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The Beautiful Rose.

Rochester, New York 1933.

Bella Pov..

Rosalie and I were walking home from our friend Vera's house in silence, both of us lost in our own thoughts. I could see that the visit had shaken Rose up about her upcoming nuptials with the illustrious Royce King II. I personally thought there was something wrong with him, something dark that my gut instinct told me to stay away from, I couldn't even be in the same room as him without my skin crawling. If only I knew how right my gut instinct was.

"Wasn't little Henry adorable?" I asked with awe in my voice.

"Yes he was, I'm so proud of Vera," Rosalie commented, I murmured in agreement as I got lost in my thoughts again.

Vera had just had a little boy with her husband Jack. He was the most adorable thing I ever did see; he had the bluest of eyes and the cutest dimples. Rose and I had cooed over him for hours. I wished that someday I would be able to find a man I loved, marry him and have our own family. My family thought I was crazy marrying for love instead of wealth but as I told them, love is worth more than wealth to me. Even Rosalie thought I was crazy but I could see that when Jack came home from work, kissed Vera's cheek and held her close to him as he whispered his love for her and how much he missed her into her ear, Rosalie looked jealous. I knew that she wished she could have something like that but our parents had arranged for her to marry Royce King II next week. It was not a love match but both Rosalie and our parents wanted her to marry for wealth not love, I loved my sister dearly but she could be so shallow at times.

"What are your plans for tomorrow Bella?" Rosalie asked curiously.

"I have nothing of interest planned, why do you ask?" I replied.

"Would you mind coming with me to get my final fittings tomorrow for my dress? I know mother said she was coming but I need my big sister to be there with me," She answered.

"Of course I will Rosie," I smiled and linked my arm with hers, she smiled as she always did when I used her nickname.

Rosalie and I were extremely close and also close in age; I am 20 whereas Rosalie is 18. My sister is a very beautiful woman and she knows it, Rose always has been beautiful ever since she was a baby. Rose and I were very different in looks. She is 5'7" with pale blonde hair and eyes that are like Violets, I love my sister's eyes. They were such a vibrant colour and they always had a playful sparkle in them but they could also hold spitefulness and hate when she didn't get what she wanted, which wasn't very often. Whereas I am 5'10", with chocolate brown hair, my eyes were a vibrant blue that sparkled in the sunlight. I was also known as the plain sister whereas Rose was the beautiful one. My sister and I share the same slim, curvy hourglass body that many women envy and men lust for. My sister always attracted the most attention and she didn't hide the fact she loved it, she loved making men's heads turn as she walked into the room and loved making the women scowl with jealousy.

Rosalie had always been my parents favourite, they said she was the personification of beauty and they were always spoiling her with pretty new dresses and she was the apple of my father's eye. I am the plain Isabella Maria Hale whereas Rose is the beautiful Rosalie Lillian Hale. My parents weren't so fond of me, mainly because I wouldn't agree to marry some stranger just so my parents could climb the social ladder. They once told me that I had no choice in the matter so I put my foot down and told them straight, if they forced me to marry a stranger then I would run away and take my brothers with me, Rosalie wouldn't need me, she did fine on her own. My parents quickly shut up after that little announcement. I knew they were using Rose to climb higher up the social ladder from the moment they started buying her prettier things. At times I was slightly envious because our parents showed Rosalie all the affection, my brothers were loved but I was never shown any, I am treated like a servant and that's how I felt at time but I knew that I was never going to be the beautiful one so I let my sister have the limelight without a second glance.

You see our father was a banker and my mother was what you would call a housewife yet she didn't do anything around the house or with her children, which was left up to me and the maids whilst my mother enjoyed her social status, posh dinners with friends and getting drunk almost every evening. When I get married I don't wish to have maids, I wish to have a home in which I can say I look after myself and take pride in. I've even been taking cooking lessons from the cook on the sly. I was always taking care of my younger siblings and I enjoyed it. Another thing Rose and I had in common was the fact we both wanted children of our own. It was our lifelong dream to become mothers and we both couldn't wait until the day it happened, the day when our stomachs were round with life. A familiar male voice roused me from my thoughts.

"Rose! Come over here!" Royce slurred from across the street.

I turned slightly to my right and shook my head at my sister slightly. Something was telling me that this wasn't going to end well if we went over there and spoke to him. Rosalie shrugged at me and started walking over to her creep of a fiancée with a smile on her face. I bit my lip then followed her, I felt like I was going to be sick and I didn't know why. When we reached Royce I saw he was with a group of 8 men who were all drinking. This wasn't right, my stomach niggled at me to get out of there now.

"Hello Rosalie," Royce cooed but it made me shudder, the stench of alcohol made me blanch.

"Royce, what are you doing out here?" Rose asked curiously.

"I'm just catching up with some friends, they're here for the wedding," Royce slurred.

"Well we must be going on our way now, our parents will be expecting us and they will be cross if we are late," I announced and turned to Rose, pleading with my eyes.

"Ah Isabella!" Royce crooned, I shivered.

I saw several of the men's eyes looking me up and down suggestively, I tried to ignore them but it was hard to as they kept leering at me, I saw Rose glance at me with worry as Royce brought her to his side and faced his friends.

"Isn't she lovely?" Royce asked, his words slurring.

"I'm not sure, she's too covered up," his friend replied while eyeing up my sister.

"I shall see you in the morning Royce, sober," Rose said then started walking away.

I followed my sister but I didn't take more than 3 steps before someone's hand was covering my mouth and dragging me back into the alley. I felt panic rise in me as I saw Royce do the same thing with Rose out of the corner of my eye. I struggled against my captors hold and managed to stamp on his foot with my heel, he yelled out in pain and I lunged at Royce, pulling him from my sister.

"Rose run!" I screamed at her, she turned to run.

Another man grabbed hold of me and backhanded me before dragging me back into the dark alleyway, I cried out in pain as my cheek stung and tears filled my eyes. I saw Rose get dragged back by Royce but she disappeared from my sight as the man that held me dragged me around the corner from her. Someone pushed me to the floor and punched me, I cried out in pain but that was only the beginning of the worst night of my life.

Several hours later, I was lying bloody and beaten on the alley floor, the men had left a little while ago, my clothes lie in tatters around me, and the screams from my throat had died out hours ago but I don't really know how long it had been because I kept drifting in and out of unconsciousness. After what seemed hours I got enough strength up to get on my hands and knees, whimpering in pain as my muscles screamed in agony and my entire body felt weak but I needed to get to Rose. My sister needed me; I crawled to the edge of the alley which seemed to take hours and collapsed onto the cold, wet concrete with shock when I saw Rose was nowhere to be seen.

I sobbed loudly and I felt my heart slowing down, I knew that I was going to die and that I would never be able to get married, to have children and to have grandchildren surrounding me. I mourned for the life I would never have, I would never know what it's like to be in love and have someone who loved me back. I could feel myself slipping away slowly. I suddenly felt someone with extremely cold hands touch my cheek, I opened my eyes in shock and I saw a mane of red, curly hair.

"It's going to be okay sweetie, I'll make everything better," A female voice soothed, it sounded like wind chimes.

Then I felt an excruciating pain in my neck, followed by my wrists, ankles, knees and elbows, I kept my scream in. I wouldn't let anyone have the satisfaction of watching me scream in pain ever again.

Rose P.O.V

After what seemed like an eternity of scorching pain, the fire seemed to be receding from my fingertips and my toes but I could feel and hear my heart picking up its pace. I knew I was dying. I was so terrified of what had happened. I had kept repeating most of my memories in my head and I couldn't help but keep repeating the scenes of last night in my head. Royce and his group of friends, no they weren't men. They were monsters. I remember Isabella trying to save me. Isabella, my sister, I hope she's okay.

I felt my heart stop and I sucked in a large breath, I could smell and taste dust motes on my tongue from in the air, I don't know how, but I could, I could also hear 3 people arguing in the next room. I could tell that it was two men and one woman. They were arguing about me. I heard one of the men saying that there was no way I was his soul mate. That just irritated me; no one rejected me, Rosalie Hale, the most stunning woman in New York. I opened my eyes and was startled when I saw dust motes flying through the air. Impossible.

I looked around at my surrounding and saw I was on a bed that was huge; I sat up quicker than I ever thought possible, I tried looking for Isabella but I couldn't see her anywhere.

"Isabella?" I called out; my hand flew to my throat when a bell like voice came out from my throat and a dull ache formed in the back of my throat.

Two men and a woman entered the room; I shied back from them automatically. After a few moments, I was startled to realise that I knew them. They were the Cullen's. I was always jealous because they were so beautiful and even more so than myself. I dropped down into a crouch in the corner of the room and before I realised it a feral sound was ripping its way up my throat and my hands uncurled into claw like shapes.

"Where's Isabella?" I asked, my eyes darting everywhere as I stood up.

"Who is Isabella?" Carlisle Cullen asked me. I shook my head and sat back down as I didn't want my sister involved in this, whoever these people were.

"Rosalie, I want you to calm down and do as I say," the caramel haired woman said in a tone that I found soothing and couldn't say no to.

Over the next few days Carlisle and Esme taught me about what I was. When they first told me that I was a vampire I didn't believe them but then when they showed me my reflection I believed them. I had grown another inch or two and now stood at 5'9" and my hair was an even paler blonde but it contrasted nicely against my now pale skin. My skin was now flawless and it sparkled in the sunlight. The thing that startled me the most was my eyes, my beautiful violet eyes had gone and in its place stood frightening, vibrant. crimson eyes. They assured me that over time that they would become gold like theirs are if I decided to stick to this diet of animal blood. I had been distraught when they told me that I would never be able to have children.

I decided to stick with them and learn the vegetarian diet but first things first; I will get revenge on those monsters that had brutally attacked my sister and me. One by one. Saving Royce King II for last so he knew I was coming for him.