With the sold click the light grew. It burned brightly, causing his pupil dilate. The beam of light ran from his left eye appearing in his right eye. After the sound of a click, grey eyes stared at him. They belonged to a young man, mid thirties or so. His jet black hair combed back, jelled so it would stay in place "Take a deep breath." The man instructed. His lab coat suggested he was the doctor in charge. He placed a cold stethoscope on to his bare chest. "So Kouichi can you tell me my name?"

Kouichi looked blankly into his grey eyes. "Mr. Er-" Kouichi stopped to remembered hard. "Mr. Koi" Kouichi said with confidence but his voice shook.

Dr. Koi smiled down at his young patient. "Yes, very good." He folded his arms taking careful looks at Kouichi, examining him with his eyes from head to toe. "How do you feel?" Dr. Koi asked stepping back taking one last look at Kouichi, other than the known concussion there seemed to be nothing else wrong with Kouichi.

"Fine." Kouichi replied looking passed the doctor to Kouji. Kouji had his back turned to the rest of the room his eyes stared out into the night. Kouichi stared at his twin. He wanted to will Kouji to turn to look at him. He wanted his brother to feel him staring at him. In this time, Kouji was hurting far more than Kouichi and he was the one in the hospital bed.

Tomoko instead caught Kouichi's stare and held it. She was teary eyed but over joyed that her son had awaken. She turned to head to the side and a great sorrow filled her face when she noticed what Kouichi was looking at.

Kousei scanned the room. It all felt strange and uneasy. Both boys where together again. With his back to the the rest of the room Kousei knew Kouji's solemn expression well enough to picture it, but what he could not deal with was that same look on his elder son. "Is he going to be ok?" Kousie asked unsure if he could. He had his hands stuffed in his pockets leaning against the door frame. Kouichi turned his head to meet his father's voice. It was eerie and strange but deep down pleasant.

"I guess so. All your results come back." Dr. Koi admitted slightly embarrassed. "There was nothing in your CT scan. I have no idea why you feel into a coma." He continue to explain trying to ward away any hint of incompetence, but in reality Dr. Koi was clueless about the sudden change in Kouichi's health. He began writing something down in Kouichi's chart. "I am going to keep you over night, just to make sure there is nothing else we should worry about." He placed the chart at the foot of the bed and bowed before leaving.

"That's a relief." Kouichi said smiling slightly. He shifted in his bed. It felt weird being here. He felt the itchy covers rubbing against his bare legs. He had not gone anywhere but his body felt sore and stretched. Even after sleeping for so long, he felt drained and tired.

Moving away from the door to let Dr. Koi leave, Kousei made his way near the bed. He wanted to move closer but couldn't bring himself to do it. "Do you want anything?" Kousie asked inching closer after much thought. Kouichi looked at him as he stood at his bed side. They made eye contact for the first time.

Kouichi smiled at him."No thank you." Kouichi said unsure of how to replay. He looked at his mother who was hovering over him uncomfortably. Then again passed her to Kouji, who's back was still to them.

Kousie smiled at Kouichi. Kousei looked up, his smiled faded slowly as he called to Kouji. "Kouji what about you bud?" Kousei asked his younger son. Kouji remained silent still staring at the ground lost in thought. "Kouji?

Kouji turned around with his arms folded. Kouichi noticed a gloss to his brothers eyes and looked away. "No-Nothing." Kouji let out a low growl that was formed between disgust and hatred.

Kousei looked down and gave off a slow sigh. He looked over to Tomoko whiled she watch Kouji turn his back and gazed out the window once more. He wanted to be polite and wanted to sat right by her. "What about you?" Kousie asked referring to Tomoko.

Tomoko stood up and motioned to Kousei to met er by the door. Kousei stood up and followed suit."I would like you to leave." Tomoko said looking at Kousei. "Kouichi needs to rest. He leaves tomorrow maybe then we-"

"No." Kousie spoke over her. Both speaking in whispered but it was clear they were arguing. Tomoko looked down fighting the urge to look at him. "I am not leaving."

Tomoko looked up at him. They had a small height difference. She met his eyes before shifting where she stood. "It is what is best for Kouichi." Tomoko insisted. She unfolded her arms. She left her right arm hand lifelessly at her side while the other one held her elbow.

"No." Kousei responded again. He placed both hands back into his pockets. He was not going to left this happen again. He was wrong the first time to leave Kouichi, he was not going to repeat it.

Tomoko turn her back and return to her seat next to Kouichi's bedside. "I think its time you get some to rest." Tomoko said brushing a lose strain of hair that fell form her pony tail back with the rest of the hair.

Kouichi grabbed his mother's hand. "Its alright mom." Kouichi spoke gently as he squeezed her hand reassuringly.

Tomoko gave Kouichi as small smile but it was wiped away by Kouji's sudden presence. "We just have to talk about this tomorrow." Kouji spoke up. Get a lot of rest and I will see you in the morning."

