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Part Seventeen / Epilogue


3 Years Later

Time can pass quicker then you think when you don't watch it. Though it was true that all time was relative, Sam had often observed that watched time seemed to stand a room still, while time unwatched appeared to slink away like smoke. Where had the years gone? He remembered with crisp clarity the days he had spent on the run with three autobots as they tried and succeeded to valiantly honor his choices and protect who they had come to love and perceive as one of their own. Though human, Sam was as much an autobot as a human could be. Anyone found in his company for long could attest to that.

Since his return that morning to NEST base he, along with the autobots who had refused point blank to leave his side unless he felt comfortable enough, had been ushered into the open space that was once again the aliens' home. Norson, the freshly appointed Security Adviser, had gotten straight down to business. He wanted to know everything and he didn't want anything left out. For a moments Sam had feared he was simply another Galloway, ready to power up and see what this new line of work could bring him, but as they had talked Sam had found extreme differences. Norson wasn't Galloway in any respect; he was actually in awe of the autobots. He found them fascinating to no end and listened intently to their tale without interruption. By the end his face seemed to have lost a fair amount of color and his gaze on Sam was grave. Reece was absent from this meeting, wished by all parties but Sam had let Ron and Judy hear the full account, he felt they needed to if they wanted to understand his next choice, one he had debated with himself and come to the conclusion fairly quickly.

By the beginning of the new week, the majority of his positions had been promptly shipped over and now resided in his new place of residence, one he shared with the autobots on NEST. It had taken a bit to swing, a lot of persuasion from Lennox, some tears from his mother as she nodded her comprehension to his decision, and the OK from Norson to pull it off. In all honesty, Sam didn't know what to expect with his new life, what would be asked of him and where the allspark and the autobots would take him but he knew this was his set path. He was destined to do this.

3 Years Previous

For several days he remained hauled up in Ratchet's med bay under strict supervision and bed rest. Not wholly unexpected at least this time Sam had entertainment to ease the passing of time and he threw himself into his school work and anything else that interested him at any given time. It was clear his knowledge absorption was extraordinary; his ability to soak information like a sponge was a gift that no doubt stemmed as an after effect of the allspark, or so Ratchet theorized. As for the energy Sam was able to produce, it was some time before he was allowed to experiment with that.

It had been a beautiful hot sunny day and once again Sam found himself cooped up inside. It wasn't like the autobots needed sunlight but Sam was still human after all and he had stared to become rather pale in their presence. Unbeknownst to Sam Ratchet had set up a kind of electrical barrier outside on a particularly unused section of the base which was where Sam currently found himself. He'd been badgering Ratchet for weeks about this energy thing and it looked like the un-wave-able bot had finally wavered.

There were several large machines placed around the concrete field at uneven intervals, the metal shining in the light from the sun stinging Sam's eyes. The machines ranged from arm length to human sized to near autobot size and though Sam didn't know what any of them did, he trusted they were there for a reason, Ratchet didn't like wasting time.

"You must stand in the middle." Ratchet instructed as he fiddled here and there with any number of the machines. Several of the other autobots could be found observing also but from where Ratchet had deemed a 'safe distance'. Sam waved to Bumblebee and Prowl and they waved back in encouragement.

Ratchet's holoform fizzed into existence and began sifting through a bag Ratchet had brought along before walking over to Sam. "I'll need to monitor you also," was his explanation as he attached wires with sticky adhesives to his skin.

Taking it all and not complaining Sam just stood there until Ratchet was satisfied everything was ready to go. Sam half expected some excuse to pop up and stop them midway, as it had so often been given to him, but the autobot medic remained silent and focused in his work.

The holoform pointed to a huge smooth metal circle twice the size of his head with countless wires protruding from it and told him to face it. He was to aim and discharge his energy into this where it would be harmlessly absorbed and dissipated. Nervous now with a crowd watching on, Sam's palms began to sweat and he brushed them off on his pants; if they didn't start soon he feared he'd start scratching his skin off.

"When you're ready, send a small amount of energy to the energy holder." The holoform instructed and Sam nodded. It was now or never.

Taking a deep breath and then exhaling he closed his eyes and focused. He'd been getting quite good at this, with help from any number of the autobots, to channel where he found this power and either push it down or pull it forth. Now he needed it, so he pictured in his mind a current riding up though his veins to his fingertips. Opening his eyes he focused on the metal circle raising his hands and letting the energy flow from him to the metal. Just as quickly as it shone around him, the device had captured it, the blue electrical current bouncing around inside until it died out.

There were sounds ranging from 'ohhhhs' and 'ahhhhs' and some weird metallic sounds he couldn't make out coming from his spectators that Sam blushed.

"This time I want you to push as much as you can into it." Ratchet called as he checked over the instrumentation.

"Are you sure that can handle it?" Sam asked pointing to the energy holder. He had used his power at full force before and blown Starscream away and he really didn't think this metal contraption would be able to stop it if he did that again no matter how much faith he had in Que and Ratchet's inventions.

