Ciel Phantomhive lay in a massive, open meadow, sitting with his head tucked into his knees. Tears slowly trickled down his pale cheeks, as he listened to and watched his world come crashing down. The sky loomed above him, colliding colours of crimson and grey darkening the earth.

His biggest fear had become reality.

Here he was, alone, without Sebastian, as he watched the Earth crumbling before him. This was literally the apocalypse, and when he needed his demon most, he was nowhere to be found.

'I will always stay by your side, until the very end.'
'Unlike humans, I do not tell lies.'

Where had all of that gone? Hell, everything was a lie today. Ciel's very existence was a lie – the one individual he had managed to trust had betrayed him. People were disgusting. Angels were disgusting. Demons were disgusting. Perhaps if he were dead, no, if they were dead, then everything would be alright.

But they weren't, and nothing was okay.

The bluenette wished he could choke up what he was sure would be a final goodbye to his recently acquired companion, an inky black cat, but his uncharacteristic sobbing prevented him from doing so. It was an unspoken policy of Ciel's that crying was to be avoided at all costs, but it did not matter now. Nothing really matters in the end.

He had found the kitten behind a rubbish bin in town just after being abandoned by the butler, and took her in as his own. Of course, she aggravated his allergies, but at this point the Earl did not really mind. She reminded him distinctly of Sebastian, and he needed comfort. The kind of comfort one can only truly discover when they are with the one they feel for the most.

"Sebastian," he muttered to the cat, spitting his words between tears. The feline's gender was irrelevant when it came to naming her – there was no way in Hell Ciel would miss the golden opportunity to name her after that (could Ciel even call him his anymore?) demon. "I'm going to take care of you until all of this is over; that's a promise." He sniffled once more before taking a deep breath, attempting to level out his breathing. For the most part, he had managed to change his weeping to a gentle cry, but his breathing patterns were still not quite right.

"I'm going to take care of you, just like my own Sebastian failed to do for me," Ciel sneered, running a hand down his pet's back before sneezing into his arm. This cat would bring him Hell, but all of it was worth it.

Just before he was able to say another word to his newest companion, a voice spoke up from somewhere he could not identify.

"Hello, my Young Lord."