could even be called living. She was tired of running, of chasing after a hopeless dream. There was nothing left, nothing but ashes and dust and the bitter taste of betrayal. All around her was darkness; it was cold and unforgiving and she couldn't take it anymore.

She was broken.

And she knew she couldn't be fixed.

She wasn't sure she wanted to be.

It was too hard now, she wanted it to end.

She looked up and saw the stars. They used to mean something once upon a time: hope, dreams, imagination, she can't quite remember. And it aches. She is so tired of that ache, the one that never goes away, the wound that people kept ripping open until she built an iron wall around it. But then they still found ways to hurt her. She didn't want to hurt anymore. She didn't want to feel.

She took a breath.

And stepped off the bridge.

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