Ratchet gave him a pointed look and Sam didn't argue further, fine, he would throw everything he had and trust Ratchet knew what he was asking. Taking another deep breath he went through the process again, this time pulling everything he had, everything he could find. The holder did as it was designed and caught it all, several of the wires frying their connection, and the energy bounced around for a moment or two.

Exhaustion settled into Sam's bones and he quickly took the opportunity to sit down before he fell down. It did not go unnoticed and instantly Ratchet's holoform was at his side helping him up and away from the testing center.

"I'm fine." He mumbled albeit quieter then usual but Ratchet didn't listen, when did he ever listen?

"Just take a moment." Ratchet's holoform irritably looked him over, checking with his readings that everything was indeed OK before ripping the monitoring devices from Sam's skin.

"Owwww." He whined weakly, not really having the energy any more to protest fully. This had happened the last time so they knew what to expect. After meeting Norson for the first time and watching sweetly as Galloway was hauled away disgraced, he had slept for no less then two days. Thankfully, as always, he had no plans.

They had gained a lot of data that day. Ratchet was then able to measure Sam's energy capacity and also observe what happened to Sam's body when he exerted himself in such a way. Though it gave them a few answers, there were still so many questions, still so many things they simply didn't know and couldn't know until they knew. It told them Sam could probability restart a bots spark but without proper focus it could also destroy it. It told them that every time Sam used this energy it sapped at him, leaving him weak and frail. It told them they couldn't use Sam like a battery, they wouldn't, they would never but that didn't stop others from thinking that way if they found out. So needless to say all relevant data was recorded only in their minds.

That had been almost three years before and still they were discovering together just exactly what Sam was capable of, what he could do. He still managed to surprise them. For the here and now, he had just finished his collage courses and graduated with high honors. He had found it amusing going back to classes a full four months after the incident that forced him to leave near the beginning of the semester, already knowing everything that he was supposedly being taught. His mind in a state of open flux, Sam had found learning to be an exceptionally easy task, everything came quickly to him. Well, except the psychical training. That took time but he couldn't have picked a better place to train in, he still had his heart set on joining the NEST team and you could guarantee he'd need to get in shape.

As for Norson, well it went beyond saying that he was a fair sight better leader then Galloway ever could have been at his best. The guy was young, but as it turned out he was fairly brilliant. A few social oddities here and there not to mention that OCD thing but he got on well with the troops, he seemed to understand where they were coming from. They seemed to respect him after one faithful night at dinner they had somehow managed to make the food wiggle and move about, Norson promptly voided his stomach and couldn't look at mess tent food the same since. No one had ever expected Norson to get someone (everyone knew it had to be a couple of autobots but they never admitted to anything) to dig trenches around the sleeping units and then fill it with quick sand in one night. Sam was so glad he didn't sleep in that section and made a mental note to never cross that man.

At that moment he sat in the middle of the grassy fields watching the stars and listening to the familiar sounds of the encampment. He couldn't have pictured his future this way, it was more then he could have possibly hoped for.

"Mind if I join you?" Lennox asked giving Sam a jump.

"Uh, yeah. I thought you'd be at home by now, don't you actually have a weekend?" Seriously, with a wife like his and his sweet little kid growing up so fast, Sam wondered how he stayed away from them for so long.

"She understands that sometimes, OK, most of the time, I get held up. That's what makes her so perfect. There'll be a girl out there for you too who'll understand what you need."

Sam gave him an incredulous look. "You mean someone who won't run shrieking and mortified after they realize I'm like, radioactive."

"You're not radioactive."

"I can generate Energon inside my cells and use it as a weapon. If that's not being radioactive I don't know what is." Sam had him at that so Lennox didn't argue.

"How are you're parents lately?" Lennox changed the subject seeing as this one was tugging on the younger man.

"Oh, you know, another round the world holiday. They call often though, like they're afraid I'll stop picking up one day. They still think about that day I almost died, again. But I guess they've come to the understanding I'll always be in the line of fire."

"I heard you spoke to Reece the other day." By heard Lennox was referring to the phone call he was alerted to when any off base call was incoming that wasn't prior approved. He had been shocked to see that number once again and couldn't contain his curiosity.

Sam was quite for a while, not sure how to word the conversation he had had. It had come out of the blue, like a slap from his past but he had gotten past that, he assured himself he had put it behind him as best it would fit.

They had spoken briefly, it had been kinda odd, awkward and uncomfortable but after Reece had left from Sam's life Reece hadn't been able to check his progress, it was confidential and Reece was no longer allowed access to Sam's files. He had just wanted to know that Sam was well and happy after the years that had passed; he preferred to know any and all the people he treated were OK down the line. Sam had reassured him and thought it best not to bring that conversation up with anyone. People had a lot of mixed feelings over that man and he understood why after hearing the full events.

"It was nothing." He replied, his gaze settling back to the stars as he breathed in the fresh crisp night air and smiled to himself.

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