Authoress: Michelle C.

Date: October 5, 2002

Series: Yu-Yu Hakusho

Disclaimers: Love the bishonen-red-head Kurama, but… sadly, I don't own him *sobs* I don't own any of the characters here (at least, I haven't developed one for the story yet.)

The Ordeal

Chapter 1

            "Kuraaaamaaa…Kurrraaaamaaa…" said soft sing-song voice. " Kurama. Follow me, Kurama. Don't be frightened. Come," the voice said…


            "Kurama? Kurama! Please wake up!" cried a very shaken Botan. "Kurama! What's wrong with you?" she asked while shaking the still body of Kurama. "Yuusuke! Kuwabara! Help me!"

            Yuusuke and Kuwabara rushed to Botan's side. "Botan, hey, what's wrong?" asked Yuusuke.

            "I-I don't know!" said the panic-stricken Botan. "One minute, Kurama and I were talking and the next minute, he collapsed." She turned her worried, tear-streaked face back to the unconscious red-head. Oh Kurama… Please be ok… she thought.

            Kuwabara, who was silent throughout everything so far, gently took Botan's arm and helped her up, "Hey, Urameshi, get over here and help me with Kurama. We'd better get him to a hospital. He looks a little pale." Kuwabara slung one of Kurama's arms across his shoulder and Yuusuke followed suit.

            Hmm, thought Kuwabara, furrowing his brow, he's pretty cold too. The shallow breathing can't be a good sign either.

            Kuwabara quietly told only Yuusuke about this so Botan wouldn't worry any more than she already did. Yuusuke just laughed. "I don't think we should worry that much about Kurama, here. He's survived the past few centuries in Makai, hasn't he?" Yuusuke said to Kuwabara uneasily. He used a quiet voice as well, so as not to upset Botan if it really was something serious.

            "Yes, but don't forget, Urameshi, that Kurama might have the experience and everything of a youkai, but he has a human body now. It probably isn't as strong as his youkai form…"

            "Yeah, Kuwabara… I suppose you're right…"


            Oh…my head, thought Kurama, wearily. What in the world happened? he asked himself while rubbing his temples, trying to clear his obscured vision. After about a minute or so of sitting and glancing at his current surroundings, Kurama realized that it wasn't his eyes that were the problem. He was sitting in complete darkness.

            Another five minutes passed, though it felt like an eternity for Kurama, sitting in the silent, thought definitely not still, darkness. Finally, Kurama decided to test his legs out and slowly stood up. He stood there with his eyes closed for several seconds before he heard it, a faint voice, calling his name.

            "Kurrraaamaaaa…Kurrraaamaaa…" the eerie voice called in a ghostly fashion.

            I do believe it's a female voice, thought Kurama. The strangest thing is that it sounds so familiar somehow…

            Suddenly, Kurama let out a low moan and clutched his head in his hands. He stumbled forward blindly and violently then collapsed into a heap onto the rough ground, a small sharp rock cutting his right cheek ever so slightly…


            Oh Kurama… Botan thought worriedly. Why won't you wake up? she thought for the tenth time. Tears threatened to spill from her already moist pink-purple eyes but she bit her lip and fought them back.

            It was about half an hour after Kurama collapsed on the sidewalk and had to be carried to the hospital by Yuusuke and Kuwabara. The rest of the gang was there, as well, in Kurama's hospital room. Even Hiei was there, though he sat on the windowsill instead of going inside as always and didn't utter a word aside from his trademark greeting "hn." His impassive visage showed no concern. Only his eyes really showed that he cared at all.

            Keiko was crying in Yuusuke's arms while Yukina and Kuwabara were just standing together, watching the rest with near identical expressions on their faces of fear, concern, and even a small hint of shock.

            Finally, Botan's barrier broke and her body was racked with silent sobs. No one seemed to notice except for Genkai, who was standing right next to her, and Shiori, who was informed by Genkai that her son was very sick.

            Botan, Genkai thought using her telepathic powers. Botan, are you all right? she asked with her mind while her features remained nearly as impassive as Hiei's.

            Yes, Botan thought back sadly. I am fine Genkai-sama, she directed her thoughts to Genkai. Of course I'm ok, thought Botan to herself. Why wouldn't I be? Kurama-kun's going to be alright. He'll wake up soon and we'll all be relieved. That's all, she thought to herself determinedly.

            Are you sure Botan? You can always talk to me, you know that, Genkai's thoughts intruded again.

            After a couple of minutes of silence, Genkai was about to give up hope that Botan was going to take up her offer when suddenly, Botan asked aloud, "Genkai-sama? D-do you think I could talk to you alone for a bit?"

            "Of course," Genkai replied. "Would you like to talk now?" she asked gently to the blue-haired deity.

            Botan shook her head slowly. "Ano…iie… not really…" she said aloud. Can you stay for a while after everyone leaves? she asked telepathically.

            Of course, Botan. As you wish.

            Arigatou, Genkai-sama. I appreciate it a lot…

            Genkai's only answer was an understanding nod…

End of Chapter 1

Authoress' Notes: Ok. Weird. I know. Very ooc. I know that as well. Confusing. Probably. I'm not the greatest writer in the world. I know that. (I'm babbling. I know that too.) I better shut up before someone throws rotten—*gets pelted by rotten tomatoes*(I must by psychic o.o''') Anyways, until the next chapter ^ ^