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Chaos was the best way to define the state of Harry Potter's room at St Mungo's. Questions were coming in from all directions and all of them were directed at the patient.

"Enough!" screamed Padma Patil but her shout went unheard, she then cast sonorous and screamed again. The deafening shout was enough to grant temporary silence.

"He might be telling the truth" She continued in a softer voice.

"What do you mean?" Hermione Granger asked, her tone fearful.

"Okay I want everyone who is not the immediate family of Mr Potter out of the room, you stay behind Padma" Croaker said as he stroked his beard. He went over to Ron Weasley and whispered in his ear, "Make sure that everyone keeps this revelation under wraps, even if you have to force it." Ron's eyes widened as he understood the meaning. He was the assistant Head Auror and if Harry was unavailable he was responsible for the department, and that meant making sure that no sensitive information passes through, which would mean that he would have to sanction obliviations for the medics and Aurors that were in Harry's room and also the junior unspeakables that had witnessed the incident in the ministry.

He went over to his wife and leaned in and whispered, "Stay here with him, and try to find out what's going on." Hermione nodded a determined look coming over her face.

"Everyone follow me" he said and the Aurors and medics started shuffling behind him, however some of them who were close friends with Harry were refusing to move, "That is an order" he said in his most commanding voice. They begrudgingly started following him. They all knew that they wouldn't remember anything that happened in the room, after all it was standard department of mysteries procedure and they were contractually bound by the rules.

Only Ginny, Hermione, Padma Patil and head Unspeakable Croaker remained in the ward.

"What do you mean by your not our Harry, are you from the future?" asked Croaker.

"Not really" Harry said, "I think that device transported me to another dimension when I activated it, and as outlandish as that sounds, I really think that's what has happened. Either that or you guys are death eaters disguised as my friends, but if that were the case I'd already be dead."

"You seemed to have summarized your situation quite fast, did you intentionally travel to this dimension?" Croaker asked.

"It was a mistake, I.."

"Where's my Harry?" Ginny Weasley interrupted. She came closer and pointed her wand at his face, she had a frantic look in her face, "Where's my Harry" she said louder, her voice distraught.

"If this Harry is here, it would make sense for our Harry to be in his world" Padma responded for Harry.

Ginny snapped her head to Padma, "Well, then we'll just have to get Harry back and return him" she pointed to Harry, "back to his dimension."

Padma sighed and rubbed her temples, this was going to be long explanation but she was saved from it by Hermione.

"We don't know how?" Hermione said softly, she was still sitting beside Harry looking at his face, Harry seemed to be avoiding her gaze "It has never been done before" She continued.

"Don't worry, I am sure I will be able to fix the artifact, it would take sometime but I should be able to re-power it and activate it again reversing the inter-dimensional travel" Harry said with such conviction that Ginny couldn't help but believe in him.

"We have already tried Harry" Padma said, "It seems like the artifact was meant for one time use."

"No" Harry said shaking his head refusing to give up so fast, he had a family waiting for him back home and he owed it to the other Harry to return him to his own world. "I have worked in the Department of Mysteries for a long time, I am sure there is another way, and even if I can't find a way I am sure my wife in my world will find a way to reverse the process, she always finds a way" he said with conviction. It seemed like he was trying to convince himself as he didn't know what he would do if he couldn't return to his world, he did not want to imagine.

"How long?" Ginny asked.

"A few weeks, a few months at most." he replied.

"Months!" Ginny exclaimed, "What am I going to tell the children?".

Harry suddenly looked stricken, he remembered his little girl and suddenly the weight of what he had done hit him.

"This Harry can act like our Harry till we get this fixed" Hermione said going over to Ginny and holding her hand, she turned to face Harry and asked "Are you sure you can fix this?"

"I am sure I can" he replied with conviction.

Hermione turned back to Ginny, "Don't worry Gin, I won't just give up. We will get our Harry back." she said and hugged Ginny.

"Before we believe you we need to verify your story, Mr Potter" Croaker said. He then removed a vial of veritaserum from his Coat, "Do you agree with this?" He asked as a courtesy.

"Only if you don't ask any personal questions and only if you use it to only verify my identity and my story" Harry said with resignation. He knew that they just wouldn't take his word for it, heck even he wouldn't have believed himself.

Croaker went up to Harry and administered a few drops of Veritaserum. Harry grimaced as he swallowed the potion. He immediately felt all his occlumency shields falling and a sense of calm go through him.

Everyone in the room paid attention to Harry now. Ginny and Hermione held each others hand as Croaker began his questioning.

"What is your full name?"

"Harry James Potter."

"What year were you born?"


"Are you from an alternate dimension?"

"I believe so."

Ginny's breath hitched when Harry said that, it was like a final nail in the coffin as that basically confirmed Harry's story.

"Are you a death eater?"


"Do you mean to harm anyone in this room."


"Are you married"

"Yes." Harry said. Internally he started panicking, he could see where this questioning was going and he wanted to avoid that all costs.

"Do you have Children?"


"How many?"

"Two." Ginny sucked in a breath as Harry said that, she had three Children.

Harry seemed to be struggling now. The questions were getting personal and he was trying to fight the potion. Hermione saw this and went to intervene. But Croaker asked one final question before she could stop him.

"What's your wife's name?"

Harry bit his lip as he desperately tried to stop speaking, but the potion of was too strong.

"Hermione Jane Granger."

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