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It was a cold evening and the members of team Core-Tech except Beyal were sitting in the living room. They were waiting for the doctor to finish his examination on Beyal. When the door opened they all stood up.

"What's going on doctor?" said Jinja with a worried look.

"Is he getting better?" said Chase hoping for a positive answer.

"His statement is still the same" said the doctor.

"But?" said Bren.

"But every now and awhile he will take a break" he said.

"So it's nothing we have to worry about" said Jinja and her face lit up.

"Yes young lady" he said.

"Well, these are good news" said Bren.

"Somehow" said Chase.

"Well, children if anything happens don't hesitate calling me" said the doctor and then left.

The next morning:

"I wonder who is he gonna be like today" said Jinja.

"What if he'll become like you?" said Chase.

"Oh, he will whine all day" said Bren laughing.

"Shut up Bren. I don't whine all day" said Jinja and slapped Bren at the back of his head.

"Ouch, that hurt" said Bren rubbing his head.

"Guess what…I don't care" she said.

Suddenly the door of Beyals room opened.

Everyone stared at the little monk with shock.

"What the…?" said Chase.

Beyal had his face down darkness covering it. Then he looked up and team Core-Tech was able to see his eyes and smile. But they weren't normal. They looked dangerous.

"Why does Beyal look like a serial killer?" said Bren.

"Finally Team Core-Tech after all these years I have captured you" said Beyal.

"Who the hell are you?" Said Jinja freaking out.

"I am commander Trey" said Beyal.

"WHAAAAT?" they all screamed in horror.

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