Percy's POV:

I was sitting in my cabin, trying very hard not to stare at Ella making weird noises for Tyson when there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find Annabeth there and my happiness increased.

'Hey, Seaweed Brain,' Annabeth said, smiling.

'Hey, Wise Girl,' I grinned.

'Chiron wants to see us.'

I walked out with her and headed for the Big House. We stepped inside and saw Chiron sitting in his wheelchair in the centre of the room.

'Ah,' Chiron smiled. 'Annabeth, Percy; I need to speak to you.'

'Ok,' we both replied simultaneously. We sat down on the couch and waited for the centaur to speak.

Chiron did not waste time. 'Okay; there is a secret wizarding world hidden from 'regular' mortals. This world will need help to defeat a certain... person. It will need help from you. I need you two to go Hogwarts, they're school, and gently help a boy by the name of Harry Potter. You must be discreet; no-one can know who you are. Only two people know of your true selves; Dumbledore, an old friend of mine, and another teacher, McGonagall. Will you do it?'

We just sat there, shocked. How could he just hand it to us so quickly? I mean, we were obviously going to do it, but still...

Annabeth was quicker to get over the shock than me. 'Of course we'll do it Chiron. When do we leave? How do we get there? How will we know what they're 'customs' are?'

'Thank you, child. You will leave today, the nymphs have already packed your stuff, you will get there by Hecate's magic and all the knowledge of their 'customs' will come to you, do not worry.'

We nodded; this was going to be an interesting year; that we had no doubt of.