Dear Reader,

I want to explain this story first. As I was watching the end of the 4th season, I was was left wondering more and more about how this situation unfolded. I began thinking on how I would handle the situation and I don't think I could have easily have forgiven and forgotten that my father had hidden a sibling from me, let alone lied about the death of my mother. In my current Story Digimon Frontier: Hearts of Warriors a future chapter touches base on what happened here between their parents and the twins. I just kept writing on and on about that one section and it has lead me to create a new story just for it, so we are here. I just felt the need to explain this story before putting it out there. Behind Closed Doors is set to go up on Friday 1-10-14 and will be updated every Wednesday. (This will be a short little story.) Please Review, flame all you want. Thank you.

Moonlight Ink