Kouichi stared at his bother. There it was. The act of indifference. He heard so much about Kouji's tough exterior from JP, Tommy and the rest of the gang but never really seen it before. Kouji never had to act around Kouichi, but he was now. This whole situation was eating at him alive and yet Kouji appeared nothing was wrong. Kouji placed a hand on Kouichi's shoulder squeezed it and began walking towards the door.

"Kouji." Kouichi called hoping his brother would not wave him off. Kouji turned to face him and Kouichi noticed again the gloss to his brothers eyes. For the first time he noticed how tried Kouji looked. Bags had formed under his eyes aging him drastically. He looked pale and sick, like he was the one who needed to stay here over night. Kouichi just stared at him and did not say a word. After a moment Kouichi gave a small nod. Kouji smiled gave a small wave before walking past his father.

Kousei looked back at the door unsure of where the sudden change of heart was for Kouji to leave his brother. He did not want to press the issue, he knew Kouji well enough not to push it. "Tomorrow, I'll come back and visit." Kousei said unsure again. He ruffled his hair nearing the bed again. He sat down in the unclaimed seat nearest to Kouichi's side. He came face to face with Kouichi. "I am sorry." He whispered running his hand quickly through Kouichi's hair. He fought the urge to do it again.

Black locks feel perfectly on his face after father's hand left his hair. "We can talk about this later." Kouichi said smiling sheepishly. He stuck out his hand. Kousie took it and shock it. Kousei stood up and nodded at Tomoko. Tomoko stood up and walked Kousei to the door. "Tomorrow after he leaves here, he is coming to my house. It time we told them the truth." Kousei dropped his voice so that only Tomoko could hear.

Tomoko pushed back another lose strains behind her ear. "I-" She stopped to think about it. "We will see." Tomoko said closing the door on Kousie face.

Kousei let out a sigh turning away from the door. He took another deep breath and was startled by the sight of his younger son. "Kouji?" Kousei asked nearing him. Kouji did not more or show signs of acknowledging his father called his name. "Kouji?" Kousei called placing a hand on his son's shoulder.

Kouji pulled away and began to walk down the long hallway. "It's been a long day." He mange to say pushing forward, not looking back at his father.

Kousei did not walk and remained at the spot where he stood. He could feel it, something was terribly wrong with his son. "How about I text Satomi and we all go out for a late dinner?" Kousei pulled out his cell phone. The slick device weigh heavy in his hand. He just wanted to talk to Kouji. He wanted to remove the burden he had placed on his son.

Kouji turn to face him, unaware of how he looked. "You honestly are thinking about dinner?" Kouji hissed. His eyes were burning red. But no tears were allowed to fall.

Kousei took a step back. In the dim light of the white hallway there was no hiding the pain and anger in Kouji's fine features. In these moments Kousei felt ashamed. He wished he could save his son from all of this. Kouji was always distant this Kousie knew well, but he tried so hard to keep whatever relationship they had strong. Now he felt that what little they had, was withering away to nothing.

Kouji took a step back and covered his eyes with his hands. Pushing the palms of his hands down on his eyes. Causing a world of darkness to appear. But this darkness was nothing compared to the darkness that was coming.


"Coming up next after the commercial is Jane with sports." The T.V. boomed through the house. He sat there waiting for his father to come home. His mother was busy cleaning up after dinner.

"Takuya didn't I tell you to eat your broccoli." His mother called from the sink. Her voice went over the noise of the TV and the clinks and clanks of the dishes.

Takuya ruffled his nose at the naming of Broccoli. "Mom, I don't like it." Takuya pleased his case not moving from the couch.

"Next time you leave your vegetables I will have you do the dishes." Mrs. Kanbara warned turning her back from the sink waving a soapy sponge at her son. She gave him that mother tare before returning to the task at hand.

Takuya shook his head turning his attention back to the commercial adverting silly socks. He stole a glance at the clock. If it were any other night he would have been in bed, but it was Friday. No school in the morning this meant staying up later than usual. Takuya flipped through the channels and was unsatisfied with the TV line up, until he stumbled across a promotion for a new game. "Mom, I might need a raise on my allowance." Takuya called.

He was captivated by the graphics of a war game. The player demonstration the game was geared in army camouflage running through a burning fire. The phone began to ring annoying Takuya. "Mom can you get that?" Takuya called putting more volume to the TV to listen for the price for the new game.

Big brown eyes looked away from the TV and walked over to the phone. Shinya had noticed their mother had gone into their room while Takuya was focused on the TV. "I got it." Shinya called but was ignore. He picked up the phone. "Hello?" He asked in to the receiver. He turned around to see the explosion from a tank before paying attention to who was speaking.

The static broke through and a female voice began to speak. "Hi This is Zoe, I'm calling for Takuya. Is he available?" Shiny smiled at this chance. "Zoe- my brother was just talking about you. He never shuts up about you." Shinya smiled as the commercial was now over and Takuya was writing down the phone number to call and order the game. " He keeps saying how pretty you are."

