Minds Eye

I don't know if it was properly explained but I always felt they dropped the whole subject regarding Sam and the allspark knowledge. Shouldn't it still be rattling around in there causing all manner of grief? I theorized that maybe the Primes took it out when he died but I cannot recall mention of this. If anyone knows? This is my take on what happened if the knowledge from the allspark caused more trouble then realised.
Takes place at the end of the second movie.

Sadly I don't own Transformers and I'm fairly certain my car isn't one either so on that note...

The woods are lovely,
Dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

~R. Frost

He had known better. Better then anyone that when you save a bunch of alien robots that they kinda put their faith, or amount thereof, in you. When the world is in peril just call Sam for help, or talk some sense into his fellow human beings. Sam was surprised the Autobots hadn't learned by now how little the other humans who knew what had transpired in the past, felt about him. To them he wasn't a hero who had taken out Megatron, he was some bratty mouthing kid they had to hush up and send back on his way. And so they would send him back to collage, where he had spent the first day practically ruining the impression of himself. He could only imagine the gossip, the rumors spreading through the campus at this very moment.

It wasn't so easy this time. This time there was a heck of a lot more tape to get past before the military was even ready to let him go. Within 24 hours they had packed up all evidence of ever being in Egypt, the sands were combed, wreckage retrieved by an impossible amount of soldiers and the injured and dead seen to. Technically Sam fell into both categories having died for several minutes. Sure, they'd fussed over him somewhat when the allspark had been destroyed and the remaining Deceptions fled thus ending the battle that short year or so ago but this was so much more. The acts of self preservation for not just himself but his planet had been accomplished so as his own people had hunted him down for the option of handing him over to their enemy in the hopes that would get Megarton off their backs and off the planet. It would have done neither but that did not matter to them, he was a pawn and always would be that child they first meet.

As he, Mikaela and Leo sat complying on their cots deep within the NEST base in Diego Garcia still being monitored by the military medics they had had little time to see their Autobot friends. There had been a few deaths, some noticeable injuries and some notable resurrections. They were reassured and placated every time they asked that Ratchet was patching up the bio-mechanical persons as good as new but it would take time and they had their own scrapes and bruises to see to. They were human after all and needed a human doctor and although the Autobots were their allies, Ratchet with sound judgment shed very little light on his species physiology. Sam could easily imagine the use the think tanks could put that information to and it made him shudder. Such power in their already powerful hands was too foolish to reason with.

So in the huge medical section the three outcasts talked amongst themselves, for a short while at least. The burns Sam had sustained in the shootout and following explosions had been oddly minimal. The way he'd felt when he could feel again had been most unpleasant, his skin seeming to absorb half the surrounding sand and coat him in a fine layer of grit and sweat. The majority of the cuts appeared to have already mostly healed in an extraordinarily short amount of time that alarmed the medics, (he suspected the Primes he had spoken to had something to do with this) but to be honest Sam was just too exhausted to care, like he could sleep for weeks and he didn't want to discuss what Mikaela wanted to discuss. He could feel her eyes on him when he tried to rest, her silent questions screaming at him.

Leo. Leo was odd. It was almost like the events had left him stunned and speechless. Not that that was so terrible, he had been with Simmons and they'd accomplished what they'd set out to do after Sam and Mikaela had gone to find Optimus's body, but he hadn't spoken with either one since. Sam could feel the distance acutely and knew their friendship wasn't solid. Hell, he hardly knew the guy before Sam had unintentionally pulled him into the Autobot's world. Most would figure this would act as some kind on deep bonding thing were people were put through such turmoil that is solidified and formed some strong silent pack but it was more awkwardness like friends becoming more then friends and regretting it later realizing it just didn't work. He wondered if they would see each other willingly again when they were free to go.

Things had changed, things were still changing, moving, evolving and Sam didn't think there was much room for him to fit. Not here. He hadn't wanted to be apart of yet another deathly fight were he was a mere insect ripe for squishing. And he was well aware this was the main subject that also bothered Mikaela. In essence Sam was torn. He now understood the need to help the Autobots, to protect them from the majority of the human race who wanted nothing but power, but he also wanted everything else they had. Normalcy. He wanted to live his life undictated and undirected as he pleased. He cared for Mikalea, but at the price she was asking?

Ever since he had taken the Matrix of Leadership and restored Optimus's spark, his mind had become silent. A blessed silence in what had quickly become a hurricane of foreign alien symbols and knowledge that he hadn't understood. Those first days in collage with that information floating around had been frightening. To know he was loosing touch with reality, to truly know it and fell it ebb away had taken his mind to another place. A dark desolate space of nowhere in absence of anything but himself. The memory of it still gave him shivers and trepidation but he reminded himself, it was now just a memory. That knowledge was gone, or at least he felt it was gone. It had left him as he had died and spoken to the Primes. He also theorized they had purged that from his mind.

