He finds her, several days later, after that night. After his plans have been blown to hell.

He is seething with anger when she comes across him. He's beaten a man, to death, with his bare hands, because he is angry, he didn't get what he wanted. He is without his helmet, and she stares at him, as he stands there, motionless, over the motionless, lifeless body.

Mara knows this man. With blood on his fists, with his uncovered eyes fixed on the ground. Her mouth is open, but no sound comes out. Her breath is caught in her throat, for but a moment, before she remembers how to breath. While her heart still beats, she swore never to let herself get killed. By someone long forgotten. But he had nearly killed her.

She'd left the hospital today. She cares not for doctors, for the shady looking thugs in the waiting room, for the bribed doctors. So she'd left. And now here she stands, unable to move.

Until she allows herself to think his name.


It's all she remembers, aside from bruising fingers and a smirk she'd wanted to wipe off his face for weeks, while they'd known each other.

She doesn't realize she's spoken a-loud until he's looking right at her.

A slow smirk creeps onto his lips, and she runs.

He does not follow her, this time.

(But he keeps leaving bodies on her doorstep.)