"He has?" Zoe asked smiling slightly. She shook her head not wanting to lost her train of thought. "Can you please get him, I need to talk to him."

Shinya stood there for a moment deciding how to carry out his plan of revenge. "Sure, I'll get him." Shinya smiled a toothy smile and held the phone close to his mouth. "Takuya, that girl you're crazy about is calling." Shinya called. Zoe could clearly hear Shinya and Takuya's conversation.

Takuya dropped the pen he had in his hand and raised an eye brow to his younger brother"What?" Takuya asked lowering the volume of the TV. "What girl?"

Shinya bit his lip to finish his revenge without laughing. "You know the girl you want to be your girlfriend." Shinya smiled devilishly at his brother seeing Takuya go red in the face and his eyes growing wide in realization. "My brother will be right with you" Shinya said putting done the phone on the coffee table racing to seek refuge in his bed room.

Takuya ran trying to grab his brother from his navy sweatshirt but the little brat was too fast. Takuya looked down to the phone and let out a sigh. He would have to get his brother back for this one.

Takuya stared at the phone. He debated on hanging up but thought better of it. "Hello." Takuya said into the receiver. He heard her laughing and rolled his eyes.

"Now, Takuya who was that adorable little kid I was just speaking to?" Zoe teased suppressing back giggles.

Takuya rubbed the back oh his neck. "He was kidding, I never said or meant anything he said." Takuya yelled into the phone not knowing what exactly Shinya had told her.

Zoe listened and her patience flew out the window."Are you done?" Zoe asked sounding annoyed. She was slightly hurt, but she could get over it.

Takuya let out another sigh and composed himself. "Sorry Zoe, whats up?"

Zoe become more annoyed but recomposed herself. The annoyance in her voice was replaced with concern. "Takuya have you heard form Kouji?"

Takuya was taken aback by her question. He become a little hurt that Zoe called him to asked about Kouji but then reality hit him. "No, how do you think Kouichi is doing?"

Zoe remained silent. She had hopped that Takuya would have known something. She wanted to call Kouji directly again but the last time she did it sounded like he was annoyed with her.

Takuya voice snapped her out of her thoughts. "Remember they have to deal with the thing." Takuya began to run his fingers through the phone's cord. "I will give him a call now."

Zoe listened and waited to make sure Takuya was done before asking what was really bothering her. "Do you think he is ok?"

Takuya knitted his eye brows together. They were in the human world what dangers could hurt them. It took Takuya another minute to relies what Zoe meant. "I don't know, I just hope he is." Takuya said rubbing back of his neck. The only thing that could keep Kouji down was knowing his brother was not fine. Now thinking about it Takuya had contact with everyone. JP called the day before and they had a hour talk about meeting up and hanging out. The day before that he had spoken to Tommy about helping him learn more about soccer. He had not heard from either twin since their return. He felt a pang of guilt come over him since he and Kouji only lived a few streets away from each other.

Zoe's voice boomed from the other side of the line. "Takuya!" Takuya held the phone in his right hand and switching ear to be able to hear. He felt like his left ear drum had just ruptured. "Sorry I was just thinking." Takuya said rubbing his ringing ear.

"Sorry I called your name like 10 times, I thought you were ignoring me." Zoe admitted sheepishly. She remained silent for another few moments musing the thought she had for the past few days. "Do you think we should visit?" Zoe asked.

Takuya nodded his head. "Yea, that is what we should have done days ago." Takuya looked down the the small calender next to the phone. "I have nothing planed tomorrow, let me call JP and Tommy and we will head over to Kouji's house around noon-ish." Takuya suggested writing it down so he would not forget.

"Don't you think we should call first?" Zoe asked. If she knew Kouji the way she thinks she knows him then they should really give him a call.

"I will don't you worry about it. I will get him with the Takuya charm" Takuya chuckled.

Zoe smiled at the goofiness. "Alight then, I'll see you tomorrow Takuya."

"Night Zoe." Takuya said hanging up the phone. He walked over to his room and text JP and Tommy. Both replied within minutes of each other agreeing to come over.

Takuya stood in his dark room suddenly sleepy. He changed into his PJs and slipped into bed. He set his alarm clock so he wouldn't run late in the morning and drifted off to sleep. Takuya was so tried that he did not attack Shinya for getting his revenge, forgetting that his father had just gotten home. He was so tired he didn't even get back up to ask his mom for the video game. He was so tried that he did not notice that his room should not have been that dark, not the way it was. Takuya had his blind pulled back for his typical star-gazing. But there were no stars to give off any light, there was no moon either. There was nothing but a dark hue consuming the sky.


Hey Guys. Sorry about not posting on time. I kept editing this chapter and nothing felt worthy to be posted until this fell into place. Takuya and the gang made it in here. I thought this was going to be a small story maybe a few chapters but no, it's going to be a little longer than I had planned. This chapter is the longest i just really did not have a great cut off spot. Hope you don't mind. Thank you again for the support. See you soon.