This is another twisted story starting around the Hogwarts letter. The tale starts around a happy Harry Potter with no wizard magic. They must chase him down but can they hold onto something that they don't have. Character bashing, with character death, NO slash.

This is defiantly Mature so be pre-warned. With 660,000 HP stories out there I have probably stepped on someone's toes, for that I apologize. I am having fun and it's addicting, so on with my attempt at writing or scribbling in my case. You get it as I write it and it's as fast as I can put the words down on the screen.

If you look past my grammar etc, you may find a story, then maybe not. This will contain lot of character bashing, character death and not book compliant.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners i.e. J.K. Rawlings, etc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author i.e. J.K. Rawlings, etc. This work is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. Not for sale or profit but hopefully the enjoyment of the reader.


...^...^...^...^...^…^…^…^…^…^…Wind, Fire and Harry…^…^…^…^...^...



Chapter 1—Where is Harry Potter?


It was a bright and clear day, well for England. The birds were singing and the wind gave its breath to the open windows. The great leader of the light was thinking of all the great plans that had been laid for Harry Potter. This was to be his first year at Hogwarts starting on September 1st. Albus Dumbledore was just so happy with himself, he had already obtained the philosophers stone for Harry's first challenge. Quirrel was being possessed by Lord Voldemort and the phony prophesy was in place. The real prophesy stated that their final confrontation wouldn't be until Harry was older than sixteen so no harm could come these little games. This way Dumbledore could installing himself into the boys heart by rushing in to save him at the last moment. It would also see how the boy could be manipulated and how far. He was arranging his first grand appearance in the boy's life in just a few days. The serenity of his magnificent office was interrupted by a gruff voice coming from the fire place. Professor McGonagall was requesting entry.

Albus Dumbledore's serine world was shattered by the next few words.

"Albus, Harry Potter's letter has just been returned unopened."

"Minerva bring Severus we must go to Privet Drive and investigate immediately."

/Scene Break/

Three people popping out of the fire place of Mrs. Figg's scattering a hoard of cats in all directions. Albus lead the charge down the street to the residence of Vernon Dursley. Dumbledore was the only one who knew what spells had been uses on Vernon. Vernon had been spelled to treat Harry Potter in the worst of ways so that Vernon Dursley was someone to be saved from. Marching up the walkway and a firm rap on the door brought the resident.

"Yah, what you mugs want?"

"Err, Mr.…?"

What's it to you weirdo's, got the wrong house? Ain't got no party going here"

"My good man we are looking for Mr. Vernon Dursley and Harry Potter…"

"Well you's be out of luck there, Dursley moved to Australia and I ain't heard of no Harry Potter. So why don't you lot shove off!" The door slammed in the face of three shocked people. The search was on.

/Scene Break/

America, state of Nevada one Harry Evans was taking another lap around the schools race track. Not that he went to school there but they had one of the best gyms in the area. It was almost a boxing gym with weights, bags and a boxing ring. Not that Harry used the ring he had a Martial Arts training center he used in California for that type of training. He would be heading back home to his cave in the Mountains, but first he needed to collect his mail from Colorado. His Texas bank was always slow on making deposits but it still allowed direct deposits to and from his bank in England, California and Colorado.

/Scene Break/

Office of the head of the DMLE:

"Amelia any word on the Dursley's?

"Yes Albus the Australian Ministry got in contact with a Vernon Dursley. He stated that the freak ran away five or six years ago. He also stated that the brat nicked 50 quid before he left."

"So a dead end again. He is not in England as all the owls refuse to go which is a good sign he is far away, probably America."

"Well let us know if you find anything Albus. I have work to do, so excuse me." Amelia was not happy that Dumbledore had lost Harry Potter and then finding out he had put THE Harry Potter with muggles. How dumb could the old man be?

Dumbledore was confused! Fifty quid would not get Harry very far and he had already checked with Gringotts. The Goblins had no dealings with Harry Potter so how did he leave the country?