With the continuing duration of their stay Sam found himself in another briefing, much like the first one he had sat down to over a year ago. The military and other personal went through question after question, wanting to know from the very beginning how he'd come to be so deeply involved once again with not just the Autobots but also the Decepticons. He held back only a few small details that he deemed unnecessary or quite personal but he was otherwise truthful. There was no point in lying.

He told them of the allspark sliver he'd found in his old clothing, that he had no idea it had been in his possession until the morning he left for collage and hadn't known of the possible danger it soon caused. To this they responded unhappily. (Why did you not report this immediately to the Military instead of getting another civilian involved? Didn't you realize any and all alien technology, even damaged or seemingly destroyed, should be handed in?).

He explained the Cybertronian symbols his mind had spewed up as the result of touching the sliver. (How could you not think that was significant enough to tell anyone until the enemy was on your back? So these symbols were floating around inside your head and you just decided it would be ok to ignore them and not even seek medial aid? What would have happened if it had liquefied your brain? This is technology from another species we're talking about, a non-biological species).

How he'd been accosted and chased by a human looking girl who'd transformed as a planted Descepticon and run after him trying to capture him. (They can take human form? When the hell did THAT happen?).

As he'd fled with Mikalea and Leo they'd been caught by Megatron himself who'd stolen the information from his brain before help from the Autobots had arrived. (And thus Optimus was killed. You also tore through the city causing massive destruction and chaos. Did it not once occur to you that this would have been better suited and fixed had SOMEONE known what was happening?).

Until Megatron had gone live and revealed the aliens existence and threatened the world unless they give him up. (All which by now, could have been avoided had you handed yourself in. Your utter carelessness and unthinking behavior helped no one).

The help from Simmons, tracking down Jetfire, the sudden trip to Egypt and the story just went on and on. They interrupted often either to admonish his sheer stupidity or inform him of the many possible choices he could have made at each step. It was too bad they hadn't been there to hold his hand and walk him through a life threatening situation. He couldn't help it as his face shone brightly with humiliation.

There was one thing though, that Sam did not mention, not to anyone. Not to Mikaela. Sam did not think she needed more coal for the fire she was currently burning against his alien comrades. It was seeing the Primes. Speaking with them had been difficult to even comprehend. On some level Sam knew Optimus understood, as far as his human companions were concerned, it was all the doing of the Matrix of Leadership. And how could Sam explain how some piece of ancient alien technology worked? It had turned from dust one minute to ... something else? He shrugged it off, stating that he simply did not know. Maybe they should ask the Autobots. It was theirs after all. They would of course question later, and he doubted Optimus would say much.

Time moved forward. His acts were noted in private records and while the army personal who understand the ground work clapped him on the back and showed genuine appreciation for once again risking his neck, the real men and women in charge who sat at their bulging wood crafted desks and watched from afar showed him no such approval or admiration. He was a bothersome pain and was lucky they didn't charge him for conspiracy.

His parents cooed over him, it was obvious they were both proud but still so worried. Their only son involved in such dangerous situations of which he did have regard for his life but would stay and stand up for what he believed in. Enough to frustrate anyone.

He said a few, too quick goodbyes and I'll see you again soon, to every last Autobot and made sure he spent a good hour with Bee, not just to see how he was getting on but to let Bee know he was always there for him and convince him that this was the place for Bee, with his Autobot family. He was suffocating alone in the human world and through Sam loved him like a true flesh brother he couldn't watch Bee sit still like he had been. It was cruel so he had to let him go. He would sacrifice anything for Bee, for all of the Autobots.

And finally it was back to collage. It felt like he'd been gone several weeks but it had only just been one. He had a line to feed the general public about why he was wanted by fairly much everyone and this time it wasn't as much bull as he thought it would be, mind you the secret about extraterrestrials was out now and he had been trashed on every news channel so in a way he could more or less tell his own tale, not that many would believe him but he had too much respect for his alien friends to go spilling anything about them.

Being back on campus though, was more difficult then the first time. At least Ron and Judy hadn't accompanied him and the government had agreed to pay his schooling fees and even pay for board for a one roomer. He'd need the space and quiet and quite frankly, he doubted Leo would miss him. Sam would push forward, try to move on. Try to forget and accept he was nothing special or worthy.

But he knew better. He always had.