As promised, here's the epilogue. It only happened because the ideas popped into my head and it was way too cute to resist. Emilie was based off my one year old second cousin named Emma, who when asked what her name is, says, "Em.. Mah."

I can say that you can look out for a Frozen AU I'm planning on doing. That will be much better written and a hell of a lot more thought out. I already know exactly how it's ending. So.. Watch out for that.

So.. Yeah. Enjoy the epilogue.

As she had said she would, Elsa did announce her pregnancy and the news spread around the kingdom like wildfire. But, of course, with news there's always gossip...

"I hear she had twelve lovers." One civilian had remarked. "And she doesn't know whose child it is."

"I hear the announcement was a joke." Another had chimed in.

"I heard it was Prince Hans of the Southern Isles that had gone and done that to 'er!" A third joined in.

"Not in a million years!" The first scoffed.

"You're mad." The second cackled at his nonsense.

And.. Of course, with the announcement, Anna was among the rest of the people to find out. Elsa had to sit and take the blame for it all when she received a two hour lecture from her sister. What an absolute joy that was.

In the beginning, Elsa hadn't really believed why so many women complained about carrying a child! It didn't seem so bad. Her opinions quickly changed within the next couple of weeks.

In the end though, she had given birth to a healthy baby girl, whom she'd decided to name Emilie. It seemed to fit. Everything about her was absolutely perfect in Elsa's eyes... Everything except the large amount of auburn hair she was born with.

A year had flown by with what seemed like the blink of an eye, and Emilie had turned one.

In the first few months, the Queen had time to spend with her child, for obvious reasons. But, as time went by, she began noticing she hardly would see the little girl as the servants now handled almost all of it; feedings, dressing, all of it.

But, every so often... She would manage to slip away for a little while without a word and go on a hunt for the babe in the castle, usually finding her in the nursery with someone watching her.

Today was one of those days.

Gerda had been the one in charge of the trouble-maker today, who was currently sitting on the floor as the servant watched on.

"Your Majesty, what are you-"

"You're dismissed for now. Please." Elsa looked down at her, before looking back at Emilie. Hopefully she would get the message. The short woman nodded in response, leaving only mother and daughter to be together now.

The blonde smiled and scooped the babe off the floor from behind, who looked completely confused as to who was touching her, before she tilted her head back to look and smiled. Elsa earned herself a little pat on the cheek from a tiny hand.

Settling the both of them into a nearby chair with Emilie facing her mother. Both smiled happily as Elsa pushed back a little tuft of hair out of Emilie's face. It had appeared that the auburn was beginning to change, to what Elsa was unsure, but she was happy it was changing. Something lighter, perhaps as her permanent color.

Green eyes that weren't her own stared back as Elsa looked down at her. "What is your name? You know what it is."

"Em-mah..." The girl tried out, the sounds of the letters heavy in her mouth. She was quite the little talker when she wanted to be - Not that they ever knew /what/ she was talking about. It was all just babbling.

Elsa finished, "..lee. Emilie. Very good." She leaned down, nuzzling her nose against the babe's. "We'll work on it."