Title: For Play, Epilogue

Author: Anisky

Disclaimer: You recognize it? I don't own it.

Summary: A common interest brings Cho and Ginny together into a great friendship.... But that's all they are, right? Just keep telling yourself that, Harry.

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Harry sat there on the Hogwarts Express, tuning out of the conversation (read, argument) between his two best friends.  He always hated going back to the Dursley's house, and even though this was the last summer he'd ever have to spend with them, he was still more glum that usual.

It had been two months, and Harry was over her—really, he was.  Alright, not so much, but he'd accepted that Cho was no longer his girlfriend.  He'd even accepted the fact that she was now dating Ginny Weasley.

That didn't mean he had to like it.

Harry abruptly stood up, causing Hermione and Ron to ask where he was going.  Harry ignored them, and strode out of the compartment, going on to the next one where he knew Cho and Ginny were sitting.  He didn't know why, he just felt a need to see Cho again before he went to the Dursley's.  Maybe…

Harry paused before opening the door, hearing Cho's sweet voice drifting over to him.

"Hey, come on Gin-gin, it'll be okay," she was saying.

"But you'll be off somewhere with your job and I'll be here and we'll never get to see each other!" Ginny replied.

Harry imagined the two of them in there.  They would be cuddling, he knew.  Cho was probably stroking Ginny's hair and Ginny was probably cuddling into the older girl's side.  Harry turned red just thinking about it.  Cho had never been that affectionate with him.

"Aww, Ginny, don't worry.  We can visit each other this summer, and next summer too.  And I can apparate over for Christmas and Easter holidays.  It'll be ok."

Harry could hear Ginny sniffle a little, but he knew well enough that she probably had a smile on her face.  It was the same goofy smile that he'd always had whenever he'd been out with Cho.  Except that in his case, Cho had never returned it.  Not as she did for Ginny.

"Promise?" Ginny was asking.

"I promise," Cho assured her.

Harry, feeling a bit guilty for eavesdropping, was about to enter the compartment, but then he heard Ginny's voice again.

"I feel bad for Harry," she was saying.  "I think it really hurt him."

Damn right it did, thought Harry indignantly, but sort of glad that she was admitting it.

"Yes," agreed Cho, "but it wouldn't have worked anyway.  I told you about much I dreaded kissing him and stuff.  I just don't like guys…better I found out sooner rather than later."

Harry smarted at that, turning red again and crossing his arms, barely listening as Ginny spoke.

"It's so strange.  I never expected something like this…but it feels so right."

"I know," said Cho.  "I feel the same way.  I love you so much."

"I love you too," said Ginny.  Then she laughed.  "You know…it's funny.  Ever since you and Harry started dating, all I'd wanted was to have him.  To steal Harry away from the girl.  I must have gotten confused; I stole the girl away from Harry!"

"Mmm," replied Cho, sounding very happy indeed, "but I was a conspirator to the crime."

Harry recognized the noises that came from the compartment next.  The two girls were kissing.  Looking even more downtrodden than when he'd gotten there, Harry turned around and walked slowly back to sit next to Ron and Hermione.  There was nothing for him to stay to Cho.  She'd never really liked him; she'd only been fooling herself.

He sat back down.  Ron was about to speak, but Hermione shushed him with a look of understanding.  She turned to Harry and spoke quietly.

"Harry, she's happy.  She's very happy."

Harry closed his eyes.  "I know."  It was true, anybody could see it, the way the two girls fit together, the way they complemented each other, the way they made each other look so joyful.   I love her, thought Harry.  I love her, and I am just glad that she's so happy.  That's all I need.

It was true.  But dammit…that didn't make it hurt any less.


Just a single compartment away, the plight of Harry was no longer on the minds of two very specific girls.

In fact, as they were in the middle of the same kiss as the one Harry heard beginning, their minds were really focused on just one thing alone…each other. 


A/N: Well, it's finished.  Wide open for a sequel, but finished.  I hope you enjoyed it!!