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Date: October 17, 2002 (actually, I had this for a while, just never had a chance to post it)

Series: Yu-Yu Hakusho

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Kurama's Ordeal

Chapter 3

            Kurama groaned and rubbed the back of his head. Ok, this is starting to get old. A person can only wake up with a throbbing headache a certain amount of times before it gets annoying. he thought irritably.

            Kurama stopped rubbing his head and slowly sat up, something he learned to do from his previous encounters with his headaches. What he saw totally astounded him.

            Statues of, what Kurama assumed to be, gods and goddesses were wrapped in beautiful flowers. Ivory climbed along a fountain, which stood in the middle of the room. Long, golden support structures that had gorgeous dragons engraved on them stood in all for corners of the massive room. The walls were decorated with roses of every color imaginable with perfect thorns. Perfectly sharp and deadly, that is.

            A soft giggle from behind startled Kurama and he immediately jumped to his feet, almost expecting a throbbing in his skull to knock him unconscious again. Kurama braced for the wave of pain, but to his surprise, he felt fine. In fact, he actually felt pretty strong. Kurama shook his head lightly and watched his silvery-white hair settle back atop his shoulders. Wait, silver—am I in my youko form right now? Kurama thought. Bewildered, Kurama stood up and looked himself over and indeed, he was in his youko form.

            The voice behind him cleared it's throat. "Ah, Kurama. I see you have discovered that you are in your youko body," it said in a low voice.

            "Who are you?" asked Kurama in the same even tone of voice. He turned around to face the stranger and was surprised to see a young girl, around the age of 10 staring at him intently. He studied her and noticed she had flowing, light blue hair and light pink eyes. He shifted slightly and looked at her again. Now her eyes look slightly… purple. Why is she so familiar? he asked himself.

            The young girl noticed him staring at her and she giggled again. "I look familiar, don't I?" she asked smiling.

            "Yes, but that doesn't answer my question," Kurama said. "Who are you?"

            The young girl sighed and started to walk towards Kurama. "I," she said, starting to glow light purple, "am Narana, mistress of this realm and," she continued, glowing a darker purple now, "one of the best."

            Kurama stayed rooted to the spot he was standing in and watched Narana shift from that little blue-haired pink-purple-eyed ten year old to an older, more mature looking woman with long silver hair tinted with shades of blue and dark purple eyes that no longer held their innocence.

            By the time she reached Kurama, she finished her transformation and stood a good several inches shorter than him. Kurama noticed the fuzzy blue-white ears protruding the top of her head.

            "Are you a kitsune, like me? Or are you a shape-shifter?" asked Kurama stepping backwards to put some distance between them. Not that her skill could compare to mine, Kurama thought smirking.

            "I am both. I am a kitsune that can change forms and make illusions, as you, Kurama, can control plants." She stated proudly, "As I've said before, I am one of the best."


            "Genkai, do you suppose we may talk now?" asked Botan quietly.

            "Of course, Botan. Now tell me, what's on your mind?" asked Genkai.

            "Ano… um," Botan said and fidgeted slightly, "I-I was curious, d-d-do you think—um—that it'sgonnarain?" Botan blurted out quickly.

            "No, Botan, I don't think it's going to rain and I also don't think that was what you really wanted to talk to me about," said Genkai, smiling slightly at Botan. "Now come on, what is it?"

            "Oh, alright," Botan said rather reluctantly. "Now," she said in a serious tone, "I know you know what's wrong with Kurama." Botan paused and looked for Genkai's reaction. "Please, Genkai, you must tell me what's wrong," Botan pleaded. "I know it's much more serious than you're letting on." Botan walked back to her position beside the red-haired boy and fingered a small cut on his right cheek delicately.

            A long minute passed and Genkai sighted heavily, "Oh, alright. I'll… I suppose…" she sighed again, "I'll tell you, Botan, if it'll ease your mind a bit, though I seriously doubt it will." She started walking towards Botan, "I think Kurama," she paused for a moment "is trapped in the Eien Realm."

            Botan's now dry eyes widened, "The… the Eternal Realm? But… but whyHow?!"

            Genkai shook her head and replied, "I honestly don't know how, but I have a pretty good guess at why. You have heard of the Eien Realm's mistress, have you not?"

            "Yes, of course, though I don't know much about her. All of the Real masters', mistresses', and/or monarchs' files are in King Emma's private library and no one can go in there except Koenma and King Yama himself… Unless summoned, of course," said Botan hastily.

            "Well, you do know that Narana is also known as 'Kitsune no Eien,' am I correct?" questioned Genkai further.

            "Yes," said Botan slowly, "I think I heard something about that before, but why would the 'Eternal Kitsune' want Kurama?" She ran her fingers through a section of his beautifully thick hair without fully realizing it and sighed deeply, still trying to understand Genkai's suspicions so far.

            Genkai saw Botan's expression turn from fear and worry into confusion, curiosity, and a small spark of something she couldn't quite comprehend. Botan usually isn't this serious. She almost always tries to brighten every situation, no matter how grim they are. She always looks on the bright side of things. This can't be too good for the girl, to worry so much…

End of Chapter 3

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