/Scene Break/

Harry Evans was not without a drive for self improvement. He had obtained his first bank account through determination and cunning. He had gotten a part time job in his love or hobby by showing initiative and bypassing a few laws. That love was his motorcycle and it was the love of his life. He had done all the book research on the subject as he did with all his interests or curiosities. So being quite a little expert on motorcycles he got a part time job in a cycle repair shop. Of course he didn't look old enough to legally ride the thing but that never stopped Harry. Being an illegal in the Americas only slowed him down until Los Angles. There on the street he got more identification that he could ever use.

/Scene Break/

Retired Auror Alastor Moody(AKA MadEye) was convinced by Dumbledore that it was important for him to leave his nice life style and hunt down Harry Potter. With the long trip to America over MadEye Moody used a variation of the spell 'point me' and traveled yet another long trip. Wizards were limited on how far they could 'Apperate' based on their magical core. MadEye arrived in the morning and the spell indicated that Harry Potter was very near. So with short 'apperation' jumps and use of the 'point me' spell Harry Potter was soon to be in his grasp. The last jump should have put MadEye on top of Harry but the spell showed Harry had moved. Alastor was ready to hex the kid but Albus had demanded that the kid be sweet talked into returning to England and Hogwarts. A long trip to California produced the same results. Arriving in Colorado MadEye Moody was one pissed off retired Auror. The kid was 'apperating' all over the place; didn't he know he couldn't do that? MadEye finally caught up to the kid at a motorcycle place in California.

/Scene Break/

"But Aunt Amelia school starts next month and I want to get the school books to start studying."

"Susan I am just too busy right now and you are not going to Diagon Alley alone."

"Sissy could take me; she would make sure I am safe."

"That may be, but later, I have a meeting in five minutes. Let me think about it and I will let you know, love you, bye."

/Scene Break/

I was just adding the last of the detailing kit to a customer's motorcycle when this creepy looking guy come in to the shop and is asking for Harry Potter. I knew I was going to be in trouble as he used my old name. If they thought that they were going to take me back to the Dursley's there would be hell to pay.

"Come on kid I'll buy you an ice cream"

"Hay Joe I got this creepy old man out here wanting me to go with him for an ice cream"

Joe was an ex heavy weight boxer so I thought it would scare the old creep away. Nope he pulls out a stick and says a couple of words and Joe turns around and leaves. That was not nice.

I was about to turn the old creep into left over kindling ash when he says… "Look kid I just want to talk, here or wherever. You're a wizard and you have to go to school, if you don't you are going to have every Auror around chasing after you. So sit down and listen."

After explaining what an Auror was he pressed on and told me I about magic and the magical community in England. I had read in books of mythical wizards but after what he did to Joe I was fairly convinced that he was on the level about wizards and magic. When he said the Dursley family were long gone I almost jumped for joy, it gave me another reason to try England. He told me of Hogwarts and all the super great and wonderful things…a snow job if I ever heard one. However, along the way he mentioned Charring Cross road and The Leaky Cauldron. I got the impression that he was told not to explain much about these places which expressly included the Gringotts bank. He then said the magical words that Headmaster Albus Dumbledore was…

Vernon Dursley was a shit bag among other things but he did have a big mouth. Vernon had said that, "the great freak Albus Dumbledore had just dumped you on our front doorstep without a by your leave. Everything we tried to do to get rid of you he stopped and brought you back. I won't be threatened by freaks like your type, do you hear me boy!"

I thought, Yes, Hogwarts and Albus Dumbledore was worth a visit.

MadEye then proceeded to use his wand to make a dog that ran around until he banished it…more to impress the dumb kid. I was not impressed but gave an outstanding performance of childish awe. People had the habit of believing what they saw. I looked like a kid so I must be a kid.

"So are you ready to return to England with me son?"

"Oh! Yes Sir. You can pick me up next Wednesday as I need to pack and turn off the water and you know."

"Sound like a plan, we will send a young lady for you in a week, so where do you live?"

If this old man thought he was going to get any information like where I lived he was crazier than he looked. My time here had just been cancelled but if they thought I was going any where with them…"Here is as good as anywhere to pick me up. I'll be here and packed".

MadEye Moody left with